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Review: Tarte Color Wheel Amazonian Clay Blush Palette

Yayyy is what I shall begin with, as an ode to all the blush lovers across the world!! Tarte is so well known for their pretty Amazonian clay blushes that add from whisper of color to a complete vibrancy of a blushed impact on the face. I heart this palette so much and thence the review of the Tarte Color Wheel Amazonian Clay Blush palette. Its long lasting and a perfect combination of pinks, berries, oranges and tawny tones with a dash of highlighters thrown in. This was a holiday set that I procured from a store in Mumbai called Beautiful that tends to sell international brands in India.

For those who may be very new to Tarte, they are a high performance naturals brands that is cruelty free, mostly eco friendly and deliver amazing results with the use of skin safe and good quality ingredients at an almost cruelty free price. They have acquired the clay from the Amazon basin which is known for its healing properties and made products out of it. What a brilliant idea!!

So lets see more about this Color wheel........


It comes in a holiday festive packaging that Tarte designed for the 2016 holiday collection. The casing and packaging is bright and colourful and has a flamboyant finishing to it. The metallic case is a clamshell design and contains 10 blushes in various finishes each of 2.4 gm size which is good enough to sustain for a while (as long as you end up using all the blushes). The design is round as reminiscent to Tarte's packaging and its fun to look at and carry in the bag.

I must say such palettes are a boon to makeup artist who do like high quality products but do not want too much of clutter in their bags. Its travel friendly and can snuggly fit in the bag since it carries 10 colors and I am sure you will at least like one of them. I could find a lot of dupes for these colors within the brand itself and also outside but overall its a fantastic deal.


The Amazonian clay formula boasts a 12 hour wear and is long lasting and extremely smooth. They do contain 'TALC' which I like in blushes. Its has a subltleness in application and you don't get a full impact on first application. I prefer this as I like to layer blush colors and can play around a lot in this palette.

On fingers, the formula feels smooth without being too creamy or too powdery. It has the perfect consistency that is need for a blush to be and to apply. On brush, its picked up well and I do it a bit cautiously so that I do not get a lot of product in the brush. Its very soft that ways and pokey blush brushes may pick up a lot of product.

The wear on its own is upto 6-8 hrs looking at the Indian climate and it does tend to stay put better when layered on a similar creamy or liquid blush color. It is a bit sweat resistant and does not wipe of easily or streak which is another small but good quality to look at.


I am dividing this review into 2 sections and describing them as warm and cool for a better understanding of colors.


  • MOD is brightened peachy coral with warm tones and satin finish.
  • DECO is medium warm toned pink coral with a soft matte finish.
  • SURREAL is bright matte pink that leans to the warmer side.
  • CULTURE is bright coral pink with golden shimmer and looks eclectic on the face and in the pan.
  • IDOL is a frosty shimmery soft light gold and is a complimentary highlight to these brushes.


  • IRONIC is a demi matte medium berry plum.
  • MONTAGE is a cool mauve pink with matte finish. Its subtle and I like it.
  • ICON is a matte warm rosy brown. Its my transition blush.
  • CONCEPT is a basic matte bronze with subtle pink and peach nuances. This can also be used to warm up the eyes and as a bronzer if required and none available.
  • CRAFTY is a beige shimmer with slight peach tones.
What fantastic colors and fantastic combinations. I bought mine for 5500 INR which is 550 INR for a blush pan. I shall soon be doing pictures in collaboration with my photographer friend Munjal and put it on the blog. So do keep watching this place.

As far as the product is concerned, these blushes are for faint hearted makeup artists like me who do not want a lot of pigmentation and high impact in the first application itself. The matte blushes have a natural finish and blend happily on the skin. There is no patchiness or streaking and they add a subtle pop of color. The blushes can be easily layered and look flawless on application. I am quite elated as I never had any shimmery blushes from Tarte and trust me, these are very good. The shimmer is subtle and gleaming and can add a festive touch to the face without use of highlighters in particular.

Tarte Color Wheel is a fantastic investment and you can still grab your hands somewhere if you're lucky to find it in stock or someone wants to resell it.

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  1. this is just the product i was looking for. thank you for reviewing it. i was waiting for someone to try it so that i could build an idea. but now that you have posted this, it becomes easier


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