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Monday, November 25, 2013

The Chanel JC Week

I am addicted to Chanel Joues Contraste Blushes and this is a very very recent addiction. Its like you cannot live without these...LOL...Thence to make the posts very interesting, I am planning a Chanel JC week which would be one of the very beautiful Chanel JC blush featured everyday (hopefully as the time permits).

Although you see only 3 blushes here, there are more to come. I have in total got 5 blushes - Orchid Rose, Pink Explosion, Frivole, Ultra Rose and Rouge. Now I need to complete the 7 by adding 2 more which I plan to be Rose Petale and In Love (for now, I shall see the colors and choose at the Chanel store as I am confused with Plum Attraction and Rose Tourbillon too). As far as India is concerned, the economy doesn't believe in buying blushes (shame) and thence at times one can find the rare and discontinued colors in Chanel JC Blushes which is a hit for me. Anyways, giving the rare ones a higher priority, I shall be going to the Chanel store to get the last 2 of them and complete the entire week.

Here's a Blush Feature Schedule (Tentative) -

  • Monday - Ultra Rose
  • Tuesday - Rouge
  • Wednesday - Orchid Rose
  • Thursday - Frivole
  • Friday - Pink Explosion
  • Saturday - Reflex
  • Sunday - Malice

Now if these interest you, do keep a watch over the Beauty Traveller as there's going to be a Chanel Explosion (for a while).

Which is your favorite Chanel blush? Any recommendations on the final 2 Joues Contraste blushes (I would not limit to '7' as I found out on the internet that people have an addiction for the JC blushes and there are a lot of avid collectors). DO let me know....

Till then,


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