Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Product watch : Sephora and the makeup palette chronicles

Whoever knows me or has worked with me once at least and who are reading my blog for a while would know my love and penchant for palettes is like another level of gluttony. And its not any less this time. While I have been missing in action I did buy a lot of palettes during my sojourns and did a lot of ordering from friends and at this store in Bandra and Andheri called Beautiful. They are my all time destinations to splurge all the hard earned money and it feels so divinely satisfying to me and my clients both.

This times' palettes are simply stunning and I am fortunate to be owning a couple of them while I am sharing this. The reviews should hopefully follow as I have already thrown the packaging and used most of the products on my beloved celebrity clients. Lets have a quick look.....

If you are looking for warm glowing colors and reds in your makeup stash then this is a total must have. The perspective and the goal of this palette is to create utmost sophisticated looks in a jiffy and yes the berry red tones and outstanding. I have used all the colors in different situations and one can imagine how soft and amazing they are. Its worth every penny and every penny is worth spending on this modern renaissance palette. Imaging you'd to do makeup for Marie Antoinette. This would the must have then.

This palette was on my wish list since it was a limited edition deal that vanished from the stores within seconds of its launch. I am equally excited about the colors and the fragrance of these eyeshadows. They are supposed to smell peachy. The colors are not must have per se and its a makeup artist's fetish to own. Trust me, I would not see much of a difference in the colors especially on Indian eyes but its ok. Some colors are too amazing and interesting while others perform decently.

What a good beginning of the new year 2017 with this Tarteist Palette that has 16 matte and flake resistant eyeshadows that are buttery smooth in touch and application, no chalkiness and just pure color pleasure and 4 duochrome microshimmer shades to add spark to the not so mundane mattes. I simply adore this palette to another level and planning to do a lot of looks with them.

This is topmost on my list for sure. Who doesn't like or crave Nars Blush palettes? They are so value for money, amazingly pigmented and very long lasting. I love how these blushes bloom on the cheeks and impart a beautiful veil of sheer yet vibrant colour. And now they have 2 variants which make it even more interesting.

I must say that I am truly blessed to have angels in my life and singer Neeti Mohan is one of them. We share the same mutual love for makeup and curate anything that is high impact. And then who doesn't want a Huda Beauty Palette. Its so perfect and its Rose GOLD! I wish PANTONE made this as the shade of the year sometime. Those pink infused golds, vibrant crimsons, mauves and neutral shades to compliment the vibrancy of these colors, makes this textured eyeshadow palette really covetable. For the fools who didn't know how to use these eyeshadows and who wrote bad reviews didn't realize that this palette still sells like hot cakes and people buy them to experience the luxury that was the brain child of Huda Khattan. Its available on her bespoke website and its indeed a piece de resistance for makeup fanatics.

Never leave a palette with opalescent highlights! They rarely make them and when strategically applied imparts a very dramatic dewy glow on the face. Perfect for shoots and for day lightings when one is requested to give an ethereal almost supernatural glow. This palette is not complete without their best seller, Kitten and I am also loving the Bronzy glow added to the palette to make it almost universal. This is on my bucket list and I hope to find it someday.

Urban Decay is a mesmerizing brand that believes in getting futuristic formulas and technology that we all love and yearn to use. So is this afterdark palette. These colors are shifters and duo chromes and that makes it very very versatile in usage. On lighter eyeshadow bases these colors would look serene and soft with a different vibrancy. On darker bases like rich browns, plums and blacks, these eyeshadows will transform into a magical entity. They have some really beautiful pearlescent highlights which will add a touch of gleam to the glam. Waiting for this palette!!!

There are so many more but these are my current favorites and I literally own some of them which shall be put into reviewing soon. I wish to buy those amazing Natasha Denona palettes someday but I am scared they may break in transport. Lets see....

What are your favorite palettes this year? Do let me know. Do share, subscribe and follow!

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  1. "For the fools who didn't know how to use these eyeshadows and who wrote bad reviews didn't realize that this palette still sells like hot cakes and people buy them to experience the luxury that was the brain child of Huda Khattan."
    So what's the secret to using Huda Heidi's palette?
    I'm not one much for eyeshadows but that Anastasia palette is sooo gorgeous it's calling my name. Loving that Nars blush palette too!

  2. Huda has made it clear that those are textured eyeshadows which means one has to use fingers or a concealer brush to apply the product. One doesn't achieve the result otherwise. So if one cannot use the eyeshadow palette properly why give it poor rating. Its a subjective fault, isn't it?

  3. Love this post Neeraj . Am also waiting for the after dark palette . While I love the huda palette , the Anastasia shadows fly off from my brush even before I apply . Have u faced that issue ? I mean they disappear

    1. yes they do! They are found in the Beautiful store right now for an extravagant cost but its worth the money!!


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