Friday, August 30, 2013

Eyeshadow Swaps Look #2

I hope you have read my eyeshadow swap Look #1  and now comes the Look #2. This is a gorgeous combination and one of my most amazing ones. Purple and coppers look to be fail safe, don't they?

In this look I have used the purple from the Guerlain Velours D'Or quad on the lids and then used the fabulous coppery brown from the Tom Ford Cognac Sable in the crease. It does create a different dimension.

One of the rules of these eyeshadow swaps looks is that the color that goes in the crease is the one that goes on the lower lids. This does add a bit of mysteriousness to the look. So lets see how to do this look............

Instagram Tut!!!

Yesterday's makeup emphasized on the eyes. Btw for the curious, all these pics are taken on a Sony Xperia ZR phone in Auto setting. Afterwards I just do a bit of retouching using the 'Cymera' application and post it on Instagram (which is why the name Instagram Tut). There is minimal retouching that happens and of course the light is very bad and unforgiving which is why the person in real looks way different in the pictures.

Anyways, the theme of the makeup was bold eyes gone soft. There is a very thin line between the eyes looking soft or stark in such a look. I loved to create a cut crease with a purple and blend it ever so slightly to create softness. Rest of the face had a peaches and cream glowing radiance....

So lets see what products were used.................

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Eyeshadow Swaps Look #1

This is one of my most amazing looks I would say. As this was a concept that came in my mind a few days back and I am happy to execute it now. Eyeshadow swaps would be 2 posts consisting of interchanging of the mid tone color and crease color to create two different combinations of makeup looks that look stunning and fabulous.

For the first series of eyeshadow swaps I used my most favorite eyeshadows from the the stash. The famous Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in Cognac Sable and Guerlain Eclat 4 eyeshadows in Velours D'Or from which I have chosen the mid toned  coppery brown and plush plummy purple color to begin with.

In the first look, I have used the mid tone coppery brown eyeshadow on the lid and the plummy purple in the crease. So lets see how to do this eye look step by step....

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Review : Guerlain Gloss D'Enfer Maxi Shine Gloss in Gold Tchlack

Guerlain India has been really kind to give me this amazing gloss for reviewing. Being an ardent Guerlain fan (as you all know) I could not resist putting my hands on some more of them (I got Praline Blop and Rouge Shebam from Shoppers Stop as well). 

If you are looking for a lip gloss that has this Bare Lip Sensation, does not feel sticky and do not want the heavy feel of wearing a lip gloss then this may be your destination. What an amazing gloss! It comes in 2 textures - shine and shimmer and all are intense and beautiful. I was given this lovely gloss called 400 Gold Tchlack for reviewing and here it is.

I loved this name. Its so different just as the gloss is. Lets see how the gloss itself looks like..

Instagram Tut!!!

Today's look was all about looking surreal and enigmatic. Doesn't Prerna look a bit like Jennifer Lopez in this pic? To give justice to her amazing teal blue Sisley top, I did a makeup that would not only pop but also be subtle at the same time (especially in the dreamy 5 star hotel lights)....Strategic highlighting on the face gives that effect as if a spotlight is on the face and thats what we achieved today.

So lets have a look at what products were used today.......

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Instagram Tut!!!

Apologies for the bad lighting of the pic though. Today's makeup was just about looking bright and flawless and some stuff done hither thither. Prerna could not get over the hangover of yesterday's glitter so we used it today with a haphazard conglomerate of eyeshadow colors....luckily the result was amazing..

Lets see what products were used for the look........

The eyeshadow swaps - Pilot Post

This is a silly theme of makeup that I chose. Eyeshadow swap means, in one look a specific eyeshadow color will be on the lid while other is in the crease and in the second look it shall be vice versa. This is a very contemporary makeup style and looks like it must have been in the 80s.

For the looks that shall subsequently follow this post, I have used two of my absolute favorite palettes. On the left is Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in Cognac Sable with a lot of coppery tones and gorgeous coppery red glitter eyeshadow. While on the right is Guerlain's Velours D'Or in their famous honeybee pattern which I absolutely love. So for the eyeshadow swap looks (which can be done separately or even together just for the sake of fun at a party) I used the deep purple and the coppery brown and swapped them on the lids and in the crease. Its quite fun as to how they came out and I really loved the effects.

