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Monday, May 6, 2013

Mid 2013 - Best of 5 - BLUSHERS

I am going to write this article on my favorite BEST Blushers from a professional makeup artist point of view (which means more of performing products than anything else). As a makeup artist I always choose formulas that work for me irrespective of whether they are the best or the worst in the market. My idea of an ideal blusher does not necessarily mean the product has to be intensely pigmented....its just needs to have a star value.

I am a fan of a lot of blushers but this post shall have the 5 best ones that I like and use it on the blog and also over clients. Let me make a small confession (its the season of making confessions) - I have an addiction for blushers just the way I have addiction for mascaras and I don't display them coz I am too hideous and a ghastly sight LOL.....

So presenting my top favorite blushers for the Mid 2013....and they are "MY" favorites, so do let me know yours in the comments section..


They launched 6 of these blush duos last season and they have been an instant hit amongst Guerlain fanatics like me. The main reason is you get 2 good quality, really long lasting and extremely fragrant luxurious blushers in the same pan and they really compliment each other. For now I just have one and its called 'Pink punk'.


I picked two of these lovely delights while reading from Radhika of Weekend Ramblings. The colors 'Frivole' and 'Rouge' do such a good job and are so sorbet like to look at. I read somewhere that Chanel and Bourjois are manufactured at the same place but after getting this and the famous Bourjois one, I think I understood the difference. Both are pretty though but I prefer Chanel (maybe for the brand name),


I got addicted to Josie Maran cream blush all thanks to the wonderful Pray Arora. I got a blush in Sunrise and can't describe how beautiful it is. Plus with the benefits of the lovely Argan oil, I am totally pleased with this purchase. Its a light blush that gives the feeling of dew on the skin and this dew lasts really long..


This is one of the most promising and long lasting blushers ever. I got the color 'Tipsy' which is a sorbet orange color just coordinating with their cheek stain. What a delight this blush is!! Not much to talk about now as I haven't touched mine and soon shall review after finding someone appropriate to try this blush on.


Although this is a bronzer, I prefer to use it as a blush, given the peachy tones it has. It goes on really well on its own, thanks to the mosiac pattern its quite easy to pick the desired colors....

Frankly I have yet to try blushers from drugstore brands and I have just started with Bourjois. Do let me know your favorite drugstore and department brands blushers....

Till then,


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  1. I recently got my first Bourjois blush and I must say am really impressed. If you are looking for drugstore blushes ~ NYX has some really pigmented stuff. Be it cream/ powder..nyx is just too good.

    1. i will surely try NYx...the only reason I refrain from going there is becoz of the replusive sales associates..I do love the retractable pencils from NYX

  2. Gosh neeraj your "best of" posts are so addicting. Hope you do highlighters too:)

    1. Thanks a ton. That's coming glad u r liking it...

  3. Docccy.... Gorgeous collection... i <3 that guerlain pretty i do have a dupe in MUA ... but that is till pending..heard a lot abt TARTE.. Wowww whr did u manage to get these beauties from... :D

    N yess plzzz suggest some good drugstore highlighters.. i don have a single highlighter :/

    1. hiyeee... I got my Tarte from Beautiful store in Andheri...Couldn't help paying the hefty price...For drugstore highlighters the best one to catch could be Bourjois...even their blushers are lovely. Also Inglot makes some nice ones...

  4. I'm still new to blushes...I like nars Taj Mahal though.

    1. I am soon going to take at least one NARS blush to try...Rashmi is a queen of NARS and Illamasqua blushers and I am so eager to try them both....Taj Mahal is an amazing color though.

    2. I always thought that blushes r for fairer skin tones. Coz a lot of colours frm Clinique never showed on my skin till I saw Taj Mahal. It's a dusky girls knight in shining armour.. Also mac breezy n sunbasque r good.. Wnt to c the new temperature rising ripe for love blush.

  5. wowww Neerajjj .. am all ready for your highlighters post :D :D
    i am crrazyyyyyy about them :D
    i need to get tarte and josia maren now :D do suggest me colors na :D :D

    1. Josie has launched new coconut water gelee blushers....u have to get one of them...


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