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Eye brushes are the most important tools needed to create the perfect eye makeup. To get the desired effect we may need the required eyeshadows but it should not be forgotten that eye brushes play a pivotal role too. Makeup maestros like Mary Greenwell would just use 2 brushes and sort one of the most amazing eye makeups ever but can we forget that she is Mary Greenwell? Maestros know their job and do it so well but we are not on that level yet, thence we need to have some more brushes to solve the purpose.

Coming to the Real Techniques brushes, I found them very unconventional and different from a lot of brushes I have been using. Life for eg. the crease brush what we visualize is a MAC 224 or a lookalike but here the case is different and its is equally or more stunning than the one mentioned. So this how unconventional some of the brushes are. I call them as 'Purple Brushes' as they all have elongated electric purple ferrules and I love the color too. Some of the RT brushes look indispensible and may alter your makeup routine while some of them can be duplicated. 

So lets have a look at each of the brushes and see what use we can get out of them.....

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman are one the most coveted and most amazing brushes I have ever got. With such a huge fan following these brushes are one of the best brushes in market with plus points on being multi-usage and equally easy to use by amateurs and professionals. 

When I purchased my Real Techniques brushes from I never planned to own the all brushes. Its just that they made me so comfortable to use and were so soft despite being synthetic fibers that I got all of them. Having such good brushes at such affordable rates makes it so easy for all to be able to use them and get phenomenal professional results that may not be possible other wise. Today when I look back at a MAC 217 brush or a Shiseido Blush brush, I see the same quality or even better with some of the RT brushes and they come less than one third of the cost of these brushes.

Since this is the pilot article I shall also be talking a bit about all the brushes in general. The subsequent articles shall be precise and to the point though. 

So lets see what its all about............


For those who are fans of the famous Youtube Beauty Gurus, the Pixiwoos (Samantha Chapman and Nicola Chapman) would know how amazing these ladies are. They are a British talent and just as other amazing British makeup artists whom I adore (like Pat McGrath, Dick Page, Charlotte Tilbury, Mary Greenwell, Lisa Eldridge, Kay Montano, Kabuki and an endless list) they are just as phenomenal and talented.

When Samantha Chapman aka Sam announced her new brush line called Real Techniques I was so intrigued and couldn't wait to grab them all. Unfortunately with a lot of limited sources before, it wasn't as easy until I came across I gradually ordered all my brushes (they are 25 in number - one brush Domed Shadow Brush is missing from the picture and shall be reviewed soon) and now I shall be reviewing them.

Since there are millions of websites who have reviewed these brushes, I am going to take a different route of reviewing. I am reviewing them color wise. That means.....
  • Golden yellow - FACE Brushes
  • Metallic Pink - CHEEK and HIGHLIGHTER Brushes
  • Electric Purple - EYE brushes
  • White - DUO FIBER brushes
  • Black - Kabuki Brush
This makes the job easier  and I can compile the brushes according to their uses. Also I will be giving alternate uses of each brush other than what it is meant for so that the versatility of each brush can be highlighted upon. This being an overview article, lets have a look at whal all brushes I am going to feature....

Friday, June 21, 2013

June Favorites....

This June I haven't really found time to do a lot of beauty travelling as I do normally. The monsoons are all out there and these months are generally uneventful due to all the hydro-chaos (new term coined my for all the chaos caused by water and yet cannot be called floods). Mostly I stay home and all the other days I am in association with a production house and helping creating some wonderful concepts.

Amidst this, I have been doing some research on what has newly launched and what products can be good enough to be bought. So here is what is going on in my mind......

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

An ode to Mr.Shrikant Navare (8th Sept 1953 - 21st Jan 2012)

(Daddy's painting dated 1978)
Dear Daddy,

I have always missed you and the lacuna remains unfilled as now you are so far off that I cannot reach you in the present human form. There's not been a second that I don't remember you..... To the man of great skills, to the man of no vices and to the man of purest heart ever, I owe thee my life...

