Friday, February 28, 2014

Quick Review - MAC Nocturnals Pigment Sets

Just thought of doing a quick review of these amazing pigments from MAC. Buy these are most of you would be sorted forever as they would never go empty. In fact these could be passed on as ancestral items. LOL.
MAC Nocturnals seem to be the best thing happening to a makeup artist especially. The pigments are so versatile and amp up any look (which you would be seeing soon) and they add those finishing touches one need for a 'completed makeup look'. How amazing is that!!! For those who may not know I am selling pigments in small jars (not these ones though) and would love to pass on one if you ask for it. (350 INR per jar - limited time).

So coming to the NOCTURNAL Pigments. I bought 3 sets, each for 2400 and looks like my life is sorted. They have a lot of these famous MAC colors and some not so great but always included ones (like Kitchmas) but nevertheless these are to die for..........

Lets have a quick look..............

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Incredible Hulk...oops I meant 'Incredible Haul'

I was on a shopping spree. You need to roll your products in the vanity and start adding and subtracting. Plus you'd need a lot of products to review on the blog and make those scintillating looks that everyone loves. I had a great chance to grab some interesting products from Guerlain, Chanel and of course not to forget my beloved MAC pigments.

And then MAC launched their NOCTURNALS collection today and triggered my shopping bug again. These pigments are so amazing and cannot be missed. A bridal must have, I had to pick them up and of course some more utilities.

So lets have a look at what all I got.....Keep your 'Oxygen' ready....

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Review : Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in 24 Karat Shimmer Brick

I don't know how much I can explain of my love for Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks. I own a few of them and since this post was the next one in line up I thought of quickly writing a review for it. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks are one of the most coveted products in the market. The shimmer is incredibly beautiful, highlights the face contours amazingly well and the skin looks satiny and silky with light bouncing in all directions. 

Lets have a detailed look......................

Friday, February 21, 2014

Review : Shiseido Ibuki Starter Kit - Quick Review

Novel approaches in Skin care and some groundbreaking technologies is what I look at when 'Shiseido' comes to mind. Whether its their high quality skin care or their extremely exuberant makeup range, there is something quirky and unique about Shiseido. When their 'Ibuki' range entered the Indian market silently, I had hopes of finding something very interesting and something unique in their approach towards skin care. Who said that the possibilities in skin care innovation have stopped? Japanese people don't feel so and they are not afraid to share their ideas and experiences with the rest of the world.

So what's Ibuki all about? Ibuki means 'breath' in Japanese. This is an anti-ageing line targeted at 20-30 yrs age women (and men too) {lets call them 20-30 yrs humans} and is made to ward off the signs of environmental aggressors, reinforce the skin's protective lipid barrier and 'teach the cells to retain their shape and resist damage', thus making the skin look healthy and supple. I would not understand what 'imperfections' they are targeting but surely they make the skin feel supple and resilient. Do not forget to read Paula's review HERE. But let not the opinions affect your decisions as these are personal opinions of one particular person and should not affect others. Remember Knowledge Vs Propaganda

I wanted to start with a basic skin care regimen to see whether it suits me and since it does I thought of writing about it. Lets have a look.............

First GIVEAWAY...Newer Beginnings....

When 2014 started, I started an alternate blog just for makeup tutorials and tutorials of my work. This is purely because my blog was getting crowded with a lot of posts and the looks slipped easily. Thence I took a decision of starting an alternate blog and here it is.

Celebrating a giveaway for the opening of my new blog. Do have a looksie....

Click HERE to enter the GIVEAWAY!!!!

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Review : Clinique Fresh Bloom All Over Color in Peony Blend

I have been a great fan of Clinique's Fresh Bloom All Over Color blushes. Its been ages that I have used these and they give that much coveted 'glow' I am known for (spilled a secret). Its my staple for bridals, fashion shoots and so much of work and I love them for the subtle glow that is imparted. When a bride wants a soft radiant glow or a photographer asks for an innocent magical skin, this is my usual weapon of choice.

I broke the previous blush in of the makeup jobs and my heart was shattered. So I went to Clinique and I was in smithereens when they told me that it's discontinued. But the ray of hope was the 'BLENDS' that they have brought in and I found a miracle. Felt like Harry Potter who achieved the Elder wand from Voldemort!! (LOL). This is a better version of the magic I was looking for. 

NOTE - Please note that I have shot this pictures in a lower resolution to show you the exact color of the blush. This does not compensate with the quality of photo and this is done purposefully.

Lets have a look, how Clinique Fresh Bloom in Peony blend is so magical.........

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Valentine's Day Haul!!

