Thursday, December 25, 2014

Instagram POST - Bridal Makeup - Shreya

Sorry for the long missing in action times and really running around schedules that made me ignore Beauty Traveller for a long time. I am trying to make some Instagram posts again to keep the spirit of the blog alive and then shall get into full on writing as soon as I permit some free time.

Yesterday's bride was an amazing challenge. One of the main reasons being, we had never done a makeup or hair trial before. Shreya is a chilled management graduate with a lucrative French job and really cool headed and calmer than calm. Its a boon to have someone like this who is so level headed and open for creativity. She is a die hard Deepika Padukone follower and wanted us to incorporate a nuance of her in the Maharashtrian wedding that was about to happen.

The hair was an amazing piece de resistance and I shall share more pics of the hairstyling too. Of course, since the makeup was done by me, I happened to click some quick pictures on my Blackberry and post them on Instagram and Facebook and other social media sites. Lets see how to achieve this look in some quick and easy steps....


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