Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy days.....

(Makeup pell mell for one shoot)

I apologize to all and all for not being to update my blog. I know many of you may have forgotten that this blog least Google hasn't because they send me many ways to revive and resurrect my blog..LOL. Its been a great beginning and I have been incessantly busy working on photoshoots, bridals and even a bit of television. I happened to work with a famous TV personality Aashka Goradia and the little fame and uncountable happiness that I got from the jobs is just awesome (this is not a regular word in my dictionary). Aashka is a phenomenal talent and a very beautiful soul with immense knowledge. Btw for those who may not know, she is a 'financial advisor' for CNBC channel and its a true blessing to work with her.

I also got to work for a couple of magazines viz. Gr8 magazine (where I did the coverpage makeup for Aashka Goradia), Mandate Magazine (where I did makeup for three international models who shall be posing with the actor Randeep Hooda) and a look book for Man's World Magazine. So things have been working nicely and I am doing works back to back.

I also worked on a few bridal makeups and churned out some really glamorous brides....a bit shout out to my friends Nandita and Cherry for being one of my best brides for 2015.

In the subsequent posts I shall be writing some looks that I did on models and from the pictures uploaded on Instagram. Please do support me and follow my blog and please take out a minute of your life to comment on posts. Its a greater motivational tool and I would really appreciate if you support.

Thanks a lot.......And do keep reading. I shall be a mushroom (popping occasionally on my blog) but I promise to do some nice stuff too whenever the time permits and Titan God Kronus (who controls time) is happy.

Till then,


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