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The Perfect Smokey Eye Liner

Hello Beautiful People,

Wish you a very very Happy New year and I hope and pray that we have this as another memorable year in our lives. As per a norm of every year start I have made a couple of resolutions and one is for a makeup practice that I am striving to inculcate this year.

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(Elli Avram by Vivan Bhathena Photography and Makeup by Neeraj Navare)

"Say NO to dramatic feline flick eye liners (until asked for or required in the profession) and embrace the hypnotic smokey eye liners".

You see that there is literally no difference in what I am saying but when you do it you realize that there is no defined sharpness and a beautiful blur and smokiness to the eye liner which makes it very seductive and extremely easy to do. So if you are a feline flick dyslexic then I guess you would love to start the year with this smokey eye liner. Btw, I feel so proud and elated to put the pics of my work to elaborate the facts that I am talking about (unless otherwise specified).

Lets see some easy steps to achieve this............

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(Model Sonja by Mohit Holani Photography and makeup by Neeraj Navare)

Steps to achieve a perfect smokey liner
  • Prime the eyes. That includes using an eyeshadow base or primer or a concealer or any cream longwearing eyeshadow (preferably silicone based for longevity) or simply dust loose or pressed powder on the lids so that the oil (if any) stays at bay. I prefer to use Kat Von D or Benefit Eyeshadow primers as they have interestingly lightweight textures and eyeshadows adhere and stay put in a much better manner with these around.
  • Dust a neutral eyeshadow all across the lid, preferably a matte color. I love mattes from the Urban Decay Naked Basics or the new and amazing Tarte Tarteist Eyeshadow palette.
  • Begin with a smokey eye pencil, the only one from Elizabeth Arden. Its basically a powder pencil which is intense in pigment but can be easily blended and smoked out. Any other pencil will do as long as you've the dexterity to blend it within one minute, after which it dries and sets and may flake if you blend then. I generally prefer a waterproof one but its a personal choice. Arden is not waterproof but its surely long lasting and tear resistant.
  • Then with a smokey eye brush or a thin pencil brush or a lip brush or a cotton bud, just smudge the eye liner enough that you see a hint of colour and it staining the lash liner. This also gives an illusion of fuller looking lashes.
  • Then complete your eye makeup with all proper contouring and highlighting and defining etc. and then come back to the eye lining. Its important to reinforce the colors and that's what I strongly believe in. Layering works for me.
  • With the same pencil brush aka MAC 219 and its look a likes, smudge the redrawn eye liner again. You begin tracing the liner from the inner to outer corners. It should be thin and almost touching the lash line for the inner 2/3rd and then suddenly it wings out and is uplifted. (The Charlotte Tilbury Technique). Dip the brush in your favourite smokey eyeshadow and run and smudge it over the newly made line. I believe in following the shape of the liner so that it looks perfected.
  • And voila! there you have a smokey eye liner. Its sounds dramatic but is the easiest.

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(Model Milica by Vivan Bhathena Photography, Makeup by Neeraj Navare)

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  1. Elizabeth Arden Smokey Eye pencil
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  1. Aren't EA's smoky pencils the best?
    I've worn them since they first came out and I've never found any other pencil that has come close to their quality! They go on smoothly, intensely, & easily, you have about a minute to smudge them & they stay on ALL day! The colors they come in are all gorgeous too. Charlotte Tilbury worked with EA before she was famous to develop them.

    1. mary greenwell the legendary makeup artist formulated these pencils and they are still so iconic. we have a common taste!yayyy


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