In succession to this post, I shall be doing some more of these interesting posts (at least I find them interesting and hope you do so). So lets see a bit of this eyeshadow swapping before the tutorials follow...........

Instagram Tut!!!

Today's look was inspired by a bit of 80s...With ultra glamorous makeup that is loud from all the aspects we had a lot of fun conjuring this up. Ok!! Unfortunately my camera did not pickup the beautiful glittery nuances of the eye makeup. I used the Makeup Forever Diamond Powder in an incredibly beautiful shade. Imagine a coppery bronze glitter with flecks of sky blue, silver, aqua green and lilac. Its a beautiful multicolored glitter and I couldn't help putting some on Prerna's eyes....

So lets see how this look was achieved, products wise....

Monday, August 26, 2013

New and Exciting Makeup Lines....

There are so many many many new makeup lines that have recently launched and making a buzz in the beauty world. With these brands pouring in some modern (and some probably boring) concepts in the world of beauty I had to make this article as I adore most of them and they attract me a lot.

Lets have a look at these lovely brands. If you may own one of any of the ones mentioned  in the list, please do let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you...Lets see

Upcoming Posts.....Preview

Putting some random pics of what's coming next....

Guerlain Gloss D'enfer in Gold Tchlack (Spelt wrong in the pic)

A lovely coral and grey eye makeup!!

Comet inspired look!!

A copper and purple eye!!

A purple and copper smokey eye!!

Guerlain Terra Ora!!! Yipeeee

Guerlain Terracotta Light Mosiac Powder!!

Lancome Dolls Eyes mascara!!

Shadow Levitation...Sheer Genius makeup!!

My lovely new makeup bag!!

Mauve- in!!!

Just a glimpse. Btw to all the haters (LOL) of my brows, let me mention that I barely do any photoshopping of look to give them a real feel. Airbrush and photoshop is all part of glossy magazines and one must not strive to get that as its not possible in reality without a surgery. You can't be perfect as perfect is boring. Its the imperfection that is enigmatic!!

Till then,


Please do not copy any pictures or content of Beauty Traveller without prior permission. Thanks for reading my blog. I don't give 100% on the authenticity of the content here and it is subject to change without prior notice. Please read the disclaimer for any questions.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Instagram Tut!!

Today's look was about minimalism and very Spring time. Imagining the bright orange sun shining over bronze colored meadows...Its simple and pure.

Lets see how to achieve this look......

Instagram tuts!!

This is one of the most amazing and gorgeous metallic eyes and dewy skin that we achieved for a very very important occasion in the morning. Follow me on Twitter handle @neerajnavare same as the Instagram. Lets have a quick look of the products that were used.....

Makeup Job - Bhumika (New Love Makeup) Engagement

It was a great pleasure and great honor to be able to do Bhumika Thakkar's (from New Love Makeup Blog) makeup for her engagement on 18th August 2013. She is such an amazing person and so soft spoken and very very highly educated (Chartered Account - can it get higher). She also has a fantastic family who are so down to earth and loving and caring. I had a wonderful time prepping her up and now I am all here to share the look with you all.

Bhumika wanted me to do my signature dewy makeup look and I hope I succeeded in doing justice to her aspirations.

I took some pictures from my Canon Digital Camera and Bhumika was kind enough to send me some from her pro one. So here's are some lovely pictures from their collection and also the makeup look....

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Midnight Shine!!

As said, I shall be using the Stila Luxe Palette quite a lot of times to create some amazing tuts.These eyeshadows are cream to powder and so so amazing. (Pardon the little lashlings). This look is inspired by night time discos. The impact of these high watt shimmers is very intense in disco lights so do not be judgmental with the look posted here.

Somehow after doing the tutorial I realised that these colors are very similar to the YSL Pure Chromatics No.19 and almost looks the same especially when the eyeshadows are used wet. Anyways lets see how to do this look.........

Friday, August 23, 2013

Review : Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick in Gwen

Guerlain's Rouge G lipsticks are some of the finest beauty wonders of the market. Whether it be the lovely mirror that opens up or the long wearing formula or the beautiful shades that they come in, they have always been enticing, alluring and phenomenally performing products, completely worth the price. 

I got 'Gwen' for its deeper color and it swatched so wonderfully...Btw please pardon me for the darker looking images. I wanted to capture the true color of the lipstick where I failed miserably. Anyways lets have a look at this beauty........

