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Review : Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in 24 Karat Shimmer Brick

I don't know how much I can explain of my love for Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks. I own a few of them and since this post was the next one in line up I thought of quickly writing a review for it. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks are one of the most coveted products in the market. The shimmer is incredibly beautiful, highlights the face contours amazingly well and the skin looks satiny and silky with light bouncing in all directions. 

Lets have a detailed look......................

Bobbi Brown 24 Karat Shimmer Brick is a limited edition Shimmer Brick and is aptly described as 'gold pearlescent shimmer'. Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks are cult classics and every new one that comes in has something amazing to offer.


24 Karat comes in a quintessential black Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick casing with a mirror included in the case. The box is beautiful and has a lovely PEARL imagery with Bobbi Brown printed over it. However the case is not sturdy enough, does have minimal protection on the fragile shimmer brick and there are chances to break them very very easily. Not so travel friendly. There is no brush included (which could have been good) and there is too much of simplicity at the price we have to pay.


Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks are handmade into individual strips and attached together in the pan. 24 Karat is crazily shimmery (not glittery) with high on frost content, very very soft and silky to touch and the 5 colors blend beautifully to create a harmony. Since the formula is extremely soft and buttery, you need to be very cautious while picking up the color as the brush picks up a lot of it. The frosted finish adds amazing pearlescent highlights to the face and helps impart shine and radiance. On the facial skin, these overtly shimmery stripes translate into a warm glow and one has to be wise enough to build the color gradually than putting all of it in one go.

The shimmer particles are not extremely finely milled and are very bright on appearance. This makes the situation a bit challenging if one has open pores which tend to emphasize on application (especially on the nose area). When applied on the forehead, Shimmer brick does appear powdery and sits on the surface of the skin without mingling too much with the foundation (I hope you all understand what I am trying to say. Its difficult to explain.) Thence while application one has to be extra cautious is applying Shimmer Brick on these areas of the face.


Although mentioned 24 Karat, this Shimmer brick is not overtly gold and has tones of pink and rose intermingled with golden beiges to create a beautiful and warm champagne glow that gives the 'lit within' effect instead of looking too made up. A candlelight glowing look can be achieved by applying discreet layers of this product and layering to get a finished result. The shimmer brick has a cascade of colors starting from an buttery white gold, soft mellowed gold shimmer, golden beige, warm champagne pink with a slight orange tint and a warm rose. When a brush is swirled over the entire compact, these colors combine to give a warm golden glow without being too gold or too rosy. 

These shades can be used individually or in a combination to create an array of highlights for the face, eyes and decollete (also on any part of the body wherever desired). I prefer using a Benefit fan brush with a feather touch to pick up just enough product to highlight the face. They have high reflectivity in the camera lights and its important to go a bit mellowed since it can be deciphered as an oily slick. I also use a soft Shiseido Blush brush in case I want to give a slightly heavy handed application for evenings.


 Since this was a limited edition I may not be able to guarantee the availability of this product on authetic Bobbi Brown Retail locations. However this can be easily found out on a lot of e-commerce sites. I paid 3250 INR and bagged this product from Dubai Duty free.

This is indeed a lovely amazing shimmer brick just like Bobbi's other shimmer bricks. The colors are just perfect and it adds a subtle warmth on a lack luster skin.

Hope you liked this quick review. Do let me know in the comments. Have you entered my Giveaway?

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  1. The shimmer brick looks perfect.. I gt its dupe in colorbar.. :D :D.. but this is way too lovely!! :)

    1. This one is amazing but very very shimmery. One has to be cautious.

  2. I am yet to indulge in Bobbi Brown..planning to get their corrector in Dark Peach for my panda like dark circles :(

    1. Lol. I think we shud meet up before u take such decisions. Lets meet up at Rashmi's place in pune sometime and have a good makeup masterclass. Thanks

  3. wow this is so pretty... :) nice clicks


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