(An old pic of daddy with my younger brother Ninad)

How thankful I am for you have bestowed your artistic qualities in me! You have given me a tiny bit of the commercial artistry background of yours and refined my art and my skills. Its takes immense strength for a parent to allow his son do what his son desires and I can't thank you for the next seven births for doing that to me. Today I feel so proud to tell your name (I have always felt proud) and say that my artistic genes come from daddy. Granny truly said that you were the 'blessed' child and I always saw you as my idol. Whether it was drawing, singing, drama (plays) or anything related to art, your contribution has been tremendous.

I can still remember the smile on your face when I first got admission in Medicine and you have smiled in my entire journey and been the kindest father anyone would get. No one replaces the love a father has for his son and its very unique in its own way. I still giggle at the funniest moments we all shared and a tear just flows down the cheek when the days of you fighting in between life and death reiterate again in front of my eyes. You have sustained a pain beyond anyone's imagination and always smiled in pain too.

God may have been a bit unkind to us for taking you away much earlier than we thought, but I thank God because he ended your long time suffering (my daddy suffered with End Stage Kidney Disease for almost 10-15 yrs and lived a death everyday until it finally took the toll). The pain of your loss is still afresh as it was one and half years ago and it shall be there for a very very long time. Today I understand how jokingly you said that you would never grow old and how you made it happen for yourself.

(Last drawing my daddy drew May 2011)

Today as the emptiness devours our minds, those fine memories we share keeps the life force going and passing by everyday. Life has not been easy after you have departed................

You shall be in our hearts all the time......

Yours loving son,


Wishing all the FATHERS a wonderful Happy Father's Day. You are all wonderful fathers and I am sure you all are doing your best to raise your offspring in the finest possible way.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Real Techniques Brushes - A glimpse

Here is a small glimpse of the Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman brushes that I purchased from

I wanted them so badly that I got most of them in 2 orders only and there are 4 more to go which completes the entire set.

The Brush Sets

All that are ready to be reviewed

With a million reviews that I see online already, I thought of making it different by segregating the face, complexion and eye brushes into 3 different posts and reviewing each brush separately. Not only will I review them, but also put in various other ways of using each brush other than what it is designed for.

Do comment and let me know if you agree on this.....

Till then,


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In this post I take the utmost pleasure to introduce my friend, my teacher and one of the most prominent makeup artists of India, Mr.Cherag Bambboat.

Cherag with Tanushree Dutta

Whether its fashion makeup or Bollywood makeup, whether it is that gorgeous look that you have seen on a television and raved about it or its some bride that you have simply loved and adorned, it could be the magical makeover of Mumbai's 'IT' makeup artist and a makeup artist to the stars, Mr. Cherag Bambboat.

Cherag at the Kryolan Masterclasses

Cherag, a certified lawyer by profession began his career with MAC cosmetics and has been a consultant for prestige and luxury makeup brands and then over a period of 15 yrs has carved his own niche as a makeup artist par excellence. Now Cherag is in association with the most sought after names in Bollywood, has a countless television shows in his tow, done magical transformations for innumerable clients, worked with some of the most prominent faces in the Bollywood film industry , done a lot of fashion shows and pageants in India and internationally and his brush strokes have made all his brides feel extra-special on the most important day of their lives. Hailing as an artistic director to KRYOLAN Makeup and being a consultant for various makeup brands, Cherag is a fabulous teacher and has designed various workshops for his makeup talents that spread all over India.

Find Cherag on Facebook here.

Cherag's state of the art makeup training institute

The master class called MAGICAL MAKEOVERS by Cherag Bambboat, composes of a hands on experience for a beginner makeup artist showing him/her all the facets of makeup and polishing their skills to give a brilliant makeup artist in the industry.


Using top notch brands like Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, Laura Mercier, Chanel, Guerlain, Clarins, Estee Lauder, Givenchy, YSL, Burberry and professional brands like MAC, Makeup Forever, Inglot, Kryolan and Dinair, Cherag has a fabulous makeup school with modern state of the art facilities and international products, all used to train some of the finest makeup professionals in the industry called MAGICAL MAKEOVERS.

In his makeup school named 'Magical Makeovers by Cherag Bambboat', he holds makeup courses for personal grooming, a certificate pro makeup course and short makeup courses that include the famous air brush makeup.