Instagram Tut!!

For an early morning meeting, its always better to dress down and still look glam! This was the theme for today's makeup....Lets see how to achieve this simple day look without too much effort.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Quick Sneak Peak - Tiny Haul

This is a quick post. I got these stuffs and wanted to quickly tell you about it.
  • Guerlain Terra Ora Highlighting-Sculpting Powder - thanks to the fabulous recommendation of Jigisha. Thanks a million Jigisha. INR 3850
  • Guerlain Kohl me Kajal in Noir Volcanique - an intense smudge proof kajal which is long wearing and hypnotic. INR 2000
  • Elizabeth Arden Smokey eyes pencil in Black - I had owned one before. The new one looks even fabulous though. INR 700

I shall review them sooner. Hope you liked this small quick haul. Collecting money for a better one though.

Till then,


Please do not copy any pictures or content of Beauty Traveller without prior permission. Thanks for reading my blog. I don't give 100% on the authenticity of the content here and it is subject to change without prior notice. Please read the disclaimer for any questions.

Instagram Tut!!

Today's makeup look was about looking glamorous. The makeup had to be seen and still look seamlessly blended while the eyes were smoldering (pardon the brow. The Rimmel brow pencil is not upto the mark it seems.) and the lips were stained in a strawberry like stain. The inspiration of this look was a drop of water on a lotus leaf (maybe in the day or night). The colors were very marsh like and lotus blossom with a touch of pearl on the centre of the lid which really looked glamorous in person.

The green on eyes, the peach on lips and the strawberry on lips created a lethal combination. I shall be doing a quick tut of the eye makeup as well and may be a step by step tutorial in one of the posts as this is one look I have never attempted.

New Best of 5 Brands - (branded brushes found in India and Online sites) - Part TWO - Eyes and Lips

Subsequent to Part One of the series where I talked about a few face brushes, now is the turn for eye brushes and lip brushes. There are so many factors that decides a better eye brush and one can either have just 2 brushes to do the entire enhancing job or have a million different eyeshadow brushes for different reasons. Its just about functionality and what suits you.

I am a person who would at least use 6-7 eyeshadow brushes to do makeup on blog or on a job. So for me its very important to really find good quality brushes that suit the work and let me obtain the best possible results. I have picked up brushes from so many places but here are a few whom I return to all the time. 

So here's my favorite eye brushes and lip brushes....

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Best 5 of Brands - Branded Brushes (found in India and online sites) Part ONE - FACE

I have always been asked about the best brushes one could buy in India and on online shopping sites that send these brushes to India through free or paid shipping and I hope I shall be able to give my best 5 brushes. Now I am putting this into some sub categories so that I can put in extra brushes which are really fantastic. There are some of these brushes which I may not own for now, but I have seen them with colleagues and friends and models and clients et al. These brushes are in the hit list most wanted section of my WISH LIST.

So lets have a quick look on my favorite brushes that could be found in brands in India....Note - I am not aware of any Sephora India brushes and I have never used them to give my verdict. If anyone has great opinions about these brushes do let me know in the comments.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

School/Office Makeup - Quick 3 mins

This is a simple matte smokey eye which is perfect for school/office and is apt for places to dress down. This is almost inspired from the makes of Bobbi Brown who suggests to go very natural on eyes and natural on lips during the day or as per the requirement and then slick on a bold color for the evenings.

Fortunately this look is not a flat matte. You can notice a satiny quality to these eyeshadows and they do not look chalky at all. These are Stila Luxe eyeshadows (the upper three) and trust me they look amazing. When it comes to a matte (satiny) eye makeup one thing must be kept in the mind that this makeup may not be for everyone. Sometimes a subtle hint of shimmer (not a frost) does take you through without too many eyes turning. For this look I have decided to opt for a rosy glowing complexion. 

Anyways, lets see how easy and quick this look is....

Monday, August 19, 2013

Review : Guerlain Rouge G De Guerlain in Geisha

Another fabulous lipstick I picked up from the house of Guerlain and cannot stop raving about. If you have been reading my blog for a while you may have stumbled upon some reviews of Guerlain Rouge Gs. All of them have been equally amazing and alluring. The formula is so above all the other ones that I have tried on clients and its simply the BEST purchased lipstick ever.

