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Friday, August 16, 2013

Vamp-ed UP!!

With too many goody looks around, I decided to do a dark, sexy, vamp look. One with just the mascara and then adding very spidery false lashes. The fall outs (especially of the green eyeshadow) in the under eye makes it even more vamp-ier but I am loving the overall darkness of the look.

Vamp makeup does not have to always have blacks in them. Of course Black is a magical color and does change the eye dramatically, but black is not the most essential always. Sometimes dark midnight colors make the look even more dramatic and when paired with a deep glossy wine lip, there is no looking back.

I demand forgiveness for my unruly lashes and pathetic visage due to sleepless nights and new baby lashes growing (I plucked them and now feeling very unlucky. Plucking own's lashes is a disease called Trichotillomania and I do mildly suffer from it especially after application of mascara.) Anyways lets move on to see how to get this look...............

  I have used 2 palettes to do this look. The YSL Pure Chromatics Palette no.04 and Urban Decay Smoked Palette. The colors used are duochromic plum and ivory shimmer from YSL and Rockstar and Loaded from Smoked Palette with some hither thither stuff.

I began with MakeUp ForEver HD foundation in shade no.123 on my entire face to create a flawless base.

Conceal the under eye area with Kryolan Derma Color concealer shade DFD and set with loose powder like Guerlain Les Violettes Loose Powder in 04 Ambre.

Prime the lids with Urban Decay Primer Potion eyeshadow primer to secure the eyeshadows and intensify them.

In a 'comet' shape, apply the eyeshadow in Loaded. Also apply the same eyeshadow in the crease and blend. Apply the same color on the lower lids and pull it out as a tail. 

Apply Rockstar eyeshadow in the crease and blend it upwards towards the brow bone. At this point of time I was really clueless on what comes next. Got a makeup artist block!!

Apply the aqua green eyeshadow from YSL no.04 quad very lightly to brighten the green and add a transitional color between the contrasting shades.

Apply ivory shimmer in the inner corners and also under the brow bones to add a vampy sparkle.

Simply brighten the look by applying duochrome light plum eyeshadow from the YSL no.04 palette on the entire lid right upto the inner corners. Sephora describes this vivid color as Purple Orchid btw.

Smoke out Loaded on the outer half, purple orchid in the inner half and the aqua green in between as a reflection of the upper lid. 

Line the upper lid with Bourjois Clubbing Liner in Purple nights. Its a bright purple with tiny silver and fuchsia flecks and helps brighten brown eyes.

In the inner rims of lower lids, trace Bourjois Clubbing liner in Vert Insomniac.

Curl lashes with MAC eye lash curler (I seriously have to change my lash curler), apply 2-3 coats of Lancome Doll Eyes mascara (disaster in the first application, now its coping well) and then stick on false lashes from Uroparis with Duo glue to finish the look.

The false lashes should be stuck as close to the lash line as possible to achieve a perfect fanned out look. Never apply them away from the lash line. It will look strange and weird.

To finish the look stick to plums. Apply a soft plum blush like Clinique's Fresh Bloom All over color in Plum Poppy. Highlight with a silvery champagne pink highlighter like Guerlain Cruel Gardenia (SIGH!!) and paint the lips with Guerlain L'Extrait de gloss in Orgueil and slick on Prune Zip Guerlain Maxi shine gloss.

Hope you liked this dark look......Do let me know in the comments...

Till then,


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  1. Liked your Vamped version Neeraj.. I am going to try this with the help of tutorial.. thnks :)

    1. Thanks a lot Poo...I will make some more of such tuts...thanks a lot.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks a ton glad to hear from you..


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