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BOBBI BROWN in MUMMBBAAAIIII!!!! Store Review and A Little Haul

Bobbi Brown came to the town, riding all the way!!! Finally!!! And this is a stimulus for me to write my beauty blog again. Now its not just Bobbi Brown but so many brands and so many products that needs reviewing that I am thinking of starting afresh and basically trying to share a lot of makeup looks, trends and my favorite products along with reviews which I personally find very mundane and lifeless until the products are used on the eyes.

To all those who may know, Bobbi Brown is an icon. She changed the look of beauty and made products available for all who aspired to look beautiful and radiant. She introduced the concept of 'natural' makeup and with such epoch making products that are like legends, Bobbi is one of the most powerful makeup artists and beauty entrepreneurs in the world. Being a part of Estee Lauder companies, Bobbi Brown has catered to professionals and consumers alike and is considered as one of the most successful makeup artist made brands in the likes of other legends Laura Mercier, Francois Nars, Paula Dorf, Trish McEvoy, Kevyn Aucoin and the recent ones Troy Surratt and Charlotte Tilbury.

Before you make any preconceived notions and opinions, I would like to highlight that I did not get any compensation from Bobbi Brown to write about them and they do not entertain such things. All the opinions however good or bad are my own and I do not owe anything to Bobbi Brown. I have an excellent friend named Vandana Rana in Delhi's store and I am proud that she is a part of such an amazing brand. So kindly refrain from any sorts of opinions. Even the products featured in the post were purchased by me by my own money.

Now follow some honest opinions about the store, my views on the customer service and of course the little haul that I managed to make. Do keep reading............

Bobbi Brown, The Store

Bobbi Brown cosmetics opened their 4th store at Mumbai after a long gap of 2 yrs or more and it seems to be doing great seeing the crowd (also thanks to Lakme Fashion Week popups and sillies) and the quick out-of-stock products. (Yes some of their famous lipsticks and the limited edition Blush Trios vanished from the shelves like magic). I went on the first day when they opened in Palladium and my happiness knew no bounds. The store is so inviting and beautiful. Personally I am a very fussy makeup artist and I love when the products are crowded together (the anti-zen) feeling. There are almost 5-6 podiums on which makeup is literally piled. There are a million shades (hyperbole) of foundations, concealers, correctors and powders, a billion shades of lipsticks and lip glosses and lot more. They have separate eye makeup areas laden with some of the most legendary and softest of eyeshadows, their famous gel eye liners, mascaras and so on an so forth. Its a visual treat!! The only con is their skin care products which are pushed to one corner but strategically kept at the cash counter for an easy last moment visibility. I don't expect the new staff to learn the techniques of sales immediately but I am sure they will learn with time. 

As for the price point, its an expensive brand with the pricing in comparison with Chanel and Lancome so its no point crying about the prices being high. Its a brand that is consumer and makeup artist friendly and I am sure they charge well and Bobbi Brown is not a brand that you may own everything in one GO. I am just happy that it is accesible to Mumbaites and suburbanites like me now. 

Bobbi Brown, The Service

The customer service by far, is phenomenal. We all know how intimidating MAC is and then comes their premium and luxurious sister concern and they follow the golden Estee Lauder Guidelines of amazing service. What do we expect from any beauty advisor? Politeness, humbleness, excitement on seeing the client and recommending them products, a warm welcome, a lovely smile, a neat attire and Bobbi Brown staff had everything I could mention. Special shout out to Rikita and Taskeen (I hope I have spelt the name correctly) who had all the amazing patience to attend me amidst of attending 3 clients at the same time. I hope this enthusiasm remains for a long time and no one turns out to be the rotten fruit of the store. These girls were nice enough to recommend products, very hygiene conscious and cleaned their brush before I could apply the products (YES they had those amazingly luxurious Bobbi Brown brushes on their waist brush belt) and sanitized almost everything there as it was so important to do so. Sanitation and disinfection is the most important way of handling a cosmetic store. What I liked is the overall ambience and the coolness of the store even while it was so higgledy piggledy! I did try the newly reformulated and better Skin foundation stick, sheer compact powder, a coral blush and their No smudge mascara while Rikita tried out some concealing products for my friend and hairstylist Sanky. The next day was super crowded as well as I and Shivani, the legend herself, walked in to get our hands on some more goodies. On the final note I liked everything. Just a special note to whoever reads this and finds obnoxious. I did not like and appreciate the training manager of Bobbi Brown. I found her rude, fake, pretentious and she only attended to pretty girls with a motive to initiate sales. What a bad specimen of behavior for a brand like Bobbi Brown! She was not only fake but shameless enough to see through potential clients and trust me, if I hadn't got any good service from the other staff of Bobbi Brown, I would have never stepped into that store. Regardless of all this the store and the service was amazing.

Top 10 Beauty Traveller Recommendations

After doing my own research, I have come across my top 10 Bobbi Brown Essentials which are just so simply amazing. Writing it as a list and not as a top priority.

  1. Skin Foundation Stick
  2. Concealer Kit
  3. Corrector
  4. Rich Lip Color in Guava
  5. Blush - Apricot as recommended and mutually admired by my friend Shivani Chheda
  6. Full Coverage Face Brush - as recommended and mutually admired by my friend Jigisha Shah
  7. Metallic Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow
  8. Lip Color in Pink which I bought
  9. Extra Eye Repair Cream
  10. Eye pencil in Jet Black
The Little HAUL

No store review is complete without a little haul which I bought over 2 days. Sooner or later I shall be having a better haul and maybe a limited edition product Giveaway too. Sounds nice, isn't it?

I managed to grab 3 products from their collection and soon shall be picking some more amazing things including the essentials that I have mentioned above.

  1. Limited Edition Calypso Blush Trio 3260 INR which is sold out forever.
  2. Lip Color in Pink 2100 INR which is a superbly pigmented wearable pink
  3. Full Coverage Face Brush 3590 INR which is the softest and most amazing brush for now
There are reviews to come, looks to do and I hope I managed to share some insights and interesting news about Bobbi Brown. Next on the list is Sephora Mumbai and I hope they get welcomed with a bang too...

Do let me know what are your favorite Bobbi Brown products are and if you have had any experiences with them, I would like to know too.....

Till then,


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  1. Wow! Love your haul. And especially the brush.

  2. love your smile, also the makeup box, elegant earrings are superb !

  3. The Lip Colour looks absolutely wonderful ! :)

    The store in Delhi makes me feel like I am in Lala Land ! Great post :)


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