Guerlain Rouge G in Geisha maybe the perfect red you have always hunted for. I shall be writing a lot of quick reviews instead of detailed ones as there are many to come.

So lets have a look at Geisha...

Instagram Tut - Look of the Day!!

Today's Instagram tut was inspired by the lovely and beautiful Rohit Bal ensemble. An eclectic mix of white and burgundy is what made this simple number a stunning one and I am so aware of the Rohit Bal taste.

A soft metallic eye is a good option to bring in some shine while keeping the complexion radiant and rosy. Thats what we planned and did. And here are the essential products used....

The Wish List

I am changing the 'Must Buy' list title to 'Wish List' as the wish list is getting bigger and bigger by the day. There are so many products just pouring in the market as if what and its so difficult to cope up with them, both financially and mentally. This August, again there have been some fantastic launches and Beauty Traveller plans to take an entire day off just to browse through them and see which ones are kick the brain and which get kicked.

This is my Wish list for August, irrespective of the new launches.....

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Instagram Tut - Look of the Day

Today's look was about doing the 'Signature Neeraj Navare look' that does erupt some or other time on the blog. Since we had never tried on Prerna, she was very happy when I told about my vision. And this is what we did...

Have a looksie....

Saturday, August 17, 2013

New 5 Best from Brands - Benefit Cosmetics.....

With Benefit cosmetics hailing and selling in Sephora India,Delhi, I thought this is a great time to tell the best 5 products from this brand. I have used a lot of Benefit products in the past and I got really good stuff from them. Although they never impressed me as much as Guerlain or Dior or Chanel, yet I have some of my lovely ones from their line.

Started by the Ford sisters, a quirky and different collection from the stereotypical one, Benefit Cosmetics has been world wide renowned for their stains and a lot of other products that have ended up in so many kits of so many people across the world. This LVMH company just does amazing products...Known for their innovative packaging, on-the-face punch lines and fantastic products, here is Benefit cosmetics that I present to you.

So lets have a look at my favorite 5 from the brand.......

Review : Guerlain Parure De Nuit Pressed Powder and Blush

In this article I shall be quickly taking you all into the review of Guerlain Parure De Nuit Pressed Powder and Blush from their old collection called Belle de Nuit. The products were so beautiful and went on a sale and I had to pick this one because of this lovely peacock feather pattern and now its here for reviewing (after its purchase in December 2012...Imagine the backlogs).

This is mainly an illuminating powder with a blush in it. The blush transforms into a subtle warm berry pink on cheeks (without being too intense) while the illuminating powder gives a fantastic pearly finish. This is just an ideal highlighter for anyone (including guys) who yearn for a glow without conspicuous shimmer or glitter on the face.

So lets get to know a bit more about this fabulous blush-highlighter....

Instagram Tut!!

Today's makeup was a bit unplanned. Due to hectic schedules, improper rest and chaotic diet and skin care regime, the skin does get parched and goes for a toss. Due to this I had to do some strategies and get the skin sorted.

Anyways lets see what products we used...........

Friday, August 16, 2013

Vamp-ed UP!!

With too many goody looks around, I decided to do a dark, sexy, vamp look. One with just the mascara and then adding very spidery false lashes. The fall outs (especially of the green eyeshadow) in the under eye makes it even more vamp-ier but I am loving the overall darkness of the look.

Vamp makeup does not have to always have blacks in them. Of course Black is a magical color and does change the eye dramatically, but black is not the most essential always. Sometimes dark midnight colors make the look even more dramatic and when paired with a deep glossy wine lip, there is no looking back.

I demand forgiveness for my unruly lashes and pathetic visage due to sleepless nights and new baby lashes growing (I plucked them and now feeling very unlucky. Plucking own's lashes is a disease called Trichotillomania and I do mildly suffer from it especially after application of mascara.) Anyways lets move on to see how to get this look...............

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Instagram tutorial

Today's inspiration is the pink Indo-western dress from Anita Dongre. So the Makeup demanded plum and rosy tones to look pretty and beautiful.

Let's see the products that were used. 


