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Beauty Traveller Diaries - Clinique Customer Service

I am rating 'Customer Services of Department Skin Care and Makeup Brands' and my first secret mission was the Palladium Mall. I had a blast doing this. And how long did it take me to assess? Just a couple of minutes and everything was revealed. In case the Clinique Representatives read about this article then I hope that they take these criticisms positively and incorporate improvements for the betterment of their customer service. This may or may not affect their behavior with their customers but I am sure this will be a catalyst for customers to think twice before going into a Clinique store. As said, 'A happy customer always returns. A happier customer always buys more. A happiest customer always buys and recommends to their friends'....

My second stop was at Clinique in the Palladium Mall. Based on 2nd floor, this was my workplace once upon a time. But now I am their customer and not a consultant any more. So my ranking is definitely going to be unbiased (as a customer). Lets see how they fare....

So lets see whether Clinique blooms and shows the same freshness as this advert does!!

Customer Service of Clinique

  • Ridiculous - means do not enter the store or do not go near the counter - 0 points
  • Bad - means be yourself and walk with dignity without bothering what the BC or SA has to say - 1 point
  • Poor - means try teaching the staff something that you might be better at - 2 points
  • Average - means they are really nice but need a lot of improvement - 3 points
  • Good - means they have met your expectations and you'll visit them again and again - 4 points
  • Excellent - means the best service and cooperation ever, you could walk in with your friend - 5 points
  • Smile and Greeting
  • Product Awareness
  • Knowledge
  • Communication and Language (English and not local)
  • Attitude and Approach
  • Generosity (In giving samples)
  • Grooming and Appeal
  • Environment in the store 
  • Latest product updates
  • Customer updates and after service

Highest ranking is 50 points where are the lowest is 0Clinique Customer Service

Location - Palladium Mall, Mumbai

Date - 5th Feb 2014

Rating - 

  • Smile and Greeting - Poor - The consultants were busy in their own work and there was no one to give that broad Clinique smile. I was only attended when I entered almost in the middle of the store. 2 Points
  • Product Awareness - Good - The consultants knew every product on the shelves and what was missing. The merchandise is huge and knowing the products is always a good thing. 4 Points
  • Knowledge - Excellent - Undoubtedly Clinique consultants are trained very well and have a sound knowledge of whatever products they are selling. They were very convincing in whatever was asked for. I was also introduced to certain new makeup products that I was unaware of and I cannot say how much I loved the eyeshadows. 5 Points
  • Communication and Language (English and not local) - Poor - As a customer I prefer to have English as a language of communication and that wasn't the case in Clinique when I visited the store. It is very important to have lucidity in the language. I may be seconded by a lot of people about my language preferences staying in India, but unfortunately the brand isn't Indian and so shouldn't be the mannerisms. There is a lot of scope of improvement in communication if the brand does help their consultants develop their linguistic skills and avoid grammatical errors. A good salesman needs to have a command on the language so that it enables him/her to make a fruitful sale. 2 Points
  • Attitude and Approach - Poor - The store did seem a bit gloomy compared to the brightness it normally had. It was lackluster and cold. Uncertain to get these kind of vibes. 2 Points 
  • Generosity (In giving samples) - Poor - I am biased in this rating and not rating them 'Bad' due to the teeny weeny samples I have received at some point or other after buying products. I frankly remember the receipt of a mascara sample once. Otherwise it seems that they have started retailing their sample sizes renaming them as 'trial sizes'. 2 Points
  • Grooming and Appeal - Average - I love the way Clinique consultants dress but the makeup was not what I expected a Clinique consultant to wear. There was no freshness in the complexion, shabbily done eye makeup, almost no lipstick etc. A good brand that sells makeup and skin care needs to have BAs that are dressed appropriately. With an introduction of new products in their makeup franchise, I was a bit perplexed at the lack of colorful taste while getting their makeup sorted and done. 3 Points
  • Latest product updates - Good - I was told about the upcoming new products and when would they be expecting them in India. I was quite delighted to know about the same. 4 Points
  • Customer updates and after service - Ridiculous - I have purchased products from them but no one bothered to give me a call to ask how did I find them. This is one opportunity to interact with the brand and give feedbacks but I think I was not considered seriously for the same. I have always mentioned of my role as a customer and I have some expectations from the brand which were not fulfilled. 0 Points

So the total score is 24

Do you agree with my scoring? Do you have a difference of opinion? Do let me know in the comments on what were your experiences with Clinique. It would be enlightening to know.

Till then,

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  1. I like the new feature. It's almost like being a mystery shopper but then you get to brag about it online and tell us all.
    enjoyed reading the thorough write up and scaling. Good job, Neeraj :) Hope you are feeling well now.

    1. Thanks a lot Coral crue. Just recuperating from a mild sun stroke. These ratings will teach us to be aware if we cannot make them.

  2. hahha..wait till brands come to know about "one mystery shopper" roaming in malls and then they will read ur blog to find out where are u going next.... u will be greeted with a coffee and a million watt smile next time u enter the store..hahhaaa!

    1. Hahaha....i wish they would do that. they are pretty thick skinned and it doesn't matter to them trust me. Lol

  3. Wow... I'm glad that your opinion is unbiased esp as you were once working there. That being said I have always been greeted with a smile (but I have always been attended by the same BA who probably recognises me). I agree that their makeup could be better. Surprisingly clinique was one of the few places who have called me to enquire about the products I bought (may be it was that particular BA). At palladium may be they don't offer samples but I was thoroughly surprised and a very happy customer for having received a good sample at juhu shoppers stop centre and I am definitely buying that product as the sample was large enough for me to test it at least for a good 5 times and is still there for me to use it. Clinique has been one place where whenever if I have enquired for something that was to be launched or restocked that I have received a call back and they have been kind enough to keep the product for me.
    That being said I am happy to visit clinique anytime and so have been my friends.
    I believe my happy customer days started from the time you were there as I was always greeted with a warm smile and welcomed at the place irrespective of whether I bought products or not. Even today even if I am passing by I am always greeted with a smile from this particular BA and always makes me as a customer feel happy. I am definitely a returning customer.
    If you wish Neeraj S Navare as I am unable to post this on your blog, you may copy this to your blog.

    1. Thanks a lot Nehal. I am glad to hear from you. Thanks a lot for ur input.

  4. Great job Neeraj and i really hope that they found your blog and read this... :P atleast this post will help them to improve :) love your writing and scaling ... :)

    1. Thanks a lot. I hope I've thrown some light.

  5. Hey Neeraj.. I got a chance to visit Clinique store here in delhi.. the experiece was okyy.. the warm welcom was missing but once the SA came to me.. she attended me well.. She listened to me very politely ... and when I asked her to do a test on my face for foundi .. she herself offered me Foundi Sample..I was bowled over .. Next time I am definitely going to clinique to buy foundi, conceler and color corrector too.. :) ...

    1. Lovely. I'm pleased and very happy to hear this. That's a good customer service point.


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