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Thursday, June 27, 2013


Eye brushes are the most important tools needed to create the perfect eye makeup. To get the desired effect we may need the required eyeshadows but it should not be forgotten that eye brushes play a pivotal role too. Makeup maestros like Mary Greenwell would just use 2 brushes and sort one of the most amazing eye makeups ever but can we forget that she is Mary Greenwell? Maestros know their job and do it so well but we are not on that level yet, thence we need to have some more brushes to solve the purpose.

Coming to the Real Techniques brushes, I found them very unconventional and different from a lot of brushes I have been using. Life for eg. the crease brush what we visualize is a MAC 224 or a lookalike but here the case is different and its is equally or more stunning than the one mentioned. So this how unconventional some of the brushes are. I call them as 'Purple Brushes' as they all have elongated electric purple ferrules and I love the color too. Some of the RT brushes look indispensible and may alter your makeup routine while some of them can be duplicated. 

So lets have a look at each of the brushes and see what use we can get out of them.....

These are the kits I ordered from There is a travel kit as well which came in the subsequent order and which is why I did not photograph it in excitement. LOL. They come with a fantastic panoramic brush case to fit in the essential brushes with some more holders for other miscellaneous brushes too. 


This is one of the brushes from the starter eye kit. Its one of the best brushes I have ever seen and has a multiple uses. This is a round tipped flat brush and really tiny to reach the hard-to-reach edges. Many many more than one can think of. I would use it as follows : -
  • To highlight the inner corners
  • To smudge the eye liner especially pencil
  • To apply gel liner precisely
  • To fill in the brows
  • To accentuate the eye crease especially cut-crease
  • As a lip brush to apply lipstick
  • As a small detailer brush to add different array of colors across the eyelid and face
  • To apply concealer over the smallest of blemishes ever
  • To apply eyeshadows in wet form
  • To tightline the liner in the upper inner rims..Yes!! I did try that and it worked. You just need to flatten the brush with gel liner


A part of the Your Eyes/Enhanced Starter kit, the base shadow brush is a densely packed soft flat eyeshadow brush. Although is cross section its more of a kit shape and the tapering of the brush is triangular rather that being round or square. I used this for;
  • Applying base shadows especially cream ones like Paint pots and Double Wear eyeshadows
  • For a subtle wash of eyeshadow on the entire eye lid as the brush is quite large
  • To apply concealer in the under eye area especially inner corners thanks to the tongue shape
  • To smooth out harsh lines of eyeshadows
  • To apply eyeshadow primer
  • To apply highlighter on the brow bone, bridge of the nose and the heights of the cheeks with a lot of precision. Works better with cream and gelee highlighters.
  • To powder the lips to make them matte and so that the lipstick wear is longer
  • This brush is good to contour the face in case someone has a tiny face


This is an angular brush and is densely packed. Unfortunately its not as thin in width (of the bristles) as the MAC one and is quite large in shape than MAC as well. It can be used :
  • To shape the brows of course. Do not be intimidated with the size of the brush. Its does an excellent job.
  • To smoke out the eye liner at the lash line.
  • To enhance the cupid's bow of the lip
Not a lot of uses though. This is because of the stubby width of the brush which makes it look spindle shaped on a cross section. I wish I had that high definition camera to capture that.


This densely packed out of the world crease brush is one of the best brushes I have ever used. Its soft, dense and applies cream and powder products like a dream. I used it as follows: -
  • To apply darker eyeshadows in the crease area. This brush has an uncanny knack of finding the eye crease perfectly (for basic and medium eyes. For Asian eyes, this will be a very big brush).
  • To apply cream or powder based eyeshadows precisely and blend them to create the finest ombre effect
  • For concealing in the under eyes and sides of the nose
  • For contouring the nose
  • For contouring the jaw line


This brush can be a bit of put off for the ones who do not use eye liner brushes. This is a fine liner brush but not the finest one in the market. MAC makes such a thin brush that you can actually create an invisible liner effect. But this one is not bad. Its sturdy and adequately flexible.
  • Other than creating a fine line which is not difficult for a skilled hand this brush did not have much use.
  • To create fine lines on the face.
  • To create Marlene Dietrich like brows (no one does that normally).
  • Pin point concealing how Lisa Eldridge does using a fine liner brush


This is indeed a handy brush. One side are densely nylon bristles (tooth brush like) for grooming the brows and removing any excess powder or foundation from them while getting the shape and the direction of hair properly. The other side is a steel comb with a plastic guard. This comb is good for combing through lashes to remove any mascara clumps and creating the most alluring high definition mascara effect.


This brush is certainly magical. If you look at from the eye liner brush point of view, you'd never believe how precise lines can be drawn by a stubby brush like this. Not only that, its perfect to apply gel liners in the inner rims as well as for tightlining since the brush does flatten when moulded with product over it. This is also good for spot on concealing and applying correctors in the under eye area. Good for filling in the brows too.


Does this brush surpass MAC 237? Yes and in a much better manner because it applies cream and powder products with the same love and dedication. I used the brush as follows :-
  • To apply or literally pack on the eyeshadow on the entire lid. 
  • To create dramatic outer corners (Vs), to cut the crease, to smoke out matte eyeshadows and a lot more of such stuff.
  • This brush has more control since the bristles are soft and firm and does an excellent job of packing colors which can be blended by the Deluxe crease brush for a blended effect.
  • For precise concealing (in case you do not have any other options)


This brush is a part of the travel set and is really multi functional. This is soft and dense too. But this is not as domed as the Deluxe crease brush and not as flat as the Base shadow brush. This could be a smarter version of the MAC 217 or Estee Lauder E25 brush It can be used for :
  • While travelling, this is a great brush to do it all.
  • Highlights, contours and creates a perfect dimension for eyes when on the run. 
  • This is the brush that could be inspired from Mary Greenwell's idea. 
  • Its also great for concealing and highlighting different areas of the face.

With such amazing eyeshadow brushes that do more than their purpose, Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman brushes are really affordable, high quality and create the most desired HD results. Each brush is worth the try and fantastic. The links mentioned in the post are not affiliate links and I am not being sponsored by anyone to do this post.

Do let me know in the comments on what you feel about the eye brushes?

Till then,


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  1. The shading brush and the crease brush looks great.. I am looking forward to try these Real Techniques brushes.. The eye makeup brushes in purple looks really pretttyy!!
    Very detailed Review.. thanks :):)

    1. Thanks a lot Poo..RT brushes are the most amazing ones ever. The best brushes in the affordable range

    2. thanks a ton Poo...u can get these brushes easily shipped to india. they cud be the best gift you gave yourself....

  2. Oh I regret not buying these, During my stay in London I just picked their stippling brush. Tch tch.. stupid me. I had perfect opportunity.

    1. Oh!! U were right there where they were U can easily get them from the mentioned links..

  3. thanks for the review . It seems that all the brushes are good and this will be a good buy.

    1. Yes. This will be the purchase you shall be proud of..

  4. i so want these have really reviewed them in detail!!

    1. U shud get all of them happy u liked the review

  5. I have this starter kit, n i love to use it a lot, these are so soft and blend shadows like dream, thnx a lot for this post, i never knew these brushes can be used in so many ways!!

    1. Thanks a million. I'm so glad that you found the post interesting. Wanted to write in an unconventional way so that it helps

  6. WOW Doc you explained each and every brush so well :) love to see your reviews on rest of brushes too :) for now bookmarking this post :)


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