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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Review : MAC Lip Mix - Orange

Today I shall be reviewing one of my new favorite products that I recently got introduced to. Its not that I didn't know about it, but I somewhere I was in the MAC denial phase and thence after coming out of it, I got some lovely MAC Lip mixes that have become an integral part of my ever growing makeup vanity kit.

The 'Orange' was the first one I got attracted to. Though neon it is, it translates so well and extremely beautifully on the lips and the saturation of the color is beyond explanation. Anyways, lets see more about it after the jump break.........

 MAC says -

A highly opaque cream used to mix and customize lipstick, to create any color, texture or look desired for the lip color. Contains soothing emollients to condition lips. Available in wide range of shade in CREME texture.


MAC Lip Mix in orange comes in a very basic squeeze tube that is contained in a black cardboard box with all the printing in white. This is a Back-to-MAC product, which means six empty (or spoiled as it often happens) tube gets you a lipstick of your choice from the regular line. The tube is very convenient to dispense the right amount of product when the right amount of pressure is given. It looks a bit ugly on seeing the shriveled tube, but everything is fair in the profession.


The formula of MAC Lip mix is dense with intense pigmentation. The intense pigment composition does compensate with the emollient and moisturizing properties of the product and can cause drying and deposition on chapped lips. The lip mix does have the classic MAC Vanilla scent which is present in most of their lip products. 

Since the density of the pigments is so high, the lip mix glides on and stays for the longest time. It envelopes the lips in a deep dramatically intense color in the least amount of quantity taken. You may learn to use the formula bit by bit as the product spreads over a great area in no time. I was basically inspired to buy the LIP MIX after seeing Charlotte Tilbury's video on Lisa Eldridge's channel. The product has the potency to stain the lips and thence increase the longevity of the wear. It does everything a professional makeup artist desires.

Lip Mixes can be mixed with other lip shades to alter and modify the color, texture and look and are a greatly formulated custom made product. It can be compared to crayons we used in school days and the versatility of them.



MAC Lip mix in Orange looks like this dramatic intense neon orange in the tube. It translates into a bright but wearable deep orange tangerine color with the faintest hint of pink and white along with yellow to get the neon glow. I prefer applying it with a lip brush so that it does not stain my fingers and I use a Kryolan Mixing plate to mix the colors. Though it looks orange, I am not sure whether it is eye-safe, so its the reader's discretion completely.


It is priced at Rs.950 for 10 ml and I purchased mine from the MAC PRO store at Juhu Shoppers stop.

I love this product and if you love colors then these are must haves to get the finish one wants. Hope you loved the review. Do let me know in the comments. 

Till then,


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