Saturday, March 29, 2014

Do-It-Yourself Spring Makeup 2014

Every year Fashion Makeup Maestros and makeup brands predict the seasonal trends. Even Pantone makes the 'Color of the Year' which is Radiant Orchid and has already been used (and abused) by a lot of people till date. Pro Makeup Brands like MAC talk about futuristic trends that can be adapted in daily lives (imagine 'Androgyny') and amazing people like Pat McGrath, Charlotte Tilbury, Tom Pecheux, Lisa Eldridge, Lucia Pieroni, Diane Kendal etc. making some of the most incredible models for some amazing designers in the latest of the Spring collections.

In all this pell mell and too much of fashion exposure, a common day to day woman (and some men who do makeup for livelihood) suffer. On the makeup counters, SAs are compelled to promote such looks without any understanding and conscience (a strong word to say). What do 'WE' learn out of this? Nothing...SO its important to incorporate these trends and makeup ourselves feel happy thence the term DIY. Whatever is written in this article is a for a common wo(man) who wants to prep her makeup wardrobe and update herself to look the best for Spring and Summer of 2104. These are the trends which she makes for herself. Please remember no one would hang you for not applying a certain lipstick. Its about how 'comfortable' you are.

Here are a few Spring-Summer Makeup tips which I feel would look good one most of them. I have no problem if anyone wants to follow specific trends...its their makeup intentions are to help someone if they need it. Lets have a look......

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Quick REVIEW - Guerlain L'Instant D'Un Soupir and Guerlain L'Instant D'Un Baiser

These are 2 fabulous single eyeshadows that I picked from Guerlain a few months back and thought of quickly writing a review for it. This is a quick quick quick review and I shall be doing looks with these beautiful eyeshadows soon.

Ombre Eclat 1 Shade aka Single eyeshadows are beautiful glowing shimmery single eyeshadows that can be used to highlight, accent, define and smoke out on the eyes and give an incredible finish and a mesmerizing effect when used. They have some incredible shades that range from highlighting shades to defining and contouring colors. Each shade is fabulously pigmented and the amount of product provided is huge for the price that has to paid.

Lets have a look at 2 of my favorite shades - L'Instant D'Un Soupir and L'Instant D'Un Baiser....

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Review : Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette

Its NAKED 3 from Urban Decay!!! With such a huge recognition for their 'Naked' franchise, Google may not call this word an 'Adult' term any more (I believe). I must thank the amazing Shivani Chedda of OMUK for getting this beautiful palette that makes flesh toned eyeshadows so wearable.

Naked 3 is a palette made from romantic rosy and purple toned eyeshadows that take the experience of naked eyeshadows to a newer level. With so many copycats that UD had, no one really thought of making a palette like this (not even NYX I believe). With a different twist to the utterly famous and quintessential Naked and Naked 2 palettes, this is something very very interesting to look at.

So lets see what Naked 3 palette is all about and lets see whether we can find some dupes in the previous versions....

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Review : Sisley Phyto Lip Star in 05 - Shiny Ruby

I must say that this is one of the most expensive glosses I own, at the beginning of the review itself. LOL. Sisley cosmetics is such an amazing brand with such strong roots, such divine (and expensive) products, such beautiful textures and such innovative products. Sisley do make colors too. Limited but ultra luxe and ultra modern. 

Today I shall be reviewing the divine Phyto lip Star Lip gloss in Shiny Ruby. With high mirrored shine yet weightlessness of a feather, this is indeed a gloss of our generation. Its amazing beyond comparison and a definite must buy if you have a penchant for high end cosmetics.

So lets have a look at what makes Phyto lip star such an amazing product.........

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review : Clinique Fresh Bloom All Over Color in Almond Blossom

If you have read my review on the Peony Blend, you'd have gauged on what a big fan I am!!  These products are just so perfect.

I had got all the three Fresh Blooms with a big plan in my head. To use them on different skin tones and make each and everyone whom I meet, start glowing. Like magic! And this is what happened. The new formulation is very alluring and so finely milled that it gives a creamy glow on the face rather than a powdery frosty face. It just imparts the perfect glow and would never look overdone even after layering the highlighters.

