Thursday, September 25, 2014

Intense Smokey Eyes

I wanted to do some 3 Dimensional smokey eyes and what a better time to do than Navratri (festival of Goddess Durga). Let this be an inspiration for someone who wants to sport an alluring makeup on this day and look pretty. Also this is one the inspirations for Fall 2014 which is almost on its way to Winters.

I have used the scintillating Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette to create this look. Unfortunately I did not shoot a tutorial since this was a practice makeup for a client the next day. Lets see the products used to get a complete look while the tutorial shall be done in my sister blog HERE.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Review : BH cosmetics Special Occasion Palette

The name of this palette is so apt. Its indeed a special occasion palette.............I had to buy the BH cosmetics Special Occasion Palette as a future replacement of my favorite Jenni Rivera palette, which they have discontinued and its also an unfortunate early demise of Jenni. The eyeshadows in this palette are amazingly pigmented and the blushes are so ethereal, making this a go-to palette for makeup jobs and when I need everything together and yet not carry a lot of products.
The colors in the special occasion palette are ever so alluring and can be used to create a subtle neutral day look and then add scintillating touches to make it a smokey evening glamour. So much and more to say about this amazing palette.............

Lets have a look...........

Monday, September 8, 2014

Down the Memory Lane.......

(Lord Ganesha in his several forms)

Two and half years pass today while it marks the 2nd Birthday of my beloved Father Mr.Shrikant Navare. Words fail to envelope the persona, the deeds, the virtues and the unfathomable heart of man who was loved by the God himself.

He was the one who taught me everything I know today. Being a commercial artist and an alumnus of the famous J J School of Arts, painting came naturally to him. He had an amazing sense of detailing and dotting down fine lines to complete a picture. His art works were an intertwining of the ancient and modern art, the conventional and the unconventional and he specialized in stills and potraits. His penchant for Gods and mythology, lead him to paint some beautiful and out of this world paintings and here's one of his works.

Apart from being a super commercial artist, he was a businessman (working against his wish for my grandfather who he loved the most), an admirer of nature (he taught us to love animals and we had deer, peacocks, rabbits, pigeons and some really funny monkeys as pets apart from our favorite breed of dogs, the German Shepherds) and he headed several cultural activities and societies in Ambernath while being the President of Natya Parishad and Sangeet Sabha, representing Ambernath. He was one of the best theatre artists I know as acting came naturally to him. He was indeed an all rounder.

(most recent picture when he was suffering from end stage kidney disease)

My daddy had to go through immense health related sufferings due to high Diabetes and an improperly diagnosed pneumonic patch in the lungs which started it all in 1991. He had to encounter a battery of invasive and non invasive tests and the suffering was endless. And the vicious cycle began. With a left sided retinal detachment, an unhealed diabetic foot ulcer, cardio myopathy with left ventricular enlargement and failure and a progressive end stage kidney disease, not one day did my father escape a near-death situation since 2006. But when someone accepts the situation as it is and instead of wailing and ailing he started enjoying the moments he had rather than waiting for what the future has to unfold. He found and paved a path of spirituality and holistic development through the famous The Art of Living which gave him the strength and endurance to pass through the immense pain his body was giving him.

When one decides to live in the present and does not tether to the past or wait for the future, he enjoys the bliss of the gift God has bestowed upon him. The gift of 'TODAY'. Thats what he followed and thats what he taught all of us. He was more than a father. He was the heart of the house. He was the life line on which me, my mother, my granny and my brother lived. He was one of the most important reasons for all of us to live and look upon. He was the force that kept us from falling apart (mentally). And today he is no more. My father has given us innumerable memories and they come back to us as vivid visuals of what a beautiful life we all had.

Today we miss Him the most. With every food item made in the house, to every place that we visit, to every road that is taken, to every little joke that is cracked, to every National Geographic program we watch,,,,,,,,,,,,he is missed. When I go through the old photographs, I realize that the 'fun' we had those days were actually going to be the memories that we shall hold forever. He left all of us with immense trauma that shall need a lot of time to heal. Today a Mother lost her most beloved son, a wife lost a noble and caring husband, his sons lost a very very loving, caring and talented father while his countless friends lost a friend who ruled their hearts.

Wish you a very very Happy Birthday Daddy. You are an angel and you are somewhere there watching all of us. Miss you Daddy.....I wish we had spent one more day with you...

Till then,


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Friday, September 5, 2014

Product Watch - Sephora USA

I am sure there are millions ogling at the amazing Sephora launches. We may not be in the US, but we all strive hard in our own ways to get someone (absolutely disinterested) to get us products from there. Its not only that its a cheaper option to get them imported through a friend, but also they have the most current launches that keep us all at our par. When it comes to being consumer friendly and to keep the flow going, USA happens to be one of the best countries ever.

This time's Sephora launches that I am ogling are not limited to makeup and include skin care and some other things too. So lets get started..............

Review : NYX Xtreme Lip Cream

I am writing this review after eons of using this fabulous product and they are almost getting over now....These Xtreme Lip creams are really amazing on pigmentation, gives a beautiful rosebud lip and is perfect for a long lasting finish. They have some incredibly wearable colors and lets get to know a bit more of these hidden gems. 

Xtreme Lip Cream is a liquid lipstick that glides amazingly and stays put for quite a while (at least 3 hrs on my models and clients) and creates an appearance of healthy moisturized lips that do not look extremely made up. Its high on coverage and opacity and a smidgen of a size creates a wonderful effect.

Read further....................


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