Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall-Winter Makeup Trends 2013

Fall and Winter Makeup Trends 2013

Every year, many people turn to the annual fashion shows to see what the latest fashion trends are. What we also look for are new hairstyles and makeup designs. This year, it’s no different.

Throughout the autumn and winter there are a range of fashion shows which produce new trends for wearing make up. Creating new looks is the responsibility of makeup artists who see themselves creating pieces of art. They work hard to create new looks for models which will go well with the fashion statements they will be wearing. These creations soon filter down and are seen on models for high street and then, eventually, on everyone else.

Some of the new looks created for autumn and winter this year are:

Clean and Clear
The lightly applied makeup look has dominated the catwalks already this season showing off the natural beauty of the models. The focus has shifted to smooth skin which has been carefully and lightly prepped with foundation and powder. The makeup on the eyes is also light using shimmered skin tones to add sparkle around the eyes.

Bright coloured eye shadow has been seen added around the eyes of models to increase the intensity of their look. Colours such as purple, red and blue have been used by many designers and it seems they’re setting the trend for autumn and winter.

The Sixties
Following on from the summers sixties trend, we continue to see futuristic eyes with bold eyeliner which creates patterns such as dots across the bottom lashes and brightly stained lips which have been created by blending colours together.

A True Lady
In keeping with chic, ladylike fashion, well polished beauty looks have returned to the catwalk this season. Some designers have created a forties feel with lightly blushed cheeks, glossy red painted lips, and lightly applied mascara makeup on the eyes. This look is very grown up and feminine; ideal for creating the ultimate sophisticated look.

Rock & Roll
Creating the ultimate grunge look has been the aim for some designers this season. This look has already been spotted throughout the country creating a look of pure attitude. With smoky eyes and smudged mascara and eyeliner, the makeup adds an edge to your look and makes you the ideal rock chick.

There are a small group of designers which have decided to focus solely on the eyes and showing off the natural beauty of the skin by leaving it makeup free. Doing this, it draws more attention to the eyes and new designer fashion statements the model is wearing.

It won’t be long before we see people walking up and down the high street sporting these new makeup trends and when out during the evenings. They’re new, stylish, feminine and will definitely be seen throughout the country for the remainder of the year.

This post was written by Grace Nolan on behalf of Jonathan Trumbull, specialists in contemporary fashion for men.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Instagram Tuts!!! Sunset Eyes - Arabic Makeup Inspired

This is an Arabic Makeup inspired look. I love the way the orange blossoms on kohl rimmed eyes and how amazing it all pulls together. This is one of my favorite looks for the Fall Season.....
I believe Prerna has the most amazing face and its a makeup artist's dream to work on it. Whatever color palettes we choose, we end up doing such an amazing transformation. Btw with her movie shoot started (Prerna is the film Producer), its a great way to prep up and look picture perfect there and its my great pleasure to adorn her face with the best makeup accessories ever.

So lets see my adaptation on this Arabic makeup inspired look......

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review : NEW Clarins Extra-Firming Range

Clarins India was very very kind to send me these travel size deluxe samples of their newly launching Extra-Firming Range. This range has always been on shelves but they have improvised it and I think I found quite a genius while using them all thanks to some strong botanicals Clarins has used and relied upon.

Its not the time for me to start a hard core anti-ageing regimen, but these products have been a great adjuvants to the overall skin care benefits that I was expecting. 

I was sent the Extra Firming Wrinkle Lifting Cream - All Skin Types for Day and Night. I have used it continuously for 20 days and thence I can give my verdicts on them along with a tiny information write up that I have sourced from the Clarins website. Lets have a look........

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Instagram Tuts!!

I am planning to copy these Instagram images from my Facebook page as the embedding really spoils the image quality. I hope these look better.

Today's makeup was inspired by the old Bollywood beauties like Sharmila Tagore and Sadhana of course with a modern touch. This is such an inspiring look and Prerna's black Tahiliani saree really did a lot of justice to the look. The makeup is most minimal with a just emphasis of the eyes and yet it looks very stunning. The parting double-liner is my favorite and it was amazing to recreate this one after quite a long time.

So lets see how to achieve this look........

Rapid Fire Makeup....

Its feels great and refreshing to start writing posts again after a sabbatical of 6-7 days since the Internet was down and I could not doing anything about it. It was so depressing and somehow I feel much relieved now after being back in action.

