Sunday, June 21, 2015

Model Makeup : Karen Fleischmann

Photography by Shardul Navare
Styling by Munjal Gandhi
Model - Karen Fleischmann from Switzerland
Makeup by Neeraj Navare for Beauty Traveller
Hair by Sanky Evrus

It was such fun shooting with the amazing dream team and one of my favorite models Karen Fleischmann. She is so beautiful, effervescent and has an amazing complexion thanks to her Philipino and European genes. Not only Karen is a thorough professional but she is also a beautiful person to talk to and to work with.

In this post I shall be posting the 1st look that we did for the photoshoot. This look encapsulates the 'true Karen' and is a complete no makeup look which of course does need a lot of makeup to achieve. The flesh tone colors and shades were used for creating a naturally enhanced complexion and we have done minimal editing and corrections as the shooting camera is very HD and can accentuate all the features in a dramatic way.

Lets see what products were used to achieve this look.....I shall be doing a look breakdown on my sister blog. Do keep reading..........................

Saturday, June 20, 2015

How to look good in photographs??

(Shardul Navare Photography)

Have you ever looked white in photographs?
Have you ever suffered from photo-malfunctions like looking extremely shiny or oily, darker than usual or anything of that sort?
Have you ever go photo-conscious because your makeup does not make you look good?
Has the camera flash brought out the 'ghost' in you?

If at least one of the answers is YES then you must read this article. Who said that one cannot look amazing in photographs? You do not really have to be a professional makeup artist to look good? Trust me, many makeup artists I know who do some amazing work LIVE, create disasters in photography makeup and then go through all the extra pain of retouching and photoshopping. Working with some really nice photographers who have an eye for some amazing natural looking photography, I can muster some guts to share a few tips that can make anyone look amazing in photographs. This could be beneficial if you are taking selfies, taking pics at events, take pics under flash or in broad daylight or anywhere else. Its a good article to know if you're a blogger, if you are a media professional, a celebrity, a model and mostly if you are that perfectionist human being albeit the gender who wants to look amazing and flawless in photographs without the malfunctions.

I would be highly elated if one could benefit out of this article and please do let me know in the comments whether it was. I would strictly prefer not mentioning any of the brands in this article as everyone has their own choices and brands they love. Its just about using the right products in the right places and that should solve the issue.

Please note that I am including the pictures of my work for better understanding and for better examples since I know what I am doing. Read further to know what you exactly need to be reading......

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review : L'Oreal Infallible 24H Foundation

Finally I can say I'm back to reviewing and buying time for my lovely blog. Foundations are such fun and getting the right foundation is the most tried and tested thing I can ever see or imagine. We are as confused with foundations as we are with our clothes and there isn't one single foundation that can sort out all problems. Thence over a million formulas are available and just like clothes there's something special for some one in foundations too.

Today I am reviewing the L'OReal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation. Most of them call it 'RENO' but I did not see it mentioned anywhere and I haven't received any PR samples. I purchased mine from Beauty Palace in Crawford Market with my own money and thence writing my own findings and a honest opinion.

So let have a look at whats with this new favorite foundation of mine.............

First of all, I must tell you something about myself and my obsessions over foundation.
  • I am a professional makeup artist and that means I need a new innovative formula that caters to my needs and helps me achieve the best results on my clients. My spectra of clients ranges from bridals to photoshoots and fashion to films which makes it mandatory for me to have products that are not only multi tasking but also good quality and doing what they claim.
  • I have numerous foundations ranging from drugstore to department and I use them for specific makeup jobs which could be from temporary with touch ups to a semi permanent almost an entire day of makeup at a venue. So the products differ all the time.
  • I love liquid foundations. They can be controlled and applied so well and thence I choose formulas that solve the purpose more than seeing their marketing strategies.
  • As a makeup expert and an avid researcher in beauty innovations and formulas, I am on a hunt for products that sort out my problems and needs and give me the best results in whatever I do.
My ideal foundation......
  1. It should be a liquid as a foremost priority as liquids give the most natural finish and I love to worship the skin.
  2. I loveeeeedddd the long lasting demi-matte and almost velvety foundations that do not budge and yet give the most amazing medium coverage. I sometimes use these foundations for concealing purposes as well.
  3. Any formula that is water resistant, long wearing, non comedogenic, non acnegenic, breathable, oil free, hydrating etc etc is my formula of choice.
Seeing some basic fundamentals, lets come back to the review of L'Oreal's smart innovation, the Infallible foundation. Before this product, they did launch another Infallible foundation which I never bought as they only had fair colors and I find it very 'racist' when a foreign developed brand sells fair foundations in India to promote a fairer skin. That's a wrong and a bad concept. But I believe that those foundations were withdrawn from the market and never heard the buzz then. What got me back to L'Oreal is the Magic Nude Liquid Powder foundation since their Tru Match was a complete disaster for me. Now with the launch of the New Infallible 24 H foundation, I am back to the company I deserted once.


