Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara in 10 NOIR

Today I am reviewing one of the versions of an iconic mascara by the House of Chanel called Inimitable Intense. Chanel makes some really amazing mascaras and this one is no exception. If you are looking for defined and curled yet fluffy lashes with a black almost as a stygian iron (I am reading a lot of Rick Riordan these days).

Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara - # 10 Noir  6g/0.21oz

So lets have a quick review of this beauty in a bottle.............

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Super Smokey

I really got late to post this look. And I must say that this is one of my favorite looks. Its super smokey, sooty and a bit untidy but I love it for that. I have done this look using the amazing LORAC Starry eyed baked eyeshadow palette and other accessories that came in a LORAC Kit (Real Life to Red Carpet PRO) that I got from Shivani of Order Makeup UK. 

Since then LORAC has been a favorite brand for all the eyeshadows that they make. 

This article shall feature the PRODUCTS used to create this smokey eye look and also the complimentary face accessories that go with it. I shall also do a step by step tutorial of the same on my other blog (that shall be linked HERE). I shall also be posting a quick review of this eyeshadow palette.

So lets see what products went into creating this look.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 2014 Ravings and Cravings

I always write a wish list especially for skin care and makeup. This makes my targets a bit more focused and then I don't waver from my planning (most of the times). This June, I am very excited about some new launches and getting back to some of my old school brands after quite a long time.

Lets have a looksie.........

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pop Art - Fuchsia Eyes

I did this ultra simple look inspired by the pop art culture (thanks Andy Warhol). Its the easiest eye makeup one can do (with the daring to carry it). Fuchsia can be one of those high impact eyeshadows that will not only open up the eyes but also make them look a bit whiter than usual (due to a hint of blue in it). It looks very alluring when done although I can see only some people being able to sport the look.

When colors like Fuchsia are used on the eyes, its better to go 'mono chromatic'. With the colors from the same family, they do not clash with each other (until you want to go theatrical and try using 'RED' eyeshadow with an 'ORANGE' blush and a 'BLUE' Lipstick). The monochrome palette works magically. I also advice to go a bit more 'flawless' than usual while sporting such colors as they tend to accentuate the unwanted features of the face. Thence a touch heavier hand on the concealer and foundation. 

So lets see what products were used in this look. I shall be discussing the details on 'How-to' on my other blog. Please click HERE to see the look. Also kindly note that I shall be putting relevant links for some of the products I highly recommend. These links are for the products that have international shipping. Do click on the 'AFFILIATE' link for in case you'd want to purchase the products.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Review : Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats in Lueur D'Automne

I love blushes! I feel that a blush is what completes the makeup. Its a bridge between the eyes and the lips and helps maintain the balance. A blush aka rouge as it was called once upon a time, helps mimic a natural flush or a sunkissed glow on the face.

Guerlain's Lueur D'Automne blew my mind! Its that surreal blush color that I always wanted and when it came with 2 sculpting colors, it made the combination even more beautiful. With a richly pigmented formula with a subtle effect that can be built into a strong color, Guerlain has done an amazing job with the Blush 4 Eclats. 

So lets know Lueur D'Automne a bit more....

A Makeup by A Makeup Artist

As consumers and pros we have used makeup since the longest time. It could be films and television, fashion, bridal to everyday usage, makeup has played a vital role in many lives. Makeup has given faces their identities. Be it the seductive eyes and red lips of Marilyn OR the thick brows of Liz Taylor OR the smokey intense eyes and fresh beige lips of Brigitte Bardot, we have always looked upon these icons. Makeup has done wonders to women and men and we have a lot of people to thank to.

In the 21st Century however, makeup has become much more professional. Every company strives to bring it some amazing trends, some amazing products and DIY makeup that could be as easy as a makeup artist doing for you. To emphasize of the 'MAKEUP ARTIST' part, I would love to talk about the brands that have been developed by makeup artist. Eponymous brands that have some iconic cult products that may have made a woman's job much easier and much better.

Developing an entire product line is not as easy as one can think of. It needs a lot of experience in the cosmetic industry, needs working on formulations and developing newer ones to cater the demands of the ever needing population. There are so many iconic makeup artist turned entrepreneurs and I shall pay a homage to most of them and their brands that I know. Saying so, let me talk about some amazing makeup brands that are eponymous to the makeup artists that made them.


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