Monday, March 23, 2015

BOBBI BROWN in MUMMBBAAAIIII!!!! Store Review and A Little Haul

Bobbi Brown came to the town, riding all the way!!! Finally!!! And this is a stimulus for me to write my beauty blog again. Now its not just Bobbi Brown but so many brands and so many products that needs reviewing that I am thinking of starting afresh and basically trying to share a lot of makeup looks, trends and my favorite products along with reviews which I personally find very mundane and lifeless until the products are used on the eyes.

To all those who may know, Bobbi Brown is an icon. She changed the look of beauty and made products available for all who aspired to look beautiful and radiant. She introduced the concept of 'natural' makeup and with such epoch making products that are like legends, Bobbi is one of the most powerful makeup artists and beauty entrepreneurs in the world. Being a part of Estee Lauder companies, Bobbi Brown has catered to professionals and consumers alike and is considered as one of the most successful makeup artist made brands in the likes of other legends Laura Mercier, Francois Nars, Paula Dorf, Trish McEvoy, Kevyn Aucoin and the recent ones Troy Surratt and Charlotte Tilbury.

Before you make any preconceived notions and opinions, I would like to highlight that I did not get any compensation from Bobbi Brown to write about them and they do not entertain such things. All the opinions however good or bad are my own and I do not owe anything to Bobbi Brown. I have an excellent friend named Vandana Rana in Delhi's store and I am proud that she is a part of such an amazing brand. So kindly refrain from any sorts of opinions. Even the products featured in the post were purchased by me by my own money.

Now follow some honest opinions about the store, my views on the customer service and of course the little haul that I managed to make. Do keep reading............

Friday, March 6, 2015

Model Makeup - Natural Glowing Skin with Nadya

Nadya, the gorgeous model from Morocco wanted to look stunning in the most uber-natural makeup we could possibly do. Thence photographer Bhawana Verma shot her in a sunkissed flush and absolutely natural looking skin with all the makeup needed for photography makeup.

Lets have a look at the products used. You shall find the look details on my other blog. So lets see what all I have used to achieve this look.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Secret Fashion and Makeup Tips to Delight You Completely

You don't need to be an expert to have fantastic looking cosmetics. Anyhow, you don't need to invest hours doing it, either. When you have the skill, you'll see exactly how much cosmetics can stress your best gimmicks and conceal those that aren't as positive with just a few tips.

Here are a couple of cosmetics tips that you'll wish you had known a long, long time prior:

Use Blush:
So as to apply blush where it will be most complimenting on you, first focus your face shape. Try different colours, as well as shapes that characterize your cheek bones. The way you apply the blush can emphasize your best peculiarities furthermore relax those that are maybe excessively conspicuous.

Use Eye Stencils:
This flighty beauty tool will help guide you when applying eye liner and shadows, particularly in case you're striving for an additionally bold look. It will likewise help you accomplish an even and adjusted look for both eyes.

Use Highlights:
The situation of highlights is imperative when attempting to make characteristically excellent eye cosmetics. Your lighter hues ought to be connected in the internal corners, the center of the eye, and just under your forehead bone. Apply your lightest hues in the first place, and afterward proceed onward to your darker shades.

Don’t use clumsy mascara:
Let's face it; this happens to each container of mascara over the long haul. The issue is it dries out and afterward begins to structure ugly protuberances. To help keep this, don't pump your mascara attempting to get all the more on your wand; you're fundamentally pumping air into the tube making it dry out considerably faster than usual.
In spite of the fact that mascara ought to be supplanted each 3 to 4 months, just make sure you supplant yours much sooner simply in light of the fact that it dries out so quick and makes undesirable results. Anyway, there's a simple fix for that! Include a drop or two any brand of eye drops into the tube and afterwards rub the wand around inside. The Visine diminishes the mascara fluid, making it apply as though it were a fresh out of the box new tube!

Exfoliate your lips:
Utilize a child toothbrush to peel your lips. To truly take care of business, you can make a custom made lip peel with sugar and coconut oil, or simpler however not as compelling, cover your lips in lip medicine or vaseline before cleaning.

Shape your eyes:
As critical as your shading decisions seem to be, the situation of your shadows and liners is generally as basic; you can make pretty much any shape that you need. With watchful positioning, you can make your eyes seem more extensive, more conspicuous, deeper, and so on.

Illusion of a bigger eye:
If you don't officially own a white make up pencil, this is the right time to purchase it just for this straightforward advice. As opposed to covering your water line with dim eyeliner, utilize a white pencil to make the dream of a bigger eye.

Have you ever obtained an energetic shading of eye shadow that once used makes you look bad. The way to making those hues pop is a white base. Utilize a white eyeliner and spread your whole lot before applying the shading of your decision.

Make your lips look bigger:
Presently, there are a couple of tricks to make your lips bigger, yet for a more sensational impact, don't be reluctant to line your lips only outside of your common line. Trust me you would prefer not to resemble a jokester by over doing it!

You are surely to find all the amazing products mentioned above at the purplle store showcased at They offer exclusive purplle coupon codes that make your buy an absolute delight. Also, they will have in store for you extra Cashback that will definitely make you feel confident about your purchase.

Till then,


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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Model Makeup - Beauty Look on Sahar

(Photography by Bhawana Verma)

It was great fun working with photographer Bhawana Verma and super hairstylist Marcello Pedrozo of TOABH model management to do this look on uber-beautiful Moroccan model Sahar El Maataoui.
This is a beauty look with a bit of artsy touch to it and compliments the natural beauty of the model. I have used soft metallics to accentuate the eyes further more but seeing to that the colors are still softer and natural looking.

Here's the list of products I used. Do not forget to keep a tab on how to achieve this look on my sister blog by clicking HERE. (Coming soon)


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