Thursday, January 26, 2017

Review : Chanel COCO CODE Harmonie De Blush

Chanel launches their amazing SPRING 2017 collection in the starting of the new YEAR with a big bang! What a great start! I have always been a bit smitten with their limited editions although I am not lucky enough to buy them at times (they wipe of the shelves very fast), or sometimes they do not perform well or at times they are so beautiful that I would not have the heart to use them. Isn't the last one insane?

Well Harmonie de blush concepts are not new to me. I have always had them in various brands and this is one another exhilarating one. So lets see what is it all about.......................


A classic packaging which is Chanel's signature. Very clear font, black and white stuff and all looks very nice and clean and simple. The simplicity is what makes it luxurious. The black box encloses a sleeve for the blush and a sleeve with a tiny somewhat useless brush in it. The brush is seriously not soft and has a bit scratchy hairs.


The powder is softly milled and adheres to the brush very well. I like to use a soft Chanel blush brush to pick up certain shades for contour, blush and highlight applications and a Chanel large angled powder brush for an overall glow. There is iridescence throughout the lighter shades which are embellished in soft pearl and then they are soft satiny bronzer/contour and blush that just makes it perfect.

I love the way these products are such a piece de resistance and the way they are manufactured. The fragrance is strong floral scent that disappears in a whisk as soon as the product is applied. Let me tell you that the fragrance disappears from the product over time. Luckily its not very overpowering to my sensitive nose.


Harmonie de blush is in 4 parts.
Upper right is a soft ivory pearl. Upper left is a brown beige with a warm undertone, almost a camel color. Lower right is a bright pinky coral more on the warmer redder side. Lower left is a golden beige shimmer. The shimmer is more of a soft pearl and that imparts a beautiful glow.


It sells for 4750 INR at the Chanel store in Palladium mall. This is the place from where I purchased.

Hope you liked the blush as much as I did! If you bought one, then I would love to listen to your reviews. DO let me know in the comments. DO share, follow and subscribe.

Till then,


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  1. Wow, I could see getting an entire eye look out of that compact as well as cheeks! Have you tried Chanel's Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer (lipglosses)? They are perfection!

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