- Clarins beauty flash balm
- Elizabeth Arden visible difference good morning primer
- Tom Ford traceless foundation stick in Fawn
- Christian Dior Hydralife BB cream
- Benefit fake up concealer
- Christian Dior Diorsculpt concealer
- Hourglass ambient lights finishing powder
- Givenchy prisme blush in pop candy
- Guerlain cruel gardenia highlighter
- Givenchy croisoire bronzing powder


- Guerlain Turandot eyeshadow palette
- stila cosmetics luxe eyeshadow pallete shades in Pink diamond and Bordeaux
- Sisley so intense mascara
- Loreal super liner carbon gloss
- Estee Lauder double wear pencil in chocolate Brown
- Makeup forever brow gel
- Laura Mercier eye basics


- Guerlain L'extrait lip gloss in Gourmandise
- YSL glossy stain no. 29

Hope you liked the look. I have typed this on blogger app. Do let me know in the comments.

Till then


The Mascara Rage

I shameless admit that I have a big penchant for mascaras and I always aspired to make an exclusive blog only to review mascaras and this is a dream that I see and shall execute soon. In this article I am going to sum up the expensive mascaras that I own and exhibit the current ones in this post. The reviews shall follow shortly. 

I also want to enlist all the mascaras that I have used till date and bathe in the mascara nostalgia. So do have a look.........

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Natural and Enhanced Feliner......

This is a very day wear makeup and one of the easy makeups to do and fast look to achieve. I love the softness of the smokey eye and how amazingly the liner enhance the shape of the eyes. 'Almond' being the classic shape anyone wants to acquire, this is a perfect look to do so.

I have used the quintessential eyeshadow palette from Too Faced Cosmetics from their Pixie collection. Its just so classic and beautiful....Lets see how to achieve this simple yet ethereal look.

Review : Clarins White Plus Range

It is exactly 10 days that I used these products and I am here to give my suggestion. Spare me for my horrendous laziness of not making another post and re-posting this again. Whatever new additions that I make in this article would be in this cobalt blue color.

Clarins India was kind enough to send me this range of products to use and give my honest opinions about the range. Since I have been an avid and ardent user of Clarins, this was a fantastic gesture from the company. I have used a lot of products from the brand previously and White Plus range has always excited me. The White Plus range is full of products that help combat unevenness and signs of pigmentation and help reveal a flawless and radiant complexion. Targeted for the Asian skins who are prone to deeper pigmentation and do not like it, this is one of the most sought after ranges in the market.

Clarins is a leading European cosmetic brand known to bring cutting edge products in the market that are skin friendly, high performance and infused with the goodness of plant extracts and precious ingredients that are the forte of the company. Being led by Dr. Ollivier Courtin Clarins, this is one of the finest brands in the market and they are just getting better and better with time.

Clarins India (distributed by Baccarose) sent me these lovely travel size samples so that I could use them and give them justice. This is an introductory post of every product that I have received. From the day of the post (which is today) I shall be using these products for the next 10 days and give my honest opinions on the changes my skin saw after using them. I do not guarantee equal results for all and totally depends on the damage one's skin has gone through. My ratings will be on the performance of the product and the enhancement that it has done on my skin and not how dramatically I have started looking different. Subsequent to the description of the products I shall share my picture and highlight the problem areas on my face.

Another thing is, although these products are designed for 'women' they can be used by men too. So please do not restrict yourself from its usage. There are very few brands who make skin brightening products for men (like Clinique) and there is not a major difference in the skins of Men and Women. If you care about the packaging then that is a concern that cannot be handled or discussed by Beauty Traveller (LOL)...

I must say that these products are 'FANTASTIC' and really gave fast results than what I expected. I did add adjuvants to the skin care regimen like the Guerlain Super Aqua eye cream, Clarins Treatment oil in Lotus, La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology SPF 20 and occasionally Clarins Gentle Skin Exfoliator and doses of Tarte Cosmetics Maracuja oil.

Do have a look................

Review : Oriflame MORE by Demi Moore lipstick - Hollywood Red

Oriflame signs the ultra-amazing Hollywood Actress DEMI MOORE whom I am a very big fan of. She got a lovely capsule collection of bags, signature fragrance and makeup called More by Demi Moore. Although I have been purchasing Oriflame a lot (since 2005 I am a non active consultant) and putting the products directly into my bridal/photoshoot kit, I decided to review this product and see whether it was worth the iconic status Demi Moore brought to the brand.

Since I bought just one shade to begin with, I wanted to choose the one which Demi wore and that was Hollywood Red, a lovely bright siren red color.

So lets get on to the review.....


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