I was my own Valentine today....And had a blast. Its fun and its good to love yourself. That way you don't have to bother breakups and after effects. I had a blast at Chanel where I tried their foundations and powders and enlightened myself. I also have done a nice small film on the new Clarins store that has opened in Palladium (which is beautiful and has that French touch) and I am going to put it all soon. I was also able to bag a beautiful Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Impulsion which is no longer available. I wanted it so badly and thus got it...

So lets see what's there and what's not there in the picture............

Beauty Traveller Diaries - Lancome's Customer Service

To tell you the truth, Lancome was not by favorite brand until recently. I had issues that I cannot mention on a public site and I shall tell if some one requests (and gifts me a Lancome product...LOL). But now their products have really amazed and amused me and I am back with purchasing some really iconic Lancome products.

Lancome, the French Luxury known for their makeup, skin care and fragrances launched in India with a big bang but they have been cursed with the worst management ever (their PR is a certified idiot) and now I can see something really nice happening with their staff at the grassroot level. (Management still remains a nincompoop). So lets have a look at how their customer service rating in the store was.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. May you get united with the ones you love and the ones you take care of. Its a celebration of an year long process and it feels pretty nice and soothing to the heart.
For me, this was a day of revelation. 2014 was all about getting rid of people who do not love you and who are only there to take benefits out of you. I am one of those unfortunate people who tend to make friends who are on an agenda. But sooner to later, the right time comes to strike them and incinerate them out of your life. I am happy I did so.

Through my beauty blog and my alternate blogs, I have really got some amazing people to meet, know and I really feel I can connect to them. Its a wonderful experience. I wish you all a very Happy Valentine's Day and thanks a million for being my friends.

Till then,


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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines Day look - Mesmerized In Greys

Valentines Day Makeup Ideas. I loved the combination of Slate Grey and Rose Gold to create those bedazzling peepers and pairing them with beautiful nude lips and a glowing visage.

Do you want to learn the look? The tutorial is available HERE.

Have a look and do not forget to comment, support and follow. A giveaway coming soon. This is the first time I shall have a mutual giveaway. Will let you know the ideas soon.

Till then,


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Blog sale on my other blog

Do click HERE to have a glimpse.


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I don't even remember whether I have done any hauls before this in 2014 and I am too lazy to check back and find out. Today's haul looks massive I believe. I was a bit determined to pick up a lot of eye products and my dear pigments and thats what I did at the Palladium Mall.

As you all know I was on a secret mission to rate customer services and thence these were not on the list actually. But the sudden impulse made me go a bit overboard and crazy. Apart from the essentials from the Kryolan store at Beauty Palace, Crawford Market I have bought everything from the Palladium Mall.

So lets have a look.....

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Beauty Traveller Diaries - Customer Service of MAC Cosmetics

Now I shall be rating the customer service of one of the most visited brands - MAC aka Makeup Art Cosmetics. MAC is known for their high level of professional makeup products that have been tried and tested at fashion shows, major events and of course 'US' - general public. MAC has a powerful hold in the film industry as well and many actresses swear by the brand even if there is no one to swear by them. MAC is known for their professional behavior and they have the most trained makeup artists I can ever imagine. An ex- MAC employee gets a direct access and pass to the editorial magazines, films and almost everywhere and though it has its disadvantages a MAC Artist always shines amongst the rest.

Since their stores are super busy at even the most mundane days and timings like afternoon, it is very important to know how they treat the customer. I have been buying MAC products for ages and I have known and seen them for the longest time ever. Right from the days when Sonic Sarwate, the Senior Artist of MAC India was a makeup artist at the Juhu store once. There have been pros and cons of their services but nonetheless I got my work done, bought my products and went off. 

As we talk about the customer service levels of MAC, on humanitarian grounds, with a pandemonium of a store you may not expect miracles but at a professional level, one deserves and expects to be helped. Please note that this is the customer service rating of MAC Palladium store and I am specifying them only. On this note I'd love to review the customer services at MAC with the hope that you shall share your opinions too....

Monday, February 10, 2014

Review : Guerlain Meteorites Perles Du Dragon

How happy I am to review this precious Guerlain Perles Du Dragon and how thankful I am to my bestest friend Jigisha who was kind enough and equally amazing to gift this to me for my birthday. While my other friend just asked and never gifted (LOL), Jigisha does have an enormous heart. Can't thank her enough!!

Meteorites is a classique. They are what Guerlain is known for in the world of makeup. They are what inspire Guerlain. And everytime there's a beautiful story behind their creation. I have heard that these balls are rolled by hand and there are a very few artisans (that's what I'd call them) who make these in the heart of France. Other brands seem to make them with machines.

Perles Du Dragon are so beautiful and iridescent. They create that veil of mystical light on the face and transform the skin so beautifully. Lets see how.........