Here is a small description of the courses......

a) PRO MAKEUP COURSE - Certificate course 

Duration : -Total of 12 days plus 1 day of Photoshoot with ace photographer Subi Samuel /his team of photographers
Timings : - 11am to 3 pm
Venue : - worli / Bandra / Kemps corner in Mumbai, India (students from all over India are welcome to the class with the stay at their own expenditure)
Class seats : - 6-10 students after paying the full fee at the admission. The classes are for less number of students so that each one is given personal attention by Cherag himself.
Course Syllabus :-

  • 3 days of All about skin :
- types skin conditions 
- foundations, color correction and the art of concealing. 
- different types of foundations and concealers for different occasions 
- color correction and makeup color theory for cool warm and neutral shades 

- skin care, benefits of skin care and skin care in association with makeup
- different makeups in various lightings

  • 3 days of All about Eyes:
- eye shapes, liner shapes, corrective eye makeup, all forms of eye shadows and liners 
- Eye primers 
- Eye shadow application technique 
-Eye shadow blending and overlapping of colours for layered effect
- Eye Kohl and its multiple uses
- Mascaras and its types and 3 steps to Pro application rooting, tipping and buzzing
- Eye lash curling
- Eyelash application individual lashes and strip bound
- Smoky eyes and its variations
- Smudged and smoking out technique, unique to eye kohl n Gel liners

  • 1 day of all about Lips cheeks n brows:
- Lip shapes, lip symmetry, lip emphasizer
- The 3D lip
- Correct colour combination for correct skin tones
- Face Contouring for different face shapes 
- Highlighting the face with precise zones
- Right methods of blush application for each face shape 
- different forms of blush application 
- Adding the million dollar glow to face
- knowing the BROW, brow shaping 
- brow coloring with right intensity using powders and pencils
- right size of brow for each face and the precise arch placement
- concealing of eyebrows and right products and tools needed to reshape 

  • 3 days of bridal beauty :
- the right makeup for the right bride
- how to get a glowing bride
- reflective makeup suitable for the bridal occasion
- usage of HD makeup
- skin preparation and SOS product guideline
- making the right choice of the look 
- day to night makeup transformations
- specific colors of brides of different ethnicities
- adding durability to the bridal makeup
- the last minute touch up process
- hands on experience on achieving different looks for different occasions

  • 2 days of fashion Makeup 
- using UV and neon colours
- learning the current trends from fashion weeks 
- dramatic makeup for catwalk 

- stage makeup
- special makeup effects like the speckled liner and the Black swan eye
- basics of face and body makeup using aqua colors

- makeup for photography


Each gets models of their own 3 looks to be made from natural nude editorial to a day Bride or a Day makeup look and hen the night Bride for function or the Fashion icon look all in presence of Subi Samuel. This gives the makeup student a grand introduction in the makeup industry and helps him/her target potential clients.


Duration : -4 days 11 am to 1 pm
Syllabus : -

- the technique of airbrush 
- airbrushing products and how to use them
- the main use of air brush, its limitations and its plus points
- stenciling body art and body painting 
- the blending of regular mkup to airbrush mkup
- airbrushing techniques for eyeshadows, eye liners and eye brows

- contouring and highlighting with air brush


Learn the best use of makeup and knowing the art of makeup to enhance ones' personal features. 5 day course that deals with makeup basics, understanding of makeup, color theory and how to achieve makeup looks for office, day wear, party and other occasions.


For the passed out certified students, Cherag offers a current makeup trend update class that deals with the recent innovations and improvements in the field of makeup. The classes are also a good source to polish makeup skills and sort out makeup related queries.

Benefits of makeup course with Magical Makeovers by Cherag Bambboat

  • All certification by Cherag Bambboat 
  • Recommendations and Job Placements in makeup brands 


The fees of each course shall be notified on an email request. Kindly contact Cherag on or call on +91 9967000015 / 9833000015

This is indeed a great opportunity to get introduced to the wonderful world of makeup and learn the art from the Master himself. Cherag shall also be doing a few Question-Answer posts for Beauty Traveller. Do mail me your queries regarding anything on

