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Review : NARS Narsissist Cheek Studio Palette

OK!! I maybe late in getting this palette, it being a holiday edition and a Sephora Exclusive and I am surprised to the core as I got it in April (of course, at the local Beautiful store in Andheri and they only had one piece). It was lying in one corner, snugly and nicely and no one seemed to have paid an extra attention to this amazing palette. I did, btw!! 

So here I present, a quick and smart review on this HOLIDAY palette by NARS called the NARSsissist Cheek Studio Palette, which is still available at Sephora. I saw it on my trip to Abu Dhabi but their conversion scared me. It was a whopping 7200 INR and trust me, Middle East would be one of the last places on my list to shop from.

Let me tell the price here itself. It costed me 4200 INR at Beautiful store in Andheri and on Sephora website, the price is 42$ (and I know I paid more but nothing in comparison to what I saw in Abu Dhabi). Thats the link CLICK HERE.

Have a look.............

NARSsissist Cheek Studio Blush Palette is a Sephora exclusive and that means its not easy to grab anywhere else. They have the (in)famous Laguna Bronzer which I have started loving, they have the Paloma Contour and Highlighter Duo and 4 lovely blushes to compliment most of the skin types.


The all mirrored packaging is luxe and a fresh and playful take on NARS' original black matte rubber type packaging. The outer box as well as the inner palette have the same upper surface, while on the back of the palette are the ingredients and other details written. Its quite a nice palette, sturdy enough and fit for travel and doesn't make that weird cracking plastic-y noise which the other one made. Thankfully it is light weight and does not weigh down the makeup box too much. What I love is the face that there is a huge mirror inside and a decent amount of blushes and contours and bronzers which makes it so cool for daily usage and a better product for professionals like me who cater to a large variety of skins.

The product inside is a whopping 29.5 gms with 3.5 gms of 4 blushes, contour and highlighting powder and a huge 8.5 gm Laguna Bronzer (which is a backstage staple these days).


All NARS blushes are powdery and a bit dry to touch considering TALC being the primary ingredient or filler. But that does not make the product less appealing any which ways. In fact I am in love with these blushes and ended up buying a couple of palettes. This is because the product does not over apply in one go and I love to build up my blushes. Perfection is in the subtlety of its application.

The powders are finely milled, dry to touch but with good pigmentation and a fantastic built up. This palette is perfect for a softer look as the colors are handsomely pigmented and my Chanel blush brush picks them very subtly while the Real Techniques Multi Purpose brush picks more product in one swipe.


This is what Sephora describes -

  • Contour, highlight, and bring a pop of color to your complexion with this multifaceted cheek palette.
  • The four blush shades give you natural, healthy-looking color that immediately brightens up the complexion. 
  • Then highlight skin with a diffused, golden shimmer hue and get a natural-looking tan with Laguna Bronzing Powder. 
  • With a duo of contouring shades to sculpt the face, The Paloma Contour Powder is perfect for creating seamless, subtle dimension with one sculpting product. 
  • The deeper shade enhances definition while the lighter shade illuminates the high points of the face, providing an instant soft-focus effect without shine or shimmer. 

This palette contains: 

- 0.12 oz Contour Blush in Paloma I (pink beige), Paloma II (deep rose) 
- 0.29 oz Laguna Bronzing Powder (diffused brown powder with golden shimmer) 
- 0.12 oz I Blush in Icy Lilac 
- 0.12 oz II Blush in Sausalito Sunset 
- 0.12 oz III Blush in Shimmering Rose Peach 
- 0.12 oz IV Blush in Fleshy Pink

Thats a lot of product. I am going to say that again and again! 

Paloma I is a soft satiny pink beige and is a satiny highlighting shade. It has got this nano shimmer which is good to give a satiny sheen on the face. I shall be putting this palette to test on a couple of model friends and post them on Instagram (@neerajnavare.makeupartist).

Paloma II is described as deep rose but looks like a nice contouring shade for olive and medium skin tones. I think it would look bad on lighter skins. It is almost matte but has a nice sheen without any shimmery particles seen through.

Laguna the famous bronzer has a golden touch which imparts a healthy glowing tan more than a matte effect. Its more of a neutral chocolate color which could go as a perfect tan or a bronzer and not look red or orange. In a few words, I love it!!!

I blush is described as an Icy Lilac and it has more character to it than the description. It is a muted faint pink with a soft radiant glow and a hint of duo chrome light pink and light gold flecks. Its not so loud as I say. 

II blush is Sausalito Sunset (Sausalito looks like an area from California, USA). Nars got inspired by the warm sunset there. This is basically a warm beige-y peach blush with a lot of silvery flecks that definitely look smart and impart a fabulous sheen. Yes! It is glittery but it does not have the gritty feel and would go very well with a slight dusting or as a transition blush. The glitter is obvious btw.

III blush is a shimmering rose peach and has nuances of berry and peach together. It is shimmery and almost has a chrome finish (like you see on the cars). Ever so slight dusting of this would warm up a bronzer and give a holiday glow.

IV blush is a fleshy pink and it has a very subjective description. Which flesh are they talking of? To me it went of like a shimmery rosy pink with nuances of berry tones making it an au naturale blush or flush of color to a lot many skin tones. I loved this color the most and it would look wonderful when paired with some beautiful Gerard Cosmetics Star Powders.

To sum up, this is FANTASTIC palette. It has the perfect way to build up color and one can get a lot of options from this palette. For me, its a matter of convenience and getting a range of shades to work on. This directly jumps into my professional kit and I can't wait to try this out.

Do you own this one? I would love to know your reviews in the COMMENTS section!

Till then,


PS - NARS is a Shiseido company and I love Japan!!

Please do not copy any pictures or content of Beauty Traveller without prior permission. Thanks for reading my blog. I don't give 100% on the authenticity of the content here and it is subject to change without prior notice. Please read the disclaimer for any questions. I have purchased this product and I am not endorsing the brand for the same.

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