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Review : Guerlain Powder Brush no.11

Brushes and makeup artists have always had a strong bond that has just gotten stronger by the day. Who doesn't love brushes? And who doesn't love soft brushes from luxury brands? I know they are expensive but they are worth every penny spent when you end up buying your favorite ones. Today I shall be reviewing the most beautiful Guerlain Powder brush no.11 which I got as a birthday gift to myself.

I love large powder brushes and I own them in all shapes and sizes and from beautiful brands like Armani, Lancome and all, while I also have some very good quality ones from brands like Real Techniques and Sigma. A perfect powder brush does more than application of powder....its versatile. And thats what we are going to see today. A review on this plush Guerlain Powder brush and many ways to use it.....

What Guerlain has to say....................

This plump and extremely supple brush by Guerlain makes it easier to apply loose and compact powders, such as Les Voilettes, for an ultra-sheer effect. The result: a light-as-air velvety finish that embraces the face in an incredibly even veil. The technique: sweep over the face in light, broad vertical movements from the centre of the face outwards.

What it is..........

Guerlain Powder Brush no.11 is a soft large paddle brush made up of pony hair/synthetic hair (no mention) that is used for application of powder products in a seamless manner. When I opened the brush for the first time, it had a luxurious feel to it. No company chemical residues here or dirty smells here. Plus reading the label 'Made in Mauritius' made me feel even more comfortable (rather than a China). 


The handle is a long wooden one, not too slender not too stubby...its quite long though. It is covered in a matte black paint with Guerlain and the brush no. embossed on it in white. It does have that expensive feel and looks perfectly made. The handle is sturdy and yet incredibly light weight.


I presume a tin/aluminium ferrule that really holds the handle and bristles of the brush very tightly. It is painted in glossy black and I pray that the color does not go off during the wear and tear.


The bristles could be natural pony or sable hair Or synthetic taklon hair. I called them natural due to the softness of the brush but I also feel they are synthetic TAKLON due to that expensive glossy shines the synthetic bristles have. doesn't matter as long as the brush is useful. These sable brown colored bristles are extremely soft and yet sturdy enough to retain their shape and look just the way they have been designed.


The brush does pick up the exact amount of powder you want to (excess can be dusted) and spreads evenly while giving a soft airy feeling on the face. There is not harshness or scratchiness in the application. It does work nicely on the various contours of the face and due to its flat paddle shape it could used in many different ways. The size of the brush is also perfect. Its not dense like other luxurious brushes but it is not even scanty. Guerlain has mastered and achieved a level of perfection while making this brush.

Application methods

Guerlain Powder brush can be used to apply.............
  • Loose Powder all over the face
  • Compact Powder all over the face
  • Highlighters on the key areas of the face
  • Contouring and Bronzing powders in the hollows and shady areas of the face
  • Dusting powder products on decolletage and other body parts
  • Application of blush in a very diffused manner
  • I have to try using it to blend liquid foundation and I hope I get some success in that too.
Price and Availability

Guerlain Powder brush no.11 is available at selected Guerlain counters in Shoppers Stop and Parcos stores all across the country. They retail for 2450 INR which is very less in comparison to a MAC or Estee Lauder Powder brush.

I do strongly recommend this brush to every brush user. Its spells luxury to the 'T'....

Hope you liked the review. Do let me know in the comments.

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  1. Okay from the pictures only I can make out how soft this brush is! And as for price, this is definitely not expensive for Guerlain!


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