Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The ViCe Difference

Finally I got my hands on the overtly famous and evil (in a good way) Urban Decay Vice 2 Holiday Palette. Grab yours (if you want) soon HERE.....

Now before writing the main review for the shadows and colors and all, I wanted to make a quirky post on row and column wise placement of colors in the Vice and Vice 2 palettes. Its absolutely silly to do so but its fun to read too.....Lets have a look.........

VICE 2 Palette

Contains the following shades:
  • Smokeout 0.8g – Dark taupe-y black satin.
  • Lovesick 0.8g – Black matte with iridescent micro glitter.
  • Shell Shock 0.8g – Bright metallic silver.
  • Coax 0.8g – Medium metallic pink with golden iridescent micro sparkle.
  • X-Rated 0.8g – Baby pink satin.
  • Prank 0.8g – Deep navy matte with turquoise pearlescent.
  • Madness 0.8g – Metallic teal blue with blue micro glitter.
  • Strike 0.8g – Antique gold shimmer with silver micro glitter.
  • Stash 0.8g – Deep olive green shimmer with iridescent micro sparkle.
  • Poison 0.8g – Charcoal satin with iridescent micro sparkle.
  • Radar 0.8g – Metallic brown shimmer with iridescent micro sparkle.
  • Damaged 0.8g – Bright metallic emerald shimmer.
  • Voodoo 0.8g – Metallic purple shimmer with iridescent glitter.
  • Betrayal 0.8g – Bright purple satin with blue shift.
  • Derailed 0.8g – A dark grey metallic shimmer.
  • Dope 0.8g – Warm champagne satin.
  • Toxic 0.8g – Metallic copper pink shimmer with tonal micro glitter.
  • Habit 0.8g – Light nude matte.
  • Ambush 0.8g – Metallic brown satin.
  • Rewind 0.8g – Medium brown matte.
VICE Palette

Contains the following shades :

  • Desperation 0.8g – Greyish taupe brown with a matte-satin finish.
  • Muse 0.8g – Dark reddish brown with multidimensional golden shimmer.
  • Jagged 0.8g – Matte black packed with gold metallic shimmer.
  • Blitz 0.8g – Bright gold metallic.
  • Penny Lane 0.8g – Bronze metallic with gold glitter.
  • Junkie 0.8g – Dark green/blue with gold shimmer.
  • Chaos 0.8g – Vibrant royal blue with subtle shimmer.
  • Unhinged 0.8g – Electric turquoise shimmer.
  • Occupy 0.8g – Dark grey metallic with blue undertones.
  • Black Market 0.8g – Dark charcoal with matte-satin finish.
  • Provocateur 0.8g – Light greyish pink with lots of multidimensional glitter.
  • Rapture 0.8g – Dark purple with grey undertones and multidimensional shimmer.
  • Vice 0.8g – Dark aubergine with subtle red shimmer.
  • Noise 0.8g – Bright reddish pink metallic with big gold glitter particles.
  • Armour 0.8g – Greyish brown metallic with silver micro glitter.
  • Nevermind 0.8g – Light taupe with brown undertones and shimmery finish.
  • Echo Beach 0.8g – Light champagne shimmer.
  • Anonymous 0.8g – Light nude pink with matte finish.
  • Freebird 0.8g – Pale peachy pink with silver micro glitter.
  • Laced – Pink toned taupe with a matte finish.

Corresponding Eyeshadows (placement wise)

(Vice 2 Vs Vice)
  • Smoke Out - Desperation
  • Lovesick - Muse
  • Shell Shock - Jagged
  • Coax - Blitz
  • X rated - Penny Lane
  • Prank - Junkie
  • Madness - Chaos
  • Strike - Occupy
  • Stash - Unhinged
  • Poison - Black Market
  • Radar - Provocateur
  • Damaged - Rapture
  • Voodoo - Vice
  • Betrayal - Noise
  • Derailed - Armor
  • Dope - Never mind
  • Toxic -Echo Beach
  • Habit - Anonymous
  • Ambush - Freebird
  • Rewind - Laced
What to think when you look at both these palettes -
  1. Try to like them both. Although the Vice palette had some duds which the Vice 2 doesn't have at all, both the palettes have some deserving and some undeserving characteristics (shall discuss in detail in the Review post).
  2. Never try to decipher the names of the eyeshadows quoted by Urban Decay. Its a mixture of paranoia, melancholia, punk, gothic and most of all, various strata of the society from where the names come. Some are explicit like 'Provocateur' or 'X Rated' while others are scary like ' Poison' Or 'Damaged'. There is 'Betrayal' and 'Ambush' which represent cheating. Phenomena like 'Noise' and 'Echo Beach'. Things like 'Radar' and 'Armor' and 'Laced'.......its just a food for thought for someone who can really keep on thinking.
  3. The color pay off is abysmally amazing. I won't fret while applying X-Rated same as applying 'Black Market'.
  4. I find the Vice 2 packaging a bit dramatic. 
  5. These palettes actually open like laptops and the mirror provided is definitely not a good one for bespectacled almost blind people like me with high refractive errors.
  6. The brushes provided are above fascinating. Way better than the craps provided in Naked 2. It was better if the brush was not provided and of course not to mention the 'yucky' gloss. 
  7. The color placement is haphazard and one could be fooling themselves if they have asked this question. ( I did..LOL). There is nothing so very constructive about how the eyeshadows are placed like the way they are placed in the SMOKED Palette. 
  8. Everyone seemed to have copied Urban Decay, so why buy copies if you could buy Urban Decay from
  9. They should provide a look booklet with it like the one they did for the Smoked Palette. Its definitely useful and ideas from the creators are some of the best ideas ever given while creating looks.

Is Urban Decay for you?

UD is a fun makeup brand with an edge. There are inspirations from everywhere and these inspirations are not mundane or for average. They are thought provoking (like 'Orgasm' blush from NARS) and have a certain hidden message which no one knows about (not even them). Its owned by L'Oreal but nothing seems to have changed except L'Oreal's money inflow. So YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS........................It is for you. In doubts??? Ask Rashmi of Indyabeauty.

This is an article written in just read it and forget the disaster that it has inflicted...LOL

Btw what is everyone doing on Halloween???

Till then,


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  1. omg lovely shades specially teal blue
    no plans for Halloween :(

    1. The shades are beautiful this time. Oh you should do something for Halloween

  2. Awesome shades in Vice 2 palette. My plans for Halloween??? Gonna veg out with Supernatural marathon with my hubz and son.

    1. Lol. The eyeshadows are simply marvelous.

  3. Really awesome post and the shades are truly awesomeeeeeeeee its not good that you keep me tempted every time i decide not to buy ant more palette and ur post provoke me to brk my promises :P....waiting for looks now :)

    1. Lollllll. Imagine my plight. These companies make me crave and go crazy myself.

  4. OH GODDDD .. i can only and only and onlyyyyyy trust your reviews Neeraj :D
    seriously , with your recco. I never came empty handed or disappointed :D so glad you are here for us to share your knowledge base and make us pick things which are unique and worth every penny :)

    and while going through the pics and review i read you said " ask rashmi" ahahhaha whyyyy ??
    you are my guru ji then why anybody would ask me ? ahahhaha

    but this made me grin with joy

    and no , i am not doing anything for halloween

    aaple kaade "pahle aangol aaste " kaa .. kharas bol le na ?

    1. You're a confirmation on how amazing these products are.... And thanks a billion for that. Vice 2 it's even more amazing and magical.

  5. Ooo...I loveeee how it looks !!


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