Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Model Makeup - Megan Acton

I got to do Megan Acton's makeup for photographer Munjal Gandhi and its been an uplifting experience. Megan is an Irish actor and has done a Hindi Debut for which she needed pictures for the press. The pics were taken by photographer and my very 'talented' friend Munjal Gandhi.

The photos that I am sharing are candid and taken by my own Blackberry Q10 phone. These are not high resolution pics and those will follow in the subsequent posts. I shall be listing the makeup products used in the looks and the changes that were done and added. I have done a slight amount of editing and correction in the lighting as the pictures looked yellow on camera using online editor PicMonkey. Hope you like them all. Lets have a look.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

MAIL aka Makeup Artist I Love - Mary Greenwell

Makeup Artist Mary Greenwell is no less than a 'legend'. One of the most respected and highly honored makeup artiste we would ever come across, Mary is simply the most amazing lady ever. Being a top makeup artist encapsulates many aspects - from the talent to the persona to the presentation and Mary happens to be the 'Goddess' of makeup.

Mary Greenwell is known for a lot of things. She pioneered many aspects of makeup single handedly, gave rise to some of the very famous products that are precious (Elizabeth Arden Smokey Eye Pencil) and have inspired careers of so many other famous makeup artists we know of, including Charlotte Tilbury, Tom Pecheux, Diane Kendal and Lisa Eldridge. When it all started in 1984 - Mary has been one of the most coveted makeup artists of the beauty industry and the saga continues.

Let's have a glimpse at some of the enormous contributions of the legendary Mary Greenwell.............

MAIL aka Makeup Artists I love

This is a new feature on Beauty Traveller and I promise to be consistent with at least this one. I hope you find it as interesting and inspirational as I have myself felt while writing about these icons. In the past I have written articles on my favorite makeup artists but every time I browse and find about them, I get inspired again to write about them. I think MAIL is a nice yet silly abbreviation for Makeup Artists I Love but nonetheless....(what's in the name - Shakespeare).

Thanks to the amazing world of Instagram one can feel an e-closeness (aka electronic closeness) to the icons in the fields that they like and since I love makeup, I look upon these icons and (they have inspired my career too). I have considered this top notch, famous and magical makeup artist as my gurus and teachers. Makeup is one field where we all makeup artists (that means anyone and everyone who does makeup) are related by our lipsticks and eyeshadows and foundations and the trade that it is. You may be famous or you may have begun, we all have our inspirations and why not talk about them.

MAIL shall feature some amazing makeup artists I follow personally and I shall write a small biography about them in the subsequent posts. This is group of articles of the most amazing people in this amazing field who are not only known from their celeb clients but also for their ground breaking achievements in this ever growing field of BEAUTY. Unfortunately this shall limit to a lot of references and CUT COPY PASTE works taken from Google (but who cares!! as long as you get to write about them). Writing about these icons is like worshiping them so why not!!!...

Soon I shall be writing about my favorite MARY GREENWELL to begin with...so do keep an eye on this set of articles....

Till then,


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Friday, July 4, 2014

Review : MAC Fluidline Brow GelCreme in DEEP DARK BRUNETTE

I shall be reviewing the amazing MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme in Deep Dark Brunette. As an answer to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade, MAC made a gel creme that could be amazing to fill the brows and shape them up. Since recent times 'BROWS' have got a special importance in makeup and however overrated it is, the brows are what makes the makeup look complete and amazing. Amidst the brow pencils, brow gels and brow mascaras, finally comes a product that can give you even more precise application without too much of pain and building and get you water resistant (sweat) brows every time and every day.

MAC's Fluidline formula has been a cult favorite and in the past I have seen and heard from many makeup artists on filling the brows with the traditional fluidline. Being a gel liner, this one is really malleable and does a good job in brow definition and thence the thought process behind developing a brow gel creme liner was an excellent idea. And there are cons to this too. Lets get to know them somewhere in the article below.

Have a look...........................................................


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