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Review : Clinique Fresh Bloom All Over Color in Peony Blend

I have been a great fan of Clinique's Fresh Bloom All Over Color blushes. Its been ages that I have used these and they give that much coveted 'glow' I am known for (spilled a secret). Its my staple for bridals, fashion shoots and so much of work and I love them for the subtle glow that is imparted. When a bride wants a soft radiant glow or a photographer asks for an innocent magical skin, this is my usual weapon of choice.

I broke the previous blush in of the makeup jobs and my heart was shattered. So I went to Clinique and I was in smithereens when they told me that it's discontinued. But the ray of hope was the 'BLENDS' that they have brought in and I found a miracle. Felt like Harry Potter who achieved the Elder wand from Voldemort!! (LOL). This is a better version of the magic I was looking for. 

NOTE - Please note that I have shot this pictures in a lower resolution to show you the exact color of the blush. This does not compensate with the quality of photo and this is done purposefully.

Lets have a look, how Clinique Fresh Bloom in Peony blend is so magical.........

Clinique Says -

Our multi-purpose powder is back, now in a new blended, monochromatic formulation. Creates a sheer, subtle radiance that looks fresh, stays fresh. Sweep over face for an allover, luminous glow, or brush on cheekbones to highlight.

Clinique is known for their fresh and modern packaging. The flower and leaf design is very inviting and adds a smile on your face by just looking at the product. There is no professional air and looks more day wear and vibrant. The blush is a clamshell design and has a steel like looking mirrored lid and a white plastic case to hold the blush (the pan is stuck with glue). No brush is added which makes it mandatory to have a highlight brush around you (I love RT Setting Brush). The compact is quite light weight and not so sturdy but nice types. (Does not look or feel cheap).


Peony blend is a pearlised powder with sheer shine and gives a beautifully radiant finish. Since this one is sheer and very buildable, one can achieve a look that is from sheer radiant glow to a full on glossy finish skin. Apply it as a blush or highlighter or eyeshadow and it does the job very well. The powder is silky, smooth in texture (not gritty or chunky) and has fine pearl that does not spell shimmer or glitter. The formula is ALLERGY TESTED and 100% Fragrance Free.


This blush transforms on the skin. It may look mundane in the pan but its truly magical. Peony is a very neutral champagne pink shimmer (neither silver nor gold) and has light nuances of rosiness in the product. It can be used as a blush on very very fair skins or else it translates as a beautiful pearly sheen (glow) on the cheeks. 


In the swatch you notice a very light glow and that's what this product does.


  • With a fluffy large paddled powder brush, Fresh Bloom Peony blend can be dusted with feather light strokes as a 'finishing powder'.
  • With a fan brush, use it to highlight cheek bones.
  • Use a large eyeshadow brush to highlight brow bones and a smaller one to highlight inner corners of the eyes.
I have done a lovely highlighting with this product on Prerna. Have a look!


With limited stocks and a general huge demand, this product is a great one. Its a whopping 9gm for 2000 (when I purchased it) and I bought mine from the Clinique Store in Palladium Mall. 

Hope you liked the review. Do let me know in the comments. GIVEAWAY coming soon! So stay tuned.

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  1. loved the sheen it gives.. :) the color is soo pretty

    1. Yes it does....its very alluring and glowing. The old one was a bit frosty but this is very finely milled..

  2. omg the color looks so can go with any skin tone imo
    lovely review, as always :)

    1. This is simply alluring. The shades suits fair and medium skin tones so well. For darker ones they have plum poppy which I will review soon.

  3. Such a pretty shade but this is soo beautiful. .love the packaging too..grear review.

    Check out my recent post :

    1. Thanks a lot Tejinder. I actually love the packaging the most. That flower is just soooo pretty.

  4. never tried makeup line from want to get my hands on their new spring blushes cheek pop ones!

  5. Excellent review! I have yet to try clinique blushes but this looks so great! I love their cleansing oil for getting rid of super stubborn waterproof makeup or longwear lipsticks (: x

  6. Not sure if you still have this blog. You mention this blush is a neutral tone ? Would it look equally good for a cool and warm undertone ?

    1. Yes I still blog and so sorry for the late reply. Its equally good for a warm and cool tone. This is because they have a mix of peach in the pink that makes it a neutral tone. It always translates as a rosy sheen and looks extremely flattering.


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