Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Review : MAC Full Coverage Foundation

Today I am going to review a MAC foundation (after the longest time). I have no grudges with MAC foundations but I don't generally end up going to their store to pick up a foundation that necessarily. People have spoken quite a lot about 2 MAC foundations that are almost eternally blessed in the world of beauty and makeup artistry i.e the FACE and BODY foundation and which we are seeing today, the Full Coverage Foundation.

Full coverage foundation has taken its place in the MAC PRO store, thanks to their catering to professional makeup artists who need a bit more of stuff than the regular makeup users. The PRO makeup artists look for products that are easy to use, malleable according to the professional needs and a product that serves for a long time (so that it eases the constant visits to makeup stores for replenishment). I believe MAC Full coverage foundation is not very talked about these days (maybe due to the less frequent availability) but I have not seen a big makeup artist who hasn't talked about it.

Lets see what is this Full Coverage foundation is about.....................


MAC has this regular black PRO kind of packaging. Its easy and uncomplicated. The casing is plastic and yes it is breakable and not extremely sturdy enough. I believe MAC has not only been consistent in their packaging for years but also the fact that it is easy and you don't need an extra effort to find them in the  kit. I would just suggest one thing, they should label the top of the product with the shade name as well. It may take a bit more of printing but it would be easier than looking at the back of the product. Just a subtle change. At least the top of most of the products is transparent to see the shade within. Basically just a black hard paper packaging and a plastic casing to hold 28 gms of product.


MAC says,

"This smooth, blendable formula was developed for the professional makeup artist who wanted an emollient-based foundation with full coverage. Water-resistant and long-wearing, it can cover most scars, blemishes and birthmarks. Available in a wide rage of colours, the cream cake can achieve sheer coverage by applying a small amount using a moist sponge, or full coverage by stippling it on using a dry sponge. Compatible with latex and other special effects synthetics. Great for beauty photography."

The formula is super emollient without being too greasy and it is hydrophobic with a lack of water in the formula itself. This makes it super long lasting and long wearing with minimal fading. For those who would understand MAC cosmetics better, this is almost a 4x size of their Studio fix concealer and it literally goes a very long way. Some salient features does include a nice slip to the foundation enabling it to be picked up better on a brush and how the foundation can be thinned down with other products. This foundation may be super thick and can cover most scars and tattoos and marks but yet it can be sheered down to nothing which makes it highly versatile in usage. It does not have a flash back and photographs beautifully almost mimicking a real looking skin.

I use the foundation with a wide variety of brushes for different kinds of results. A flat stippling brush or a concealer brush for small areas of coverage and even a duo fiber buffing brush, sometime sprayed with a makeup fixing spray for moist and dewy skin effect which stays. I love to top it on a face oil so that it glides better and takes a lesser bit of time to set or dry on the skin. I also dilute the foundation with this oil to give a surreal glow.

Basically this foundation is excellent for concealing and on the times when you need a fuller coverage for television and media related work. Excellent for bridals as it sustains warmer temperatures. I love to set it with a Chanel powder which is velvety and silky for dry skins and Too faced Prime and Poreless powder for relatively oily Tzones and oily skins. The MAC setting powder in Yellow and Peach is good enough for the under eye area.


With all the good things said the color spectrum of these foundations is very limited. Like after NC35 there is NC45 and nothing in between. But I like that they can be mixed on a palette and used.
NC is neutralising cool tones which means its for warm yellow tones. Unfortunately none of the MAC foundations are peach or olive undertones so you may have to add a corrector to get the right coloring if required.
I got 3 shades

NC30 for Medium tones
NC35 for Medium tan tones with warm skin complexion
NC45 for tan to darker skin colors

I believe that one can definitely find duplicates of this foundation in the market. Kryolan's derma color range has more foundation colors and is full coverage. Other professional brands include Graftobian, Cover fx (one of the ex-owners of MAC owns this), RCMA and Cinema Secrets etc.


MAC Full coverage foundation is available at MAC Pro stores for INR 3000. It is 28 gm compared to a 7 gm Studio fix concealer which sells for 2450 INR. I cannot say that this is a must have in the kit. I just feel its a good foundation for most of the skins out there, especially if you're in the media industry or you do lot of bridals.

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