So lets have a look at my second favorite - Clinique Fresh Bloom All Over Color in Almond Blossom........

Monday, March 17, 2014

Must see!!!

I must thank you all for your amazing response for my new blog Simply Beautiful Makeup Tuts and thanks a million for entering the Giveaway too.

Here are some must see looks and do not forget to follow, support and comment.........

Do have a look and do not forget to comment. Also do enter the amazing Guerlain Giveaway if you have not entered. There are many more surprise gifts that are going to get added to that small looking Giveaway. 

Till then,


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Sunday, March 16, 2014


This has been one of the most 'asked' questions and one of the most important decisions to make for your makeup kit. A primer is such an important step and is considered as one of the bridges between your skin care and makeup regimes to get that flawless complexion. A daily moisturizer with sunscreen itself is a great priming agent (since they have the same silicones) but an additional primer adds to the longevity of the makeup very very efficiently. A primer is the first step of your makeup routine wherever and whenever you do makeup.

I believe the makeup primers were inspired from 'paints' especially wall paints. To increase the longevity of the paint and to make it weather proof, painters use 'primers' in between the rough surfaced wall and the paint that has to be applied. A makeup primer does a similar job. It helps the paint (foundation/makeup products) adhere better to the skin, helps resurface the skin texture, helps improve the longevity and wear of the makeup products on the skin and so many more. With the addition of a sunscreen, Vit. A,C,E, Salicylic acid, Hyaluronic Acid and other anti ageing and skin nourishing agents, Primers have evolved a lot and thus become an integral part of modern makeup. Now a days primers also contain color correcting agents and target various skin concerns. Hydrating and Illuminating primers help take care of dry skins.

Its quite an intelligent concept and very well thought of and executed in the modern world of makeup. 

Primers primers primers everywhere. Each brand has one to offer and I have my favorites.

So lets have a look..........

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Beauty Traveller Diaries - Missing in Action

I want to really apologize to all for missing in action (very badly). My blog was in a mess!! Thanks to the combined efforts of my remembering prowess and the pandemonium that Cloudflare created, I am happy that I could resuscitate my blog. Unfortunately my maternal grand pa passed away on 11th March night due to old age and cardio respiratory arrest and my mother lost her only parent.

I have a lot of posts in the line up, lots of photography to be done, lots of editing happening and need lots of energy for that. So please do bear with me in these trying times and support the blog. 

Thanks a lot!!!

Till then,


Please do not copy any pictures or content of Beauty Traveller without prior permission. Thanks for reading my blog. I don't give 100% on the authenticity of the content here and it is subject to change without prior notice. Please read the disclaimer for any questions.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Makeup That Lasts..........

As a professional makeup artist I have always been asked this question at many times - during a makeup job, at work, while shopping, in a bridal dressing room....almost everywhere. The question is 'How do I make my makeup last longer?' Trust me, everyone has this question to ask and everyone have their answers and ways to make it last long.

Beauty is expanding its horizons almost everyday and there's not a day where I have not learnt something new. To make your makeup last long is the easiest thing to do these days - provided you invest in the right makeup products and right formulations. For an Indian climate which is perennially hot and humid (at least in the Metro where I stay) its not an easy task to keep the makeup lasting longer. Especially when you have a day job which demands travelling and yet looking beautiful and presentable.

I would like to give my answer to this 'long lasting' business and lets see if you agree? I would love your inputs too...Let me tell you what I do for myself and my clients (its subject to change with time)....

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Makeup Wish List - March 2014

Sincere apologies for the MIA. Its been a roller coaster time again and everyday passes by being either busy with bridals, makeup shopping which I haven't stopped yet and the days of excessive slumbering due to being tired and trying to resist the ever changing unstable environment.

I have a wish list for March 2014. Its not like its incomplete, but there are certain products that I want to own in my kit subsequently. Btw a big hug to staff at the Chanel Palladium Store. I got two Le Stylo pencils from them which were as hard as pumice stone and had to return them and they took it back. Who does such an amazing service these days. Chanel knows to keep their regular clients happy (not to forget the amazing Chanel pouch I got on Valentine's Day).

So here's the wish list..............


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