Friday, April 22, 2016

Review : NARS Narsissist Cheek Studio Palette

OK!! I maybe late in getting this palette, it being a holiday edition and a Sephora Exclusive and I am surprised to the core as I got it in April (of course, at the local Beautiful store in Andheri and they only had one piece). It was lying in one corner, snugly and nicely and no one seemed to have paid an extra attention to this amazing palette. I did, btw!! 

So here I present, a quick and smart review on this HOLIDAY palette by NARS called the NARSsissist Cheek Studio Palette, which is still available at Sephora. I saw it on my trip to Abu Dhabi but their conversion scared me. It was a whopping 7200 INR and trust me, Middle East would be one of the last places on my list to shop from.

Let me tell the price here itself. It costed me 4200 INR at Beautiful store in Andheri and on Sephora website, the price is 42$ (and I know I paid more but nothing in comparison to what I saw in Abu Dhabi). Thats the link CLICK HERE.

Have a look.............

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Review : Clinique Lid Pop Eyeshadow in Petal Pop

In their 'POP' range of bright colors, Clinique is reinventing amazing formulations and have expanded from their line of amazingly pigmented blushes to some scintillating eyeshadow colors. Clinique has become one of my go-to brands these days as they have upped the mark and have created immensely fun but very highly professional grade products that cater to a variety of jobs. For me the makeup product should be visually satisfying too, which is why I love this dahlia embossing on the eyeshadow and it makes me happy all the time when I use the product.

I picked up 2 shades from the Clinique Inorbit Mall, Malad, Mumbai store and shall be reviewing them separately (just to make another article). 

So beautiful are these shades and the patterns are so alluring.............lets have a look at what I got...

Monday, April 11, 2016

Model Makeup - Male

Its always a greater privilege and fun to work with my brother Mayank. He is a model and actor and we have some creative fun at his shoots. I am always asked on how to do makeup for guys and I have always featured Mayank on the blog as he's one of the nicest faces to work on.

I am on a hunt to get the best and the most sheer HD products that give a second skin effect and yet keep the look flawless and seamless. In this article I shall be featuring my newest purchase which is the FACE IT FOUNDATION by Makeup Studio Netherlands.

Lets have a look at everything that I am saying and mean to say....

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Classy Makeups - Brigitte Bardot Inspired

Quintessential #smokeyeye #nudelip with #OharaMalavida #ftvtalenthouse #munjalgandhiphotography #naturalskin #softmakeup #highlights

Today after a long missing in action I am back with a classic post on how to achieve that beautiful Brigitte Bardot inspired makeup look on one of my favorite talented model Ohara Malavida of the FTV Talent House (agency). This photograph is by Munjal Gandhi and of course the makeup is by ME.

Brigitte Bardot was known for her classic dark sooty smokey eyes and a nude beige mouth. Her makeup style was revolutionary and now is considered as one of the most iconic and inspired looks. One must note that we did makeup as the inspiration and not the famous Bardot boufant.

Lets see some steps to achieve this look. Please note that the pic is photoshopped and edited but the essence of the makeup is almost unaltered.


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