Its a plain, not so sturdy feeling glass bottle with most minimalist details. As a drug store brand L'Oreal cannot and may not afford fancy packaging as its other luxury companies. It has a square-ish dimension all over and the foundation is dispensed through a pump. The pump is of amazing quality and can be controlled to get the right amount of product. 

The leaflet on the back has to be pulled up and out to read the ingredients that are written in the most minuscule writing ever. One fine day they may write so fine that only ants could read what is written. I had to take a magnifying glass to read the ingredients and I shall mention what I read.


L'Oreal has delivered a foundation that is so promising that it seems like a must have. The formulation is a silicone based one which is the reason of the longevity of the product. Luckily the foundation does not dry out so fast being a long wearing one and there is some play time for the product to blend into the face without drying up very fast.

The liquid formula is a creamy textured foundation which does not feel dry on skin, has an amazing blendability and slip, does not drag on the skin, feels nice and creamy on the face and most importantly applies well with whatever the medium of application is - finger, brush and sponge. Yes! It does last really long and especially in the strong and warm camera lights. Since it does not have SPF, there are no greyish-purple tones to the skin and it does not flashback. Instead it photographs as beautifully as a department store foundation and feels extremely professional looking with seamless and flawless finish. They have many many shades for a lot of skin coloring and I am quite impressed by the range of pink, golden and olive tones in the foundations. The only unfortunate thing is that they do not have colors beyond complexions that are MAC NC43.5 and can be a bit of problematic. For these skin colors, they can still use the formula by mixing with a darker color than their regular foundation shade, as this formula promises an extremely long lasting wear.

I agree to the fact that L'Oreal has incorporated Hyaluronic Acid to catch water and hydrate without creating an oily film which is amazing. Another claim which works for me is that its extremely oily skin friendly which means no oil for hours and hours. Its non comedogenic. I did not notice clogged pores or get an immediate breakout with the foundation. It has a pleasant smell and is surprisingly light weight with the over usage of silicones in it. We call it as an air whipped texture.

With a coverage so medium to full and so good, the foundation was amazing enough to hide redness, minimal skin perfections and even under eye circles and sets best with a loose translucent powder. The finish is almost matte with a bit of healthy gleam seen through and one may not need a lot of powder to set it.

Finally I must say that this product is BANG ON!! (I seldom use this word). 


11 Shades are a lot for a drug store foundation but why not!! This shows that with the price point that one has to pay, they can walk shoulder to shoulder with department brands. 
One notable point is that the foundation oxidizes ever so slightly in the day which is why its good enough to buy a shade a little lighter than your skin rather than finding the perfect shade.


Here are a few times where I used this foundation on makeup jobs. Since I just have 3 colors and I often work with fairer and olive skin tones, I am able to show you the results I have achieved with 120, 150 and 250 shade nos.

Yulia from Ukraine

I have used a mix of 120 and 150. 150 is more for reverse contouring.

Karen from Switzerland

I used the shade 250 all over with 150 as a highlight. Mixed the two colors for a second layer. Please see the video that follows.

Paula from Brazil

Since she looks so European and is so white, I applied 120 shade and the yellow color took away all the redness from her face. 

I shall be doing some individual posts to let you all know how I applied the makeup on these gorgeous ladies. 

With L'Oreal Infallible 24 H foundation, I strongly recommend this one to everyone who is in need to find a new foundation just for fun or as a replacement to their current favorite. Just one note that it has 'Methylparaben' which may not work with the ones who have allergies. Please keep that in mind or else the foundation is excellent and I have not seen any flare ups on the sensitive skinned models I have used this foundation on.

Hope you like the review. Please do let me know in the comments section.

Till then,


Please do not copy any pictures or content of Beauty Traveller without prior permission. Thanks for reading my blog. I don't give 100% on the authenticity of the content here and it is subject to change without prior notice. Please read the disclaimer for any questions.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Kit Essentials.............

Being working incessantly I haven't found enough time to take photographs, make tutorials, write reviews etc. Its just a difficult world when it comes to doing makeup jobs and simultaneously writing my blog. One is field work whereas other is a home job and they are poles apart. Anyways I am still going to strive hard to write and update whenever and wherever I can.

The profession of a makeup artist is very demanding. Its not the easiest to keep in pace with the modern formulas and the modernity of everything but there are some makeup kit essentials which take you through a lot of jobs and are the true guardians of your talent.

Here are some of my kit essentials from drugstore and department brands which help me in many many jobs and whenever in crisis of thoughts I know where I have to reach and my work is done. Lets have a look...............


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