Thursday, May 30, 2013

When Purple Went Coppery.....

This is a look I did for one of my amazing celeb clients and it went so different and so well that I thought of making a post out of it. I have a big penchant for purple eyeshadows and they are the ones who rule a big share of my makeup kingdom. The uniqueness of a purple especially a bright purple is that it adds a touch of freshness to the color of the eyes. Brown eyes are most benefited as purple contrasts with the yellow flecks in the iris and makes them stand out.

Since 'gold' is actually a shiny yellow, its contrasting to the purple color and this harmony generally brings out the best from both the colors instead of neutralizing them. Other complimentary color harmonies of green-red and orange-blue do not come so well compared to the yellow-purple harmony, which is why I always like this combo.

Of late, I have been bitten by the shimmer bug and the effects are going to stay for a while. I simply love the way shimmers bounce light and give that soft focus feeling to the eyes which a harsh matte cannot do. And since the makeup I do totally is based on occasions and lighting, I prefer the shimmers to do their job better and add a dreamy touch to the look. (And that's why I get hired for makeup jobs too...LOL