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Monday, December 23, 2013

Review : MAC Lip Mix - White

There was a different purpose in my mind when I bought this MAC Lip Mix in White and that never happened as its not as opaque as its brethren. Anyways, who knew this was a hidden genie in a tube. It did turn out to be one of the most used lip mixes while I started using them. My ideal funda is to invest in bright and deep colors and use them as often as I can while doing bridals. But certain brides love it simple so they do nag and opt for rosy and peachy hues on the lips. You cannot humanly own all the lipstick colors in your kit and this is where 'White' came handy.

Its been universally known that LIP MIXES can modify or change the texture and the color of the lipstick and thats what ' White ' did. Lets get to know more about this............

Those in acquaintance with color theory know the importance of the achromatic colors like white to modify a hue of a pure color and add highlighting effects as its saturation goes higher. This is the pure intention of using a White Lip mix.


It comes in a tube like OCC Tars and is a Back to MAC product. I find the tubes convenient to carry to avoid spillages but they do not look so aesthetically nice as the product starts getting exhausted.


Unlike other Lip Mixes, 'White' is not overtly pigmented and it could take upto 3-4 coats to get a coverage where the skin of the lips may not show through. I think its made with a special intention of not ruining up the lip color by its addition as this is one color that cannot be used on its own in normal circumstances. It is as long wearing as other colors though the pigment concentration is moderate.

Thanks to the medium pigmentation and emollient base, white becomes a beautiful mixing color. When mixed in equal parts with the MAC lipsticks that I have, I got some interesting colors and so did happen with the Lip Mixes.


White as the name suggest is white in color. But this does have a tinge of Blue and Reds (vide ingredients) to add the required brightness so that it does not turn yellow white over the time. The wear is excellent and so is the mixing power.


White is best to alter and lighten the darker lipsticks you have. I got mine from MAC PRO store in Juhu Dynamix Mall at INR 950 for 10 ml. 

Hope you liked this quick review. Let me know in the comments.

Till then,


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