This blog www.beauty-traveller.com is a blog for enjoyment, fun and creativity created by Dr.Neeraj Navare. It does not affect my profession, who I am outside and what do I do for living. This is a place where I feel the need to educate and teach and at the same time learn new things pertaining to beauty, makeup and skin care.

The images are imported from websites ( I choose not to write the source for some unknown reason) and the ones that I click are water marked by the names of my 2 blogs. I do certain times put looks in my blog which I do on myself. This is a special note to certain biased "idiots" in this world who think it is bad for guys to do makeup. To them I'd suggest to keep their mouths shut. For the nicer people, these eye makeups are a source of inspirations for all of you and please give me feedbacks.

I would welcome PRs from makeup brands to send product for reviewing but it would not affect my judgement and will be in favor of the readers and not the company.

The brands that I write about are generally bought by me, used by me and tested by me but that doesn't give me the complete right to deliver accurate information. In case of any discrepancies or if you feel something is wrong please mail me at
neerajnavare@yahoo.com and it will be on the way of correction.

I have the full authority to change the looks and contents of my blog without any notifications or prior information. I would love to do 'Giveaways' and will be announced when time (and money) comes. The decision of the giveaway is solely mine and it would not be affected by any specific organization until it is sponsored.

Please consider this blog with an entertainment quotient and do not write hate comments and hate sites. I request you to write positive and inspirational comments and support the blog. "Anonymous" comments would not be considered. In case you have something bad to say about my blog, please keep it to yourself as I have more people to love and care for me than you.

With all what is written above I invite Indians and as well as Foreign visitors to a destination where they can get inspired and share ideas and pictures.


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