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This article is actually a post on myself. I thought of converting it into a page.

Tutorial coming soon on eye makeup!
Abstract makeup!!!

Its been 5 years on and off that I wrote on Beauty Traveller.As a blog I must say my growth has been slow and stagnating due to years that passed uninspired and job that took away the essence of creativity from my soul.
After 4 hrs of travelling up and down to work and 9 hrs odd of job, blogging was the last thing in my mind. I had to devote time for treatments of my ill father and that took a lion's share of my priorities those days (it would have remained if he was still with us even now).

Life isn't a fairy tale for all but everyone does have their story to tell! This is my voice. Being in the beauty blogging world one ends up trying to lay hands on the latest products in the market, review them asap for people to educate them or even flaunt their stash, create beauty hauls to reveal their purchasing powers etc. but no one ever tells their story (someone in this world would be interested to read). Like beautiful mountains far off, blogging looks like glitterati and glam. With people spending sleepless nights to get their blog noticed, I was a late bloomer......

This is my story, my interview with myself.....A Q&A with myself (Dr. Neeraj A asking questions to Dr.Neeraj B)....

Q1. Who are you?

Ans. I am Dr.Neeraj Shrikant Navare, 29 yrs old Sagittarian, born and brought up in Ambernath (a Mumbai suburb) in a famous family of landlords (if any Navare is reading this they would know our family history) as a terribly and horribly pampered child. My father was a Commercial artist and photographer, a passout from the prestigious Sir J J School of Arts and my mother is employed at a good post in State Bank Of India. My younger brother (8yrs difference) is an arts graduate.

Music, drama (plays) and social activities have always been an integral part of the huge Navare family (with many doctors, lawyers and people of larger repertoire) and this was the environment I grew in. With commercialization and urbanization, we had to give up our huge bungalow of our joint family (38 rooms precise it was no less than a palace) to live an urban life of less restrictions and more privacy. All our lives we lived with our grandparents, my grandfather was a landlord and a man of many virtues and fame (he deceased on 11th May 2010 at age of 86 yrs) and my granny still stays with us.

Being a Commercial Artist, my daddy never got to pursue his passions as my grandpa had to put the burdens of his business on my dad's shoulders (my sibling uncle moved to USA and lives there). This created a lacuna in his art and restricted his vision. Maybe that was the reason I was given permission to change my profession and seep into the world of beauty.

After doing Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery and passing out in 2006 from a medical college in Maharashtra, I was inspired to get into skin care, makeup and cosmetology thanks to my lovely friends and this is what got me blogging too. I love to call myself Dr. as thats what I am and why leave a title that you are officially entitled with.

Q2. Why did you start blogging?

Ans. As a professional makeup artist certified from Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics, I always wanted to reach people globally. Blogging was the easiest way I could think of to exhibit my views and let the creative energy flow. With maximum readers from USA and India, I can boast of being able to reach seven seas apart just sitting at my laptop.

I had been reading lovely blogs like Temptalia and Makeup and Beauty blog, and felt that I should own a blog too. I also wanted to voice my recommendations and suggestions and my ideas of makeup and so came Beauty Traveller.


Ans. Since 2006 I have been hunting for products, troubling the BAs on the counters and swatching and researching products and textures. I would go on sprees and splurge my mother's and father's hard earned money on buying cosmetics that were expensive and that I would hardly use on anyone due to its exclusivity.

I thought that Beauty Traveller (added an extra 'L' which is not a spelling mistake, just a twist of word) was apt because I really traveled a lot in search of better products and educating myself as that was the best means to do so.

Q4. What made you buy so many brands?

Ans. I always felt that Quality is directly proportional to Cost. Though my views are changing now when it comes to quality and pricing I was a naive then. I have this magpie bird like qualities of storing and collecting piece de resistances from everywhere and jealously nurturing them. My first luxury brand purchase was Elizabeth Arden Bronzer duo and Givenchy 9 color eyeshadow palette and I was in heaven. It started from there...........I bought massive products from Christian Dior, Shiseido, YSL, MAC, Clinique and Estee Lauder all the time.

Q5. What do you do apart from blogging?

Ans. I have been working for 3 yrs as a skin care consultant with Clinique. It was my first job and I have learnt so much from them that I could write volumes. They have been extremely kind to let me go off the brand with a good note, when I told them that I wanted to pursue my career as a makeup artist. Since then I have been freelancing and hunting for makeup jobs.

In the meanwhile I also freelanced as a bridal makeup artist and assisted backstage at fashion shows. I also started teaching makeup to people on 101 basis and take makeup classes. But that didnt quench my thirst to educate and so I started writing my blog and becoming a part time beauty blogger. Its been unfortunate that I could not develop this side of creativity in the way I wanted. Time stunted the growth but now with right time I can see blooming myself in the beauty blogging world.

Q6. What are your plans for Beauty Traveller?

Ans. I want Beauty Traveller to be a different place and not go cliche. This meant that I would prefer not to do conventional posts like product reviews, hauls and all and concentrate more on doing looks and writing posts that are food for thought.

Its now that I realized the importance of product reviews thanks to Anamika from Wiseshe and shall be doing some reviews of exclusive products that I really feel worth mentioning and writing.

Q7. Do you do PR or endorse any brand for the same?

Ans. My job had media restrictions but since I am freelancing now I am open to pen down my honest opinions about products in skin care and makeup category.