Till then,


Please do not copy any pictures or content of Beauty Traveller without prior permission. Thanks for reading my blog. I don't give 100% on the authenticity of the content here and it is subject to change without prior notice. Please read the disclaimer for any questions. This article is in association with the amazing makeup artist Cherag Bambboat. He has been a friend, a guide and a great helping hand in my makeup career.
The information provided in the article is for promotional purposes and Beauty Traveller does not get any monetary benefits out of this. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Review and Tutorial : Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in Cognac Sable

Tom Ford cosmetics is at the epitome of luxury (that spells hefty price) and a fantastically performing brand developed as an eponymous brand by Mr.Tom Ford himself in association with the makeup magician Charlotte Tilbury. With all the rave reviews and people all over the world owning something or other, I decided to order the Eye shadow Quad in Cognac Sable which happens to be one of their most best selling products.

So presenting a review of the Tom Ford Eye shadow Quad in COGNAC SABLE. This is just a short review and a tutorial of an eye makeup done with it. Detailed reviews can be found on many beauty blogging sites. I purchase the Tom Ford Cognac Sable for 6500 INR paying the customs and taxes.

I love the plush packaging. It comes in a luxurious brown and gold cardboard box and its own sleeve to hold the eyeshadow palette. The eyeshadow palette is really big and looks expensive (they have really worked on the packing a lot and that is the reason of it being so expensive) and is as big as I-phone only being lighter in weight. These products are great for adorning the dressing table and not very easy for carrying for travels and all unless you are packed heavy and love to carry the product.

The eyeshadow quad consists of a whopping 10 gm worth product (making the cost as equal or less expensive than MAC) and in colors that are coordinated for a lot of different combinations. Cognac Sable is made with a metallic copper theme in the mind and consists of 3 silky shimmery eyeshadows and 1 pressed reddened copper glitter. These powder eyeshadows are pressed in pans and stuck in the container (unlike YSL Pure Chromatics eyeshadows which are poured directly) with embossed TF (Tom Ford) on the plastic covering over the eyeshadow. The eyeshadows are as buttery as Guerlain but have a little dry texture which I like as this allows building up and layering the product without going OTT and getting too much at once.The applicators provided are amazing too and quite effective during the absence of makeup tools.

The colors are :-
  • Shimmery golden beige
  • Shimmery medium coppery brown with gold flecks
  • Shimmery deep cool dark brown with slight purple tones
  • Reddish Copper Glitter pressed in a unique filler
The eyeshadows glide better on lids and stay longer even without a primer. I prefer using such eyeshadows over a sticky base like a MAC Paint Pot as the eyeshadows get applied with maximum impact. Charlotte Tilbury has a video where she has used this famous Tom Ford Quad here.

I have done a couple of looks using Cognac Sable and this is one of the looks that I wanted to add in the quick review of the eyeshadow quad........

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Starting the Makeup Journey with Makeup Essentials - MAKEUP BEGINNERS

We all makeup aspirants and makeup fanatics have had a certain point in life where we all began, and we all began confused and terrified of the vastness of this field and this industry. With billions and trillions of makeup products, diversified makeup levels and branches, whether to choose the profession or not, personal makeup and grooming and a plethora of such questions can baffle a newbie's mind.

I can say this as I have gone through all this and even after being the field of makeup for quite sometime, still I face the same problems (partly due to my impulsive nature as well). The biggest question I am asked all the time by friends, acquaintances, FB friends and my lovelies readers is "What do I need to have in my makeup bag?". This question is a very wide spectrum one and ranges from a personal user to a fully fledged makeup artist.

Makeup is needed everywhere. It can be on daily basis or an occasion or a big event or anything for that matters. It boosts the confidence in anyone as its a great medium to put ones' best feature forward. So having the 'ideal' makeup kit is what everyone looks at....

So lets see (after the jumpbreak) on how to build the 'ideal' makeup kit (for makeup beginners and makeup professionals) from my point of view..........

Sunday, June 2, 2013

BB cream Vs CC cream

Its a new trend that has spread across the four corners of the world and within too....a trend of BB creams and slowly seeping in CC creams...

Its raining BB Creams in India on all the cosmetic counters these days? Right from pharmacy brands like Ponds, Garnier etc to high street brands like Maybelline, Revlon etc to department store brands like Dior, Guerlain, Clinique, Estee Lauder etc to professional makeup brands like Bobbi Brown and MAC.....all have BB creams. Now a days even hair products have started calling their products as BB and CC.....

