Monday, October 16, 2017

Review: Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette

The rich heritage of the Middle East, the opulence of the Arabs and the culture and makeup of the oasis, Huda Beauty launched their 'next' most coveted palette called the Desert Dusk. The romantic arabian nights and the scintillating arabian days are what embodies this palette and its just so stunning. Huda Kattan, the cosmetic entrepreneur behind these amazing products truly knows how to make a woman look beguiling and beautiful. 

I took the photos from my beloved iPhone 8 plus and cannot believe how DSLR like finish I have got with it. Really commendable and very amazing.

Lets have a further look..................And yes it feels good to be back again!!!

Urban Decay Cosmetics Nocturnal Shadow Box

Urban Decay Nocturnal Shadow Box
Urban Decay cosmetics did launch another amazing product. I love when a brand marries functionality with glamour. Urban decay is known for making such easy palettes that have everything you need to look amazing in a jiffy. With the Nocturnal Shadow Box you end up getting best of all worlds. Indeed a complete palette.

Btw I’ve chosen the iPhone 8 plus as my platform to write my blog with the Blogger app so it may not be the best interface to write information. But it’s ok I guess. It saves me from doing too much of work on the laptop and I can write at my own leisure.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Review : MAC Full Coverage Foundation

Today I am going to review a MAC foundation (after the longest time). I have no grudges with MAC foundations but I don't generally end up going to their store to pick up a foundation that necessarily. People have spoken quite a lot about 2 MAC foundations that are almost eternally blessed in the world of beauty and makeup artistry i.e the FACE and BODY foundation and which we are seeing today, the Full Coverage Foundation.

Full coverage foundation has taken its place in the MAC PRO store, thanks to their catering to professional makeup artists who need a bit more of stuff than the regular makeup users. The PRO makeup artists look for products that are easy to use, malleable according to the professional needs and a product that serves for a long time (so that it eases the constant visits to makeup stores for replenishment). I believe MAC Full coverage foundation is not very talked about these days (maybe due to the less frequent availability) but I have not seen a big makeup artist who hasn't talked about it.

Lets see what is this Full Coverage foundation is about.....................

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Review : Chanel COCO CODE Harmonie De Blush

Chanel launches their amazing SPRING 2017 collection in the starting of the new YEAR with a big bang! What a great start! I have always been a bit smitten with their limited editions although I am not lucky enough to buy them at times (they wipe of the shelves very fast), or sometimes they do not perform well or at times they are so beautiful that I would not have the heart to use them. Isn't the last one insane?

Well Harmonie de blush concepts are not new to me. I have always had them in various brands and this is one another exhilarating one. So lets see what is it all about.......................

Monday, January 16, 2017

Looks : ABH Modern Renaissance Palette Look #1

If you have been reading my blog and you've read my last article, then you'd be aware of the fact that I shall be doing looks using the newer eyeshadow palettes in collaboration with my amazing friend and photographer Munjal Gandhi. So we did the first one using Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette in Modern Renaissance and created 2-3 looks with it.

Today I shall be sharing the first look we did with the palette and its a natural day wear kind of look that literally fits into all occasions. For details on the palette please click HERE (Till I do a full review of it in a while).

Picture Courtesy

Model - Angelina of Purple Model Management
Photography - Munjal Gandhi
Makeup - Neeraj Navare
Hair - Mayura Panchal

Its a simple sophisticate day look that can be achieved by anyone. I love the way the model carried it and how simply brighter and better did she look. I shall be mentioning the Products used and emphasizing the eye makeup details, elaborately to save time and energy in as many ways as possible. I think its easier and better to concentrate on one feature until and unless its something relevant to speak about.

Lets do a how-to on achieving this look..................READ FURTHER.............

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Review: Tarte Color Wheel Amazonian Clay Blush Palette

Yayyy is what I shall begin with, as an ode to all the blush lovers across the world!! Tarte is so well known for their pretty Amazonian clay blushes that add from whisper of color to a complete vibrancy of a blushed impact on the face. I heart this palette so much and thence the review of the Tarte Color Wheel Amazonian Clay Blush palette. Its long lasting and a perfect combination of pinks, berries, oranges and tawny tones with a dash of highlighters thrown in. This was a holiday set that I procured from a store in Mumbai called Beautiful that tends to sell international brands in India.

For those who may be very new to Tarte, they are a high performance naturals brands that is cruelty free, mostly eco friendly and deliver amazing results with the use of skin safe and good quality ingredients at an almost cruelty free price. They have acquired the clay from the Amazon basin which is known for its healing properties and made products out of it. What a brilliant idea!!

So lets see more about this Color wheel........

Friday, January 13, 2017

Get the Look!! Shakti Mohan

Pic Courtesy

Shakti Mohan
Photography by Munjal Gandhi
Styled by Saachi Vijaywargia
Makeup by Neeraj Navare
Hair by Anita Shil

What we thought for Shakti Mohan was a simple classic look that is decadent and very contemporary and imparts a positive glow. The skin is healthy and fresh, the eyes are wider and opened up and the whole look is serene and does justice to her beautiful black dress.

I did the makeup (as usual) and kept it clean and fresh which is quite quintessential part of my routine works with Shakti. With looks like these we plan to reintroduce the makeup that worships skin. And of course, the image is edited to fit into the categorical requirements of professional photography, so its not in my hands to make it completely real and I hope there is no question aroused against it.

Lets have a look at a step to step makeup breakup.......

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Product watch : Sephora and the makeup palette chronicles

Whoever knows me or has worked with me once at least and who are reading my blog for a while would know my love and penchant for palettes is like another level of gluttony. And its not any less this time. While I have been missing in action I did buy a lot of palettes during my sojourns and did a lot of ordering from friends and at this store in Bandra and Andheri called Beautiful. They are my all time destinations to splurge all the hard earned money and it feels so divinely satisfying to me and my clients both.

This times' palettes are simply stunning and I am fortunate to be owning a couple of them while I am sharing this. The reviews should hopefully follow as I have already thrown the packaging and used most of the products on my beloved celebrity clients. Lets have a quick look.....

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Perfect Smokey Eye Liner

Hello Beautiful People,

Wish you a very very Happy New year and I hope and pray that we have this as another memorable year in our lives. As per a norm of every year start I have made a couple of resolutions and one is for a makeup practice that I am striving to inculcate this year.

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup
(Elli Avram by Vivan Bhathena Photography and Makeup by Neeraj Navare)

"Say NO to dramatic feline flick eye liners (until asked for or required in the profession) and embrace the hypnotic smokey eye liners".

You see that there is literally no difference in what I am saying but when you do it you realize that there is no defined sharpness and a beautiful blur and smokiness to the eye liner which makes it very seductive and extremely easy to do. So if you are a feline flick dyslexic then I guess you would love to start the year with this smokey eye liner. Btw, I feel so proud and elated to put the pics of my work to elaborate the facts that I am talking about (unless otherwise specified).

Lets see some easy steps to achieve this............


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