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My Kit Essentials.............

Being working incessantly I haven't found enough time to take photographs, make tutorials, write reviews etc. Its just a difficult world when it comes to doing makeup jobs and simultaneously writing my blog. One is field work whereas other is a home job and they are poles apart. Anyways I am still going to strive hard to write and update whenever and wherever I can.

The profession of a makeup artist is very demanding. Its not the easiest to keep in pace with the modern formulas and the modernity of everything but there are some makeup kit essentials which take you through a lot of jobs and are the true guardians of your talent.

Here are some of my kit essentials from drugstore and department brands which help me in many many jobs and whenever in crisis of thoughts I know where I have to reach and my work is done. Lets have a look...............

  • Miss Claire Anti-Redness Primer 
This Primer is truly phenomenal. It has surpassed my expectations from a regular primer and performed so well that my other primers like Laura Mercier and Dior. Its great for all skin types. It does not accentuate lines or create unwanted dryness in a dry skin, it keeps excess oil at bay and hides pores effectively in an oily skin and is a blessing for someone with a normal skin. The ingredient list has all safe ingredients and I haven't experienced a single client who has given me any complaints about it. Plus the makeup stays really fresh and blooming for hours and that is all attributable to this amazing primer. They retail for 400 INR and its a great staple without being a dent on the pocket.
  • Kryolan Aqua Cleanse Cleanser 
This spray in a bottle form of cleansing is perfect for spot as well global cleansing and removes all kinds of makeup in a few sprays. Its unbelievable when I first spotted it at the Kryolan City Store in Bandra. This genius in a bottle could remove an industrial strength foundation like Derma in one swipe of a baby wipe. They sell it for 250 INR and its a certain blockbuster or say makeup buster............
  • Kryolan Foundations However good and best performing liquid foundations and concealers you have, a stroke of Kryolan foundation is a cherry on the cake. The foundations that I use are Derma and Ultra foundation. While Derma is thick with a 100% opaque coverage, it does need thinning and buffing into the skin to get the most natural results. Ultra foundation can be called as the unsung hero of foundations and its perfected 'Olive' tones make it one of the most universally appealing foundations ever. Irrespective of an array of foundations in my kit, these 2 foundation palettes are irreplaceable. I use them to correct, conceal and cover areas which are problematic and yet have the most incredible finish. TIP - Foundations of extreme coverage like DERMA can be thinned down with a small amount of primer or can be buffed and melted into the skin with a buffer brush.
  • Benefit Hoola Bronzer This matte chocolate colored bronzer is so perfect. 10/10 for the way it is and the way it makes not only the depths of the face deeper but also more realistic. I have several ways of using Hoola. I have used it in the under eye area to diminish the whiteness of a concealer on an olive dusky model once. So its phenomenal. Mostly I use Hoola to contour and create softer dimensions. They retail it at Sephora for 2150 INR approx.
  • Some Blushes  I have a ginormous collection of blushes and yet when I have to go to a job, these are some of the blushes I always have in my kit. MAC Powder blushes in Fleur Power, Desert Rose, Peachy keen and Hipness. Guerlain Sculpt Blushes in Soleil Couchant and Rose Plein Vent. Clinique Blushing Blush in Innocent Peach and Smoldering Plum. And my one and only Lancome Blush in Pepite De Coral. These are important and take me through many balanced and unbalanced makeup situations.
  • Miss Claire One Stroke Eye Pencil I am a bigggggg fan of this twist up pencil. Its midnight jet black with an ink that is as dark as the ink we use in pens. It has a soft gel like consistency and is opaque. The pencil glides like butter and deposits the most intense black pigment I have ever come across. The only pencil in the premium range to compete with this is Guerlain's Black Jack but why would I use it if I have a cheaper and easily available option. They retail for 250 INR and are so cool.
  • MAC Paint Pots  I like neutral lids. I do not like the skin to show through the eyeshadow. That is my style. Which is why I have an array of MAC paint pots that give full coverage, extremely long wear and help neutralize the eye lids better. They are dry enough to stay put and yet sticky enough to make other products adhere on them. MAC also got a series of paint pots under the title ' Pro Longwear' and they are award winners in my opinion. The ones that I own are Layin Low, Groundwork, Quite Natural, Black Ground and a limited edition called Vintage Selection.
  • Yves Rocher Lash Plumping Mascara Waterproof  Those who have found out how an amazing black mascara with a bit of a shiny finish does wonders to your lashes would know how amazing this mascara is. Its so shiny and gives the lashes a dark and lacquered finish while the formula builds up extremely well on the lashes and gives them the desired curl, volume and length and yes its waterproof and does not come off as easily as others in watery situations. I have repurchased this mascara after a serendipitous purchase and this is one 'gain' in my life without any 'pain'.
  • Keihl's Lip Balm  There are so many lip balms in the market but none can beat this rich Kiehl's one and a small dot goes a very very long way. I always purchase the 'Cranberry' flavour as it smells equally amazing too. One of the other uses of this product was to apply on the eye lids for that extreme shine. Trust me, it held up better than many others but seeing the tiny size of this product, I won't use it that often.
  • NYX Black Label Lipsticks  Apart from my generous collection of MAC and Guerlain lipsticks, its the NYX black label lipsticks that don up many of my models and clients at the photoshoots. They are creamy, natural looking and provide that 'My Lips But Better' effect. Just for fun and the easiness to work, I have depotted and decanted them in a poll box and they stay there snugly to go into any and every makeup job where I need them. Cool, isn't it?
  • Brushes How can I not talk about some of my favorite go-to brushes. I have certain brushes that are always in my kit. They include - Real Techniques Buffer Brush, Setting brush and Foundation brush. MAC 217, Sigma Crease brush, Urban Decay Vice dual ended good karma brush, Bare Escentuals Crease blending brush, Kryolan Eye liner brush and a Body shop Lip brush.
What are your makeup essentials? The products that are your pride? Do let me know in the comments.

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  1. thats such a treat to eyes....i might pickup claires primer after ur review as i have super oily skin!

    1. Thanks a lottt..you'd love it. You can also try the transparent mattifying primer from miss Claire. It's holds up to the foundation so well.

      Thanks a ton

  2. I've heard so much about the Kryolan products. Definitely need to give them a go.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Miss Claire's has been quite a revelation for me too. Definitely picking it up when I hit India next. The spray on cleanser sounds amazing too. I'm not an MUA so don't have a huge collection. But my highlighters are my pride and joy! Great post Neeraj!

    1. Thanks a lot. Miss Claire is just amazing.

  5. I ALWAYS use to see the Miss Claire Primer but never picked it up and now I will make sure I do. It sounds too good to be true! You have such a lovely collection!


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