With Rapid Fire Makeups, its easy to sometimes sort out runway trends and to adapt it to the real world while suggesting the products that could do that job with ease. I always love doing these posts as they are the best and the easiest references to current fashion trends and who doesn't want to stay updated?

So lets have a look at what happens in the Rapid Fire Makeup post of today.....

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Preview - Clinique Launches this Fall 2013

Kindly take a note that - this is not a Press Release article. I am unfortunate enough to not get any information from Clinique India, but my ever fading love for the brand has revived after I saw the new eyeshadows and other eye products they had in their line up. So here's a quick article on what we are going to get from Clinique in the next couple of days.

Clinique has gotten something exciting to share this Fall 2013. Looks like it could be an epoch making event in the history of Clinique's color innovations. I am so looking forward to buy many of these eyeshadow colors so that I could review them and create some absolutely iconic looks....

Lets see how naughty Clinique seems to get this time...

Rapid Fire Makeups - Fall 2013 trends

Fall 2013 fashion and makeup trends begin and so does this lovely article on Rapid Fire makeups too which takes us on making it easy to do a look and choose the products quickly to recreate trends from the ramp to the real. This is my favorite series of articles where I read the beauty anecdotes from and then write the products that could be used to achieve a particular look. Every article contains backstage makeup looks done by some of the most sought after makeup artists in the world followed by DIY....

So lets see what we have this Fall 2014............

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review : Guerlain Gloss D'Enfer Maxi Shine Gloss in Rouge Shebam

When Guerlain India was kind enough to give me the Gloss D'Enfer in Gold Tchlack, with immense excitement I have begun collecting these fabulous glosses. If you are a gloss fanatic you would understand the importance of having a non sticky gloss that does not make your hair stick and also stays longer enough to leave a lovely balmy residue. (sorry for the spelling mistake)

To begin with I got the fabulous red shiny one called Rouge Shebam and Praline Blop which I shall review soon. This is the start to a fab collection of glosses and I hope to get them all soon (maybe for the GIVEAWAY too). So lets have a quick look............

Instagram Tuts!!

I am so sorry for Missing in Action.........Was down due to viral, a lot of work on the way and no time to even look at myself a bit.

Wish you all my amazing people a lovely Happy Ganpati....

This is an office-chic-glam-modern look that we conjured since Prerna was to meet a veteran actor and of course cast her in the upcoming movie. Prerna's Mango Jacket (in dove grey-off white color) was the inspiration behind the look.

So lets see how to achieve this look..............

Monday, September 9, 2013

Makeup Work!!! THE DIVA

I was very happy to work with my friend and photographer Bhawana Verma for the photoshoot of lovely Sheetal. Sheetal is a gorgeous lady and looks fabulous and its Bhawana who made her look fantastic.


  • Photography - Bhawana Verma
  • Model - Sheetal Rai
  • Makeup - Neeraj Navare 
  • Hair - Arpana Ganoje
So lets see what all I used to achieve this look..........

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Whopping Shopping!!

I found some time to pick up some really interesting stuff on my way to Shoppers Stop at Juhu.....see beyond the jump break to see what all I got....

Review: Guerlain Terra Ora Sculpting Powder Contrast Highlighter

I was so excited to buy my own piece de resistance product - the Guerlain Terra Ora bronzer and highlighter. The pivotal product in their Summer 2013 collection, Guerlain decided to create this golden aura and mesmerize everyone as usual. Guerlain is a premium luxury brand that makes some of the most incredible makeup and skin care products that junkies like me cannot live without. Truly this is one of the most beautiful outcomes of their extensive research in product development. 

This is a whopping 16 gm product aptly priced at Rs.3850 and I think this is just worth the price. So lets see what is Guerlain Terra Ora all about............

Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Best 5 from Brands - Lancome

Lancome, a Parisian Luxury cosmetics brand is named after a palace and symbolizes the romantic side of a rose to the fullest. When Chanel chose Camellia, Guerlain chose the Violets...Lancome chose the romantic rose. 

It is one of the first brands that I ever bought (from Shoppers stop) as I immediately fell in love with their eye products and mascaras (I sorely miss the Femme Fatale one)....and the saga continued. Now they have such fabulous launches and I can't wait to tell my best 5 from their makeup line.

So here it favorite products.......

Friday, September 6, 2013

Instagram Tuts!!!

Today's makeup was all about creating a round eye. I purpose made the lower lid shadow a bit thicker so that it adds to the roundness.