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Beauty Traveller Diaries - Estee Lauder Customer Service

Although Estee Lauder is a very very nice brand with very hospitable Beauty Advisors et al, its their frivolous stock which plays the dirty game thence they cannot be blamed completely. I love their products and I am quite happy with the little stash that I own. Their customer services have always been professional and appealing and I have had some good experiences to share. 

I'd still share my ratings at the current moment. So lets rate this luxury brand...............

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Beauty Traveller Diaries - Clinique Customer Service

I am rating 'Customer Services of Department Skin Care and Makeup Brands' and my first secret mission was the Palladium Mall. I had a blast doing this. And how long did it take me to assess? Just a couple of minutes and everything was revealed. In case the Clinique Representatives read about this article then I hope that they take these criticisms positively and incorporate improvements for the betterment of their customer service. This may or may not affect their behavior with their customers but I am sure this will be a catalyst for customers to think twice before going into a Clinique store. As said, 'A happy customer always returns. A happier customer always buys more. A happiest customer always buys and recommends to their friends'....

My second stop was at Clinique in the Palladium Mall. Based on 2nd floor, this was my workplace once upon a time. But now I am their customer and not a consultant any more. So my ranking is definitely going to be unbiased (as a customer). Lets see how they fare....

Removing Liquid Makeup Stains from Clothes!!!

Removing Liquid Make-up Stains From Your Clothes

If the application of make-up is a fine art, so too must be removing it when it accidentally spills onto your prized outfits. As every beauty-conscious person knows, a spatter of waterproof liquid mascara or a smudge of lipstick not only ruins your clothes – it can also ruin your whole day. This article is here to help you deal with these worst-case scenarios, providing advice for removing different kinds of liquid make-up stains from your clothes.

Dealing with Lip Gloss, Liquid Foundation, and Tinted Lotion Stains

Whenever any of your make-up products spill onto your clothes there are a couple of general strategies to try.

1.       Remove the excess liquid from the fabric surface as soon as possible. Leave it too long, and the stain will start to set into your clothes. Carefully scrape off as much of the spill as you can with a flat edged card (for example, a credit card), trying not to smear the make-up in the process.
2.       Dab to clean the stain. You don’t even need to own specialist stain removing cleaning products: a shampoo or even a good quality laundry detergent will also be great at removing these liquid make-up stains. Wet your fabric and dab the stain with your chosen stain remover.
3.       If the stain does not come off completely with the first attempt, then press a damp cloth or tissue pad soaked in the stain remover of your choice onto the make-up mark.
4.       After dabbing the stain with the concentrated stain remover, add your dirty item of clothing to the laundry; put it in the washing machine for a full cycle.

Hopefully, when your beloved clothing comes out of the washing machine the stain will have vanished, and the garment will look as good as new. If there is still a trace of the liquid make-up, repeat the dabbing and wash cycle.

Dealing With Waterproof Mascara Stains

Unlike water-based liquid make-up products, waterproof mascara is designed to be tough to remove with water alone. Instead, attack a black waterproof mascara stain with a small amount of olive, coconut or castor oil. These oils are all great at breaking down the mascara to get it off your clothes. 

As with the other types of make-up, your strategy is to first dab at the stain with your oil of choice, then launder to get off the rest of the residue.

So there you have it: removing a significant make-up stain from your clothes shouldn’t be too challenging a task, and it doesn’t have to require a lot of specialist cleaning products. Why not try it yourself?

Till then, 


Please do not copy any pictures or content of Beauty Traveller without prior permission. Thanks for reading my blog. I don't give 100% on the authenticity of the content here and it is subject to change without prior notice. Please read the disclaimer for any questions.

My Guerlains - Unsorted

This is an ode to all the Guerlain products I own. Not all have made into the reviews yet and I am trying my best to get them reviewed asap but the line up is large and the back log is mind boggling. So here's a small post on what all I may own from Guerlain. This will be like a reminder post for me to know what has to be reviewed. Btw there are many more additions to this already inflating Guerlain collection and I shall update that some day. Also I plan to take out some more time to compile all the products together and lets when all that happens.

Lets have a looksie.........

Friday, February 7, 2014

Review : Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blushes - Fresh Coral, Peach Sweetie, Creamy Cinnamon

Now I know that I am terribly late in reviewing these blushes but so what!! I found them a bit late myself. These blushes are really sweet and as the name says 'Cheeky'. I am going to do a very quick review though.

I have always loved Maybelline in the drugstore brands. They are very innovative and their thought process is wide enough to come out with certain products that the whole world loves. It could be those 24 Hr color tattoo eyeshadows or the Hyperglossy liner or the 14 Hr Lipsticks....there's something quirky about Maybelline. Albeit their famous mascaras, I am more interested in these products.

