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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review : Stila Countless Color Pigments in Groupie

I just got this fabulous product from Stila called 'Countless Color Pigments' in the safest shade I could choose which  is GROUPIE. Fascinated by the art of mixing a lot of colors in one palette, makes this eyeshadow palette a fantastic and a complete one and thence solve most of the problems. These colors looks as if they are pictures of different planets taken from satellites and Groupie looks very much like Jupiter. Once upon a time MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows did have a color Jupiter () but I returned it in Back-to-MAC as it caught fungus.

I couldn't believe when Stila claimed that all this handpressed. Now does it look like MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows? Or does it look as complex as Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill eyeshadow? Lets see ....

What Stila has to say...........

Introducing Stila’s NEW innovative Countless Color pigments in a beautiful and exclusive, first-to-market formula. Each pan is a breathtaking, one-of-a-kind piece of art, created with vibrant pigments and handmade using a proprietary pressing and baking process. Use your creativity and let your imagination run wild. 
There are endless ways to apply… use each of the three shades individually, blend two shades that are side by side for custom colors, swirl a brush in a circular motion to create one pop shade or swipe the brush across the product to create a unique multi-shade streaked effect. 
Use fingers or a foam tip applicator for intense payoff. It is not recommended to use this product wet. 

Features & Benefits:
  • Endless color combinations in each pan
  • No two Countless Color Pigments are alike
  • Full coverage, pearl formula
  • Long-wearing
  • Vibrant, color-matched compact


Stila makes a dull straw colored cardboard packaging which is made from recycled paper (Eco friendly being there philosophy since the starting). The color swatch sticker of the product inside is shown so one can get an idea of how the product inside looks without opening the box.

The eyeshadow is a pan placed in a color coordinated compact (as per Stila).  I wish this color was more honey syrupy toned in case they made such claims as the dark almost-black brown (Vandyke Brown) is not even present in the palette.

They do not include any brush or foam tipped applicator as other Stila products may have. This is not a drawback per se looking at the small size of the compact. For 3 gm size the eyeshadow does have a great longevity and I believe it wont get over that easily.


Stila is very popular for their eyeshadows as whole. The color payoff is amazing, the eyeshadows are very pigmented (especially their newer formulations), texture is soft and smooth, formula is long lasting and the product glides effortlessly on the lids. Some shadows are so pigmented that you may not need a primer as well. For others, Stila does make Prime pots.

Countless color pigments eyeshadows are baked and pressed (unlike Mineralize eyeshadows that are baked in ovens and immediately packed). Thus the product feels very soft to touch, adheres to the brush easily and transfers beautifully on the lid. Over a primer the eyeshadows get much more intense as they have a sticky surface to adhere to. The eyeshadows can be layered to get the desired results and intensified as needed and required.


Although there are quite a lot of colors in this palette but predominantly three main colors can be noticed. They are
  • Cream Beige
  • Copper
  • Dark Bronze
When all the colors are swirled together they create this lovely honey colored sepia tone which I am a huge fan of. Its fantastic for day makeup and looks ultra chic and modern.


Stila Groupie earns quite a lot of brownie points for
  • Being moderately priced (MAC is 1.5 gm for 1000)
  • Lovely wearable shades
  • Easy application
  • Long lasting effect
  • A variety of colors in each compact
  • Easy usage and good for novice as well as professionals
  • Mixing is easy. Swirl the brush over the colors and you get the desired one. Then use a clean blush brush to restore the pattern. Isn't that fabulous. A proof that there are no oversprays.

Although I bought it from a store in Mumbai for a hefty price, the real price of this product is 1196 INR on

Also there are many more colors to try out but I shall reserve my comments about them since I haven't purchased them myself.


This is a fantastic color palette for all who prefer and love muted and soft colors. Especially GROUPIE. The formula is so easy to use, the colors are muted and yet have a fabulous impact. I personally loved this one a lot..

I have done this SEPIA toned eye look with Groupie. The tutorial of this shall come soon. 

This is a lovely introduction of the Countless Color Pigments by Stila's own Sarah Lucero.

Hope you loved this review. Do let me know in the comments.

Till then,


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  1. WOWWWW :D have never seen this Neeraj :D
    so beautiful
    waiting for tutorial :D :D

    1. Thanks a ton Rashmi. It's such a beautiful eyeshadow. Shame that not many bloggers know about it.

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