So lets see how to achieve this look.............

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Review : YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils - Noir Radical (Intense Black)

In the list of those few mascaras that changed the world and got an iconic status, comes the name of this famous mascara "Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils"

Yes!! this mascara did change the world along with the likes of Helena Rubinstein, Christian Dior, Maybelline and so many in the line up, Faux cils mascara has achieved a world wide cult status to create the most fluffiest poshest and stunning lashes one could dream of. A dream come true mascara basically. When I bought my first Faux Cils mascara, I was just a learner trying to learn the trade. I did make a mistake that time as I did not know how to use the mascara and hated it for quite a while until a revelation made me repurchase this again. Sometimes its the fault of the subject and not the object and since I did not know how to use it, I literally binned this....what a terrible mistake....I chose MAC Plushlash over this (disaster!!)....

Anyways with the full confidence I have today. Let me review the YSL Faux Cils mascara which I once loathed and now we are inseparable.....

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Charlotte Tilbury Wishlist!!

My Make-Up Revolution

Finally comes the most awaited brand of the year launched by the most sought after makeup artist in the world. Charlotte Tilbury launches her own makeup line with a great thought and a great cause to empower women with her tricks of trade to make them all look fabulous and beautiful.

Charlotte's 10 Women - are the looks she has created on the beautiful model Sonya Gorelova to help everyone achieve these looks easily and beautifully. Although they are only retailing in Selfridges in UK, I pray that they ship internationally like Illamsqua and all. Although this is a luxury line (Charlotte created the Tom Ford makeup line so you know where she comes from) I am sure there a lot of products which are high quality and unique. Of course with 20 yrs in the industry, you can imagine what a magical line this is.

I have my favorites and I am making a are my few favs...

Monday, September 2, 2013

Instagram tut!!

Today's makeup was inspired by Arabic makeup - trying to keep it a bit Indian though. Who cannot be mesmerized by the hypnotic kohl rimmed eyes and this was the purpose of the look.

So lets see how I achieved it..........

New 5 Best from Brands - Christian Dior

Oops!! I almost forgot about these group of articles since a while. So here is the Best of 5 products from a lovely brand and of course a big giant, Christian Dior....Dior has been one of the brands that I purchased while I began my career. All thanks to my friend Abhishek who's dad got me some beautiful Christian Dior eyeshadows from Hong Kong and it all started there.

Since that day, till today Dior has maintained to be one of the best makeup brands ever and it just continues to do so. Its my go to brand when I really need something for a makeup job for a client or anything for myself. Christian Dior started his eponymous fashion label in the early 1900s and then expanded to have a huge and iconic line of fragrances, accessories, makeup, skin care and so on. I just found out that they have a major share in the LVMH Luxury House and they are really really big as a brand with their presence all over the world. I think even small children know this brand. Some one has aptly said about Dior " Di - Means GOD, Or - Means GOLD. So now you know what is DIOR."

So lets what are the best things from Dior (pics courtesy

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Levitation Makeup - Floating Eye shadow look

I had done a lovely look called Sheer Translucency an year back and that time I did talk about how amazing these floating eyeshadows look like. Levitation is a magical term where objects fly in the thin air and stay there till the magic is on. Here we are trying to create an illusion like this.

For a long time I have hunted for an eyeshadow which could do this in a better manner and what would be better than Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in Golden Mink. I have got one of the most amazing quads and finally I did a look which I always yearned to do since long.


The reference of floating eyeshadows comes from the reflection of afternoon sun on rippling river water. This is such a fantastic way to open up the eyes and give them a incredibly beautiful appearance. 

So lets see how to achieve this easy peasy look........

Instagram Tuts!! 2-in-1

Today I shall be posting 2 Instagram tuts in one tutorial. And really sorry for not writing any post yesterday as I was really busy with chores in Pune. Next time I make a serious planning to visit the Pune MAC store and see how amazing it is.


The look of Friday was inspired by a fresh sun kissed glow that is so ethereal and alluring. This is keeping a sheer golden glow on the entire face while bronzing with a peachy bronzer to mimic a healthy sun kissed flush and let the eyes glow too.


This is a sporty chic look. Very very minimal skin see through foundation, kohl rimmed eyes with a bit of subtle definition and then this gorgeous coral lips that come from the on-the-go chubby pencils.

So lets see what products were used for these looks............


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