Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Incredible Hulk...oops I meant 'Incredible Haul'

I was on a shopping spree. You need to roll your products in the vanity and start adding and subtracting. Plus you'd need a lot of products to review on the blog and make those scintillating looks that everyone loves. I had a great chance to grab some interesting products from Guerlain, Chanel and of course not to forget my beloved MAC pigments.

And then MAC launched their NOCTURNALS collection today and triggered my shopping bug again. These pigments are so amazing and cannot be missed. A bridal must have, I had to pick them up and of course some more utilities.

So lets have a look at what all I got.....Keep your 'Oxygen' ready....

Chanel Products

Chanel Le stylo pencils in Or Rose and True Blue. Temptalia has given them a poor rating so I am a bit skeptical. But its ok as the colors are amazing and I am sure to find a way out. They are for 1550 INR.

Some Brushes. MAC 128 which was a limited edition for 2200 INR. The Lancome Crease Brush 1550 INR and the Duo liner smudger 1600 INR each. This Missha brush I got from Strawberrynet for 700 INR. Its nice but I may sell it off soon. The Chanel no.19 eye brush is the most amazing purchase. I am buying another one soon.

The Chanels
  • Illusion D'Ombre in Impulsion - 1950 INR
  • Base Lumiere de Chanel - 2200 INR
  • Le Stylo eyeshadows in Black stream -1900 INR
  • Vitalumiere Aqua in B40 - 2250 INR
  • Poudre Universelle Pressed - Presage - 2950 INR I guess
  • Le Brush Creme de Chanel in Chamade - 2300 INR
  • no.19 eyeshadow blending brush - 1550

Clarins Energizing Emulsion - 2050 INR
White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam - 2350 INR

MAC Nocturnals Pigment - Black and Gold

  • Naked Pigment: Fleshy beige with pearl (Matte)
  • Museum Bronze Pigment: Rich taupe with gold pearl (Frost)
  • Copper Sparkle Pigment: Super frosty copper flecks (Frost)
  • Gold Glitter: Sparkly chunky gold (Glitter)
  • Black Glitter: Sparkly chunky black (Glitter)

MAC Nocturnals Pigments - Silver and Violet

  • Kitschmas Pigment: Shimmering pink mauve pearl (Frost)
  • Vanilla Pigment: Soft ivory white (Frost)
  • Push the Edge Pigment: Deep bright purple with pearl (Frost)
  • Pink Glitter: Bright pink (Glitter)
  • Grey Glitter: Sparkly chunky grey (Glitter)

Guerlain eyeshadows in Rivoli, L'Heure Roses, L'Heure Fumer and Les Ombres de Turandot....Amazing palettes.

Guerlain KISS KISS and Rouge Automatique lipsticks.......

MAC Pigments in Teal and Green

  • Just Before Dawn Pigment: Warm taupe frost (Pigment)
  • Deep Blue Green Pigment: Rich deep bluish green (Frost)
  • Old Gold Pigment: High forsted tarnish gold (Frost)
  • 3D Gold Glitter: Sparkly chunky gold (Glitter)
  • Reflects Gold Glitter: White glitter that flashes gold (Glitter)

The most amazing Meteorites I have ever got. These may be beautiful powders to use but are definitely a collector's editions.

The much coveted and amazing Lancome Dreamtone Serum for 6900 INR. I got no.02 for dullness and sallowness of the complexion.

MAC Lipsticks in Retro and Russian Red - 1190 INE each (yikes)

Some Guerlain powders, blushes and of course the amazing eyeshadow primer.

Miscellaneous products
  • Guerlain Parure Extreme Foundation - 3075 INR
  • Shiseido Refining Primer - 1850 INR
  • Laura Mercier Oil free primer - 1670 from Strawberrynet
  • Estee Lauder Double wear pencil in Wine - 1375 INR
  • Lancome Khol Hypnose in 05 Vert - 1300 INR

MAC products that I really wanted. The pigments are Heritage Rouge, Blonde's Gold, Ruby Red, Naked Dark Deep and Reflects Red. All for 1500 and I am not selling any. MAC lipsticks at 990 INR - Vegas Volt, Girl About Town and Dubonet. MAC lipstick in All Fired Up for 1190 INR. MAC Creme liner in 1100 INR.

