Thursday, February 13, 2014


I don't even remember whether I have done any hauls before this in 2014 and I am too lazy to check back and find out. Today's haul looks massive I believe. I was a bit determined to pick up a lot of eye products and my dear pigments and thats what I did at the Palladium Mall.

As you all know I was on a secret mission to rate customer services and thence these were not on the list actually. But the sudden impulse made me go a bit overboard and crazy. Apart from the essentials from the Kryolan store at Beauty Palace, Crawford Market I have bought everything from the Palladium Mall.

So lets have a look.....

Some brushes from Kryolan. They are very cheap (Rs.135) and extremely useful and very very good. I also got some Kryolan Lip N Cheeks - Amaryllis, Poppy and Dahlia. I gifted Prerna the Amaryllis one though. Then I got my usual staple, the Derma Color Makeup Fixing Spray. Its a savior. 2 Of these NYX Chrome pigments blew me away. Great purchase at a great price. I shall tell after I buy them all....LOL..Did I say 180 INR only...LOLOLOL

My divine MACs. I had to get the pigments. Heard they are increasing the prices. I really don't feel the pinch as a Bourjois lipstick is sold for 950 INR. MAC was bound to increase their prices and so has Clinique and Estee Lauder done. My funda - stop buying these brands if they pinch you. 

I got a lot of lipsticks - Twig, Mehr, Velvet Teddy, Craving, Vegas Volt and Chili - each for 990. Then I got my beloved pigments - Chocolate Brown. Antique Green and Bloodline. 

The miscellaneous section is interesting. I got some amazing stuff viz,
  1. Shu Uemura 'S' Curler from Strawberrynet. Hunt and you'll never find it.
  2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place pencil in ONYX
  3. Elizabeth Arden Smokey Eye pencils in Gunmetal, Espresso and Smokey Black
  4. Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof pencils  - Black and Purple
  5. Dior Diorshow Blackout mascara - I always wanted the new version. Its simply phenomenal.
  6. Chanel Inimitable Intense mascara - A beloved possession. The wand is like nothing else I know of.
  7. Lancome Blush Subtil Trio no.1 - a fabulous collection of 3 gorgeous blush and highlighter shades.
That's all folks. There's a huge humungous haul coming up soon. Get ready to face the makeup hurricane.

Till then,


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  1. How is the derma color spray? can you please review it? from where did you get those VOV cotton pads?? I so need them! I am definitely going to mumbai this weekend for some shopping :)

    1. Derma spray is amazing. I will review it soon. I got those cotton pads from Beauty Palace. They run out very very fast so you should keep a watch.

    2. I guess when i find them i'll stock them up! thats one thing I need every single day :)

  2. Hi, did u buy the nyx chrome pigment from beauty palace??


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