Whatever makeup I use for looks and all have been purchased by me (I may own 4-5 lakhs worth makeup products at this point of time) or been gifted by my generous friends. But I am open to offers until I take up another job which restricts me to do so. Generally I blog on makeup and makeup products but soon shall start with skin care (on and off). I would not write articles on hair care (as my hair are falling) but would do some reviews on any interesting product I find.

Q8. What technology do you use to create posts for BEAUTY TRAVELLER?

Ans. I maybe dumbest with gadgets but my brother Ninad excels in understanding all the technology out there. I use my Sony Viao laptop from E series VPCEA33EN (purchased 2 yrs back) to post and edit articles and browse the web. I use Canon IXUS 220 HS to click HD pics and shoot HD videos and post them. With some research and knowledge on photographic lighting I feel I have ended up taking crisp pictures with a camera that is really inexpensive. (Canon costed me 10k).

I plan in the future to purchase an Apple MAC for better technology (SONY is excellent too thence confused), take a DSLR camera for better quality shoots and some other stuff too like Sony Tablet or Apple i-pad for posts on the go.

Q9. Whats in your personal life, then?

Ans. I am still single and looking for the perfect bride. I am dedicated towards career more and concentrating less on other aspects at this point of time but it doesn't end here. I would love someone who would love me back, be honest to me just the way I am and be my model for the beauty blog...LOL

Q10. Who inspires you? Why do you do makeup being a guy? Are you...........??

Ans. I am inspired by so many international and Indian makeup artists, painters, photographers and all. Beauty bloggers keep me updated. But I must than people like Koren Zander, Dustin Hunter, Wayne Goss, Josh at Petrilude, Richie Nickel and all who are brave enough to be boys and do posts on makeup inspired me to do something too.

That doesnt mean I wear eye makeup to work or outside my room. At the max I have worn some translucent powder and a little clear mascara when I go out but thats it. Not even a bronzer. I am not a drag queen who would wear elaborate makeup or something. I don't even socialize a lot. I prefer being at home in front of TV or Laptop, whichever is a priority and entertaining. And I love to play computer games.I am just a normal regular neighborhood guy who takes care of his skin while getting scared of being 'old'. I hope this answers your questions and doubts but do feel free to ask whatever you like and I will be free to consider whether to answer or not. I am not rude though a bit conserved.

I respect people of all cultures and ethnicity without being a racist and do not bias a person with his/her taste and preference. If you are good at heart and I like you, then you are my friend otherwise not.

Q11. What is the future of Beauty Traveller?

Ans. I will tell you in future. Just wait and watch.


 Please do not copy any pictures or content of Beauty Traveller without prior permission. Thanks for reading my blog. I don't give 100% on the authenticity of the content here and it is subject to change without prior notice. Please read the disclaimer for any questions.


  1. love your blog Dr. Neeraj.. I am just a common working married lady and I am struggling to keep my skin glowing in recent days to due to travelling for work and paucity of time at home... Your blog gives me useful insights on high end as well as medium range products that are not too heavy on my pocket. Will keep following you.

    You are doing a great job. Pls keep up the good work.

  2. Good to know about u dr. and thanks for sharing parts of ur personal life with us.

    I am a small town girl who still knows very littleabout makeup and product brands.Its my marriage that brought me to mumbai ,where looking nice is not limited to only wearing good clothes, and having lipstick and a kajal as makeup are enough . I was a total dumb when it came to makeup .But today whatever little knowledge i have about makeup its all because of u and ur blog "beauty traveller". one lucky day i accidently came across ur blog while searching something . and since then i hv always followed ur blog and advice. Today though i follow many other beauty blogs but ur blog is and will always be my favourite.

    keep up the good work dr. it really inspire me and many others likeme.

  3. Good to know about u dr. and thanks for sharing parts of ur personal life with us.

    I am a small town girl who still knew nothing about makeup and product brands.its i marriage brought me to mumbai ,where looking nice was not limited to only wearing good clothes and having lipstickk and a kajal as makeup are enough to look good. i was a total dumb when it came to makeup .
    but today whatever little knowledge i have about makeup its all because of u and ur blog "beauty traveller". one lucky day i accidently came across ur blog while searching something . and since then i hv always followed ur blog. today though i follow many other beauty blogs but ur blog is and will always be my favourite.

    1. I am so happy that you like my blog. I try to keep it clean and unique and write things that no one else does. This is not to stand out amongst the rest but an attempt to make people aware of brands other than the conventional ones.

  4. I just happened to come across your blog-quite an interesting one, I must say!

    I'm going to follow you from this point onwards!

    My blog- http://longislandfashionterritory.blogspot.com/

    My YouTube-http://www.youtube.com/user/seraphicgirl1986?feature=mhee

  5. Hey Neeraj... Loved reading about you and your work too .m following you from now ^_^

  6. I am soooo happy to have found your blog! You have some amazing stuff to share. Thank you so much


    1. thanks a lot Reshma...do let me know if there is something that u want me to feature on my blog...

  7. Really enjoying your blog, Dr. Neeraj - great to see more Indian people out there doing makeup! I will definitely continue to follow your posts.


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  9. Hey neeraj i loved your blog, thanks for sharing things about you and your life <3 glad that i have found you :) following you now :) it would be great if you follow me back :) nice to connect :)

  10. I am happy to have bumped into your blog.. loved it :) you share such amazing stuff .. totally digging into the old articles now :) great job *claps*

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I found you through one of your recent blog post, Neeraj. I thought I should learn more about you. Your story is inspiring and I haven't seen any men owning the beauty blog. For the same thing I got appreciate you. Keep up the good work.

    Added your blog in my reading list.



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