Hope you liked the haul.  I shall soon start doing the reviews.........Do let me know in the comments and please dont faint...LOL
Till then, 


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  1. hhuhh huuhh huhh..i cudnt breathe now.. need some detoxintion immediatelyy.. the Gurelian Meteorites collection is breathtakingly grgss.. <3 <3
    the MAC pigmentss are stunning and those lippieeess.. goshh there is so much.. :P :P ..

    U r trulyy ... King of Haulss.. :D

    1. Lollll. Thanks a stopping it for a while now.

  2. oh god..its a like a make-up showroom in one review..i would need to blow up my entire savings to buy this much luxury make-up..till then i will keep an eye for your blog sales :P amazing haul....a treat for should be made the brand ambassador for mac pigments!

    1. Haaahhaa. I wud be using these a lot for my future makeups.

  3. Am already faint. Please let me knw d price of guerlain rouge atomique lipsticks.??
    How are they..?? Can u pls do d review on noir d amour shade.. Thanks :D

    1. Nuit d'amour is gone. Lol..ill do reviews soon

  4. I feel giddy...all these gorgeous products swimming before my eyes! This is not called a haul, this is called raiding the store.

    1. Hahaha. True. That shud be the title of the next upcoming haul if I ever do.

  5. i will faint if i look at it once again.. super duper haul.. :D i wish I was Dr. Neeraj for a month atleast :D

    1. Hahha. U will soon be one too. Best part is i'll use almost all products that I got this time so no product sitting in the corners.

  6. OMG.... i almost fainted by seeing the first pic and rest were hazy... but awesoooome haul..
    looking forward to the product reviews..:-)

    1. Thanks a ton and thanks for all those amazing words.

  7. Neeraj I cannot wait to see reviews! Thanks for sharing all the pics, I didn't faint ;) x

    1. happy u didn't faint. I shall line up the reviews soon. It's very time consuming but will have to do it asap.

  8. Beautiful collection Neeraj! I esp liked the luxurious powders! the Lipsticks are to die for as well! You must do tutorial looks using some of them!

    1. Thanks a lot. I loved the meteorites the most. I'll soon do the tuts.

  9. Oh god Neeraj
    I fell off from the chair ;)

  10. This is seriously breathtaking, at one moment I felt I need my oxygen mask :P this is too much, you must be having a cupboard or maybe a room full of products ni?

    1. Hehehe. I've a cupboard full of products. But now a days I shop smart. Get only products I need.

  11. Am I allowed to say I hate you?? Here I am on a shopping ban, and you float these delectable goodies making me all envious. Now have to decide which ones I covet the most.

    1. Lollll. Don't hate me. Don't go on a shopping ban. It's like a medicine.

  12. Like haul.. are you kidding.. Its amazziinggg * 100000 drolling over it.. Neeraj share your address I am sending burglars

    1. Omg. Makeup burglars. Ya it costed almost that much or more though.

  13. Hello,
    Has the chanel vitalumiere cost reduced? :O
    Also is it good for dry skin?
    i'm looking forward to buying it.

    1. Omg. Good u spotted. It's 2650. I'll correct the error. Thanks a ton.

    2. It's not so good for dry skin as its very light weight. U can apply it over a richly moisturized skin.

    3. thanks a ton for your reply!!
      can you please help me out. I'm really looking for a good foundation for my very dry skin.
      I currently have Mac studio fix fluid in NC43 .. not happy with it. its tooo matte and the color its very yellow for me.
      suggest some good foundations please :) i dont need much coverage, anything light to medium will do.
      thanks a ton!

  14. Gawwdddddddd how come I missed this postttt...
    Totallyyyy amazingggggg products and I will eagerly wait for the reviews


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