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Looks : ABH Modern Renaissance Palette Look #1

If you have been reading my blog and you've read my last article, then you'd be aware of the fact that I shall be doing looks using the newer eyeshadow palettes in collaboration with my amazing friend and photographer Munjal Gandhi. So we did the first one using Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette in Modern Renaissance and created 2-3 looks with it.

Today I shall be sharing the first look we did with the palette and its a natural day wear kind of look that literally fits into all occasions. For details on the palette please click HERE (Till I do a full review of it in a while).

Picture Courtesy

Model - Angelina of Purple Model Management
Photography - Munjal Gandhi
Makeup - Neeraj Navare
Hair - Mayura Panchal

Its a simple sophisticate day look that can be achieved by anyone. I love the way the model carried it and how simply brighter and better did she look. I shall be mentioning the Products used and emphasizing the eye makeup details, elaborately to save time and energy in as many ways as possible. I think its easier and better to concentrate on one feature until and unless its something relevant to speak about.

Lets do a how-to on achieving this look..................READ FURTHER.............



  • I did use a fun palette today and the Modern Renaissance colors are simply amazing. If you love those beautiful reds and burgundies with raspberry pinks and crimsons and burnt oranges with a splash of shimmery and matte, neutral and transition colors, then this is a must have palette.
  • Apparently its my palette of choice for Indian bridals as they do contain colors that would add a pop to the gorgeous outfits the girls wear these days.
  • Modern Renaissance shades consist of butter smooth matte formulas that blend beautifully on the lids, even without an eyeshadow primer AND shimmery almost foiled effect eyeshadows that are stunning in pigmentation and really soft to touch. One has to have an extra precautionary measure while handling these shadows as they are smooth and the brush tends to pick up more product than usual. But that's not a complaint as I have always been light handed.
Lets see how to achieve these natural looking warm everyday eyes....
  • I began by double priming the lid, just to ensure that the eyeshadows stay put and have a certain level of opacity to prevent any kind translucency of the lids.
  • NYX Eyeshadow primer + MAC Pro Longwear Paint pot in Layin' low are my favourite combinations.
  • With a fluffy crease brush, I dusted GOLDEN OCHRE on the eye lids from the lid to the crease and diffused it towards the brow bone. On the brow bone I applied a lighter TEMPERA to give natural highlights and bring the area forwards.
  • Since the model Angelina is very fair, the transition color almost looked like her crease color. I mixed RAW SIENNA and BURNT ORANGE to create the necessary transition effect in the crease, using the brush provided in the palette. I also used RAW SIENNA to smoke out the lash line while filling it with a beige pencil.
  • To bring a halo effect on the eyes, I applied PRIMAVERA on the centre of the lids as a spot light effect.
  • The inner corners and the brow bone was further highlighted with VERMEER.
  • Then I traced the upper lash line with a brown liner and then used a pencil brush to blend the line into the lashes while applying CYPRUS UMBER to slightly smoke it out.
Indeed the palette imparts bedazzling and beautiful eyes and its truly a must have.
Do you own this palette? What other products from Anastasia Beverly Hills, do you like? Do feel free to let me know in the comments. Do share, follow and subscribe.

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