Lets have a look....

Beauty Traveller Diaries - Chanel Customer Service

As promised, today will be the first article of rating customer services of department brands. I find this as a very important aspect. Being in the retail line I have always learnt the ways of greeting and treating a customer and I don't mean to be a perfectionist but I have set my own standards of expectations of what I want from department brands. For any of the brand representatives who might read this article, I would love to mention that these are my own ratings and I have given them for what I have experienced. I request all to take this rating as positive criticism and create a room of improvement instead of getting offended.

There is a concept called 'Mystery customer'. Certain anonymous companies employ these mystery customers and they give their review over a particular beauty associate from the brand. I find it all so artificial and rigged. Does this really help the brand? I guess NO....This doesn't change the way we look at these department brands, thence their growth is on the lowest levels of mediocrity and this is a very superficial way of ranking a brand.

As a beauty blogger with no relation or biasing to the world of retail, I think its my prime importance to be able to give my opinions which reaches to a large number of readers than a so called 'mystery customer' would do. I believe that beauty bloggers are the voices of the real customers. Their thoughts are much more genuine and then they are not paid to the service. Btw did you know 'mystery customers' are paid and bribed (strong word to use) with products to get good opinions? With an approach like this, I hope to make the readers and customers aware on how do they go to these stores and approach the BCs or SAs. 

Anyways, since I went to the Palladium Mall first and entered into the Chanel store first again, let me review the customer service of Chanel. One must read this as a very generalized view of the brand's service and this does not pertain to only one person. I believe that the 'whole' team has to be great and thence this rating will be 'overall'. This rating also involves the way the store functions and other aspects. And the most important part is that this rating system is very dynamic and would change. This would also depict whether the brand has improved or not. So lets have a look...............

Valentine's Day Looks


As you know, I have started a new blog called Simply Beautiful Makeup Tuts!! Today it airs the first makeup tut and I am soooooo happy and excited about it...These looks are inspirations for the Valentine's Day. I hope you'd support and love my alternate blog the same way you've done here.

So thats the look...............

And thats the detailed tutorial for the same....Click HERE....

Till then,


Please do not copy any pictures or content of Beauty Traveller without prior permission. Thanks for reading my blog. I don't give 100% on the authenticity of the content here and it is subject to change without prior notice. Please read the disclaimer for any questions.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Beauty Traveller Diaries aka BTDs

Over half a decade I have traveled. Beauty Traveled. I have seen the most of all brands especially in Mumbai and been to all places where I could find the most amazing beauty products, most coveted items in makeup and most amazing people in the world of beauty. Now its time to write a small diary and what would that be??

Review : Kryolan Lip N Cheek - Orchid

Anything that is 'Orchid' is worth watching this year...all thanks to the Pantone declaring 'Radiant Orchid' to be the color of the year. So amazing is this color and so amazing are the products. Normally I'd have missed a gorgeous shade like this because of the name, but trust me, this is such a beautiful shade and I can't thank Kryolan enough for sending this for reviewing.

Lets have a look at what Lip N Cheek in Orchid is all about......

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Radiant Orchid Look

Pantone declared a beautiful color called Radiant Orchid for this year and bloggers started pouring in those amazing Radiant Orchid looks. And here's one of the looks of mine too...

I used my amazing MAC pigments and of course edited a bit with to make it look much more radiant. That doesn't mean its completely altered......its just brighter than what it came on camera. And that's what is so magical about the color too, I guess.

So lets see how to do this look.....(Its not a tutorial but just a trial look that got nice instead of nasty..LOL)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Look What I Got!!!

Who is not aware of the famous Real Techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman aka Pixiwoo (half)? They are some of the best affordable brushes in the market and the range is huge and simply marvelous. Lets not call it as the newest addition, but that some of Sam's brushes were so popular that she came out of a Sam's Picks Exclusive set for a limited period of time (otherwise no one would buy her other brushes which are equally fabulous). I got mine from and unfortunately they have a huge demand thence stock issues and you need to check back and back again to see whether they are in stock or not.

Although I own almost all the makeup brushes (except the new ones added to the line up) I couldn't resist having another set of these fabulous Sam's picks. These brushes are quintessential and are all that you need to have to sort out your entire face makeup...

Lets have a look.....

Review : Kryolan Lip N Cheek - Rose

Kryolan is synonymous with creativity, innovation and more of everything one of the most sought after professional brands. There's not a makeup artist I know who doesn't know Kryolan and others who don't happen to be preposterously nonchalant and ignorant. In today's article I have the privilege to review their new innovation and trendy stain for cheeks and lips.

How beautiful is this product! They have floral names too! Anyways lets put some lights on this amazing product......


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