What is this rage all about?

BB Creams - Blemish Balm of the East that became the Beauty Balm of the west has it all. An anti ageing  ingredient, a sun protection, a primer, a foundation (for good coverage) and a treatment from blemishes (acne, pigmentation etc.) made a BB cream a rage of 2012s. Every brand now owns a BB cream and they cater to the different demands of people all across the world. BB creams now a days come in different colors for different skin coloring and also are custom fitted for different skin types. Some come with more coverage while others are light weight and do a great magic in getting the skin sorted out without piles of makeup. Although BB cream has a history that begins from Germany in the 60s and 70s, its the Korean and Asian market that got a hold of these products with the intention to get a flawless skin. (Go to China or Korea and you shall see what 'flawless' skin stands for.). This awareness was brought to Middle East, Europe and ultimately America who have started manufacturing these small genies in the tube on a commercial level and for a widespread skin concerns. A BB cream was developed for patients who could not use foundations and makeup after a skin treatment or laser. These products were made to soothe the skin inflammation while giving a good coverage to hide problems the skin faced. 

CC Cream is a newer concept that happens to get momentum in 2013. CC or Color Control Cream is a refined form of BB cream. While BB cream was manufactured primarily as a skincare product, CC cream was developed to retain all the skincare benefits of BB cream with added nourishing ingredients and the additional aim to provide more effective skin coverage. CC cream is light weight formulation has has benefits of a BB cream including presence of Vit. C, Hyaluronic Acid, Plant extracts along with color correcting properties. CC creams are oil free and do not go as heavy as a BB cream albeit the formula seeming thicker in comparison. CC creams help in covering redness and sallowness making the skin appear bright just as the way it helps brightening of skin tone.

Some amazing BB Creams and CC creams found in India and some I am trying out..........

  • Kiehl's BB cream - Actively correcting and Beautifying BB cream

This is a fantastica lightweight and brightening BB cream that covers most of the complexions except the ones of the darker side. This does look like a CC cream as it has a soft beige-yellow tone to create a seamless looking complexion. With powerful Vit C to create a bright complexion, the higher sun protection factor does wonders to the skin and I am soon going to take this one.

  • Garnier BB cream

An answer to the consumer who is conscious about their pocket, this BB cream does come in 2 flattering shades that promise a lot of things. Albeit the claims made, this is very light weight and glides easily on skin.

  • Clinique Age Defense BB Cream

I have used this BB cream and its oil free and lovely. Just that it does have a heavy coverage (which goes white on me even with the MEDIUM shade) and you need a moisturizer underneath for whichever skin type you are. It works very well as a skin primer under the foundation and a loose powder in a darker color can help tone down the color.
  • Clinique Moisture Surge CC cream - hydrating color corrector SPF 30
NEW Moisture Surge CC Cream Hydrating Colour Corrector Broad Spectrum SPF 30
This looks like an answer to the cons of a traditional BB cream of Clinique's. It is supposed to be lighter in weight and texture and comes in a lot many colors. Extended from their famous Moisture Surge range, this CC cream is an oil free with hyaluronic acid for hydrating. I am going to buy it as soon as it arrives in their stores and I have a premonition of getting one of the best products in the market.

These are my current favorites and one more included is the Maybelline BB cream stick which I shall  be using for photoshoots and bridals. I also have seen a lot of lovely BB creams from brands like Missha, Lieole, Skin79, Dr.Jart+ as the oriental brands and of course European and American brands like Estee Lauder, Clarins etc. The another BB cream that is not launched yet and excites me is the Guerlain Lingerie De Peau BB cream (which is actually more of a CC cream).

Now comes the question....BB Cream or CC cream?

For me, the winner is CC cream. It has all the benefits of the BB cream and yet helps control color. But does this mean that BB cream has a fading future? Cannot say that as BB creams have been a part of the beauty industry for a while and I am sure there are people who would be getting more benefits in comparison to the CC creams.

Hope you liked this small article. Do let me know in comments which is your favorite? A BB cream or a CC cream.....

Till then,


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