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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The December Wish List!! PART 1

What a sweet site called can now keep a track of your own wishes online...LOL...
As you all might know that I have done a ridiculously big haul now (with my birthday and with the bridal season happening) but that doesn't mean that I don't have a wish list. My wish list is ever growing as the brands are not getting tired and pouring new products and most of all cutting edge products that one may need to use in their lives, personally and professionally. Those who believe the lovely Paula Begoun, I must say she definitely has thrown a light and practicality in all her product reviews but that is the least she could do to stop me from buying what I want to.

So here's my wish list of what's happening in this little brain of mine............


Lancome has launched something amazing..........and they have literally blasted the counters with a lot of products and can't wait to find the best of the options.

I am eyeing those Hypnose Eyeshadows palette as they are very promising and seem to be the best possible combinations to create a diversified eyeshadow wardrobe varying from daily star eyes to dolled up eyes and the most amazing dramatic eyes ever. They retail for 3500 INR and are 2.7 g which is a less product but I think these are on the lines of YSL Pure Chromatics Wet and Dry palettes and its good to have a little less product than having a lot of waste.

Then come the lovely new Artliners launched by Lancome...They are very very pigmented, ultra long lasting and very very waterproof. I am eyeing the deep black that has a lovely lacquered finish and the most beautiful bright emerald and a lilac-y grey. Lets see.. They are priced at 1600 INR and worth the penny for a luxury brand like Lancome....

I loved their new matte lipglosses called L'Absolu Velours. They are intensely pigmented, very very matte and create an almost opaque finish. They are the most perfect spongy liquid lipsticks with a very beautiful feel. Perfect for day wear (evening wear) and perfect for makeup professionals.


Chanel's most awaited limited edition Holiday collection is their Nuit Infinie De Chanel collection which is absolutely brilliant. I am only eyeing the new Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in Accent (you know my penchants for Joues Contrastes) and the Poudre Libre in Moonlight.

The eyeshadow palette also looking stunning and I have seen rave reviews about it from Radhika of Weekend Ramblings. Its called Ombre Matellasses in Charming....Lovely isn't it?


Guerlain has a lot and I actually got a lot of stuff from them now and then. I simply can't resist a lot more stuff that is on its way. As everyone knows, Guerlain Holiday Collection 2013 called Crazy Paris is released and doing very very well. I did buy the Tenue De Perfection Foundation which I have reviewed and shall be adding some fine points soon on that. Then there are some older products that I vying for and trust me, Guerlain never gets old as they revamp and reformulate and change everything in quite a less time. So no collection is OLD in Guerlain. Some products in my wish list are..............

Guerlain Crazy Paris Meteorites - They look so beautiful and smell divine. The concept is a marvel and each of their launch is a piece de resistance. You may just look at it and feel happy not using it OR vice versa. Btw I must thank my lovely friend Jigisha from the bottom of my heart for gifting me the beautiful and most coveted Guerlain Meteorites in Perles du Dragon.

The Crazy Meteorites Terracotta bronzer is gilded to perfection and long time waiting in my list of amazing Guerlain products. This has an incredibly unique camel - caramel color which is neither too orange not too chocolate brown. This could be a boon to fair and medium skin tones with neutral under tones as it does the job very well. At 3950, its a pricey affair but luxury comes with a price tag and this one is not as expensive as anything else can be.

Guerlain recently launched 3 of their superior quality brushes including the foundation, powder and the blush brush. I got the latter two and waiting for the foundation brush that costs 3250 INR right now. This one is good quality, nice tongue shaped brush and very resilient and soft to blend foundation and other cream based products meticulously.

Finally I am very happy to see all the colors that Guerlain has launched in their 2 couleurs eyeshadows. I have the one called TWO EXTRAVAGANT but now I want some others too. I am eyeing TWO PARISIAN, TWO SPICY and some lovely ones. They come with a hefty price tag for 2 colors but I am going to use my brownie points if I can.

The Guerlain retractable pencils are so fabulous. Call it a clever blend of smooth waxes and luminous polymers and then the waterproof effect, I have used them on a client and the colors give the perfect effect on what you want them to do. The Black and Plum are so on my list. Its for 1925 INR

I have already wished about the Maxi Shine Glosses and there's not to wish more....

Last but not the least, I am partially raving about the Les Violettes Compacte Powder but I am not so sure till summer comes up.


The house of Arden has started housing some of the most beautiful products in the market currently. They have completely revamped their makeup line and come out with some fabulous cutting edge products that have kept me drooling and ogling. I have a huge list to go through and slowly making the building blocks of my own red door...LOL

The Beautiful (thats the name) color lipstick is on a hit list. I could call them as the 'most wanted' amongst any lipsticks. I know you might find me raving a bit too much, but after using it this formula it might do the same to you as well. I am eyeing those shades like Red Door Red, Power Red, Beauty, Breathless, Tropicoral,  Desert Rose, Wild Berry....The list is endless and the monies are limited.

And then the Beautiful color glosses..........I am loving and will soon be able to review Dulce, Red Door Red and some colors that I really love.

This is just the first part of the WISH List for December and the new year that comes ahead....

What is your wish list? Do share it with Beauty Traveller? Do let me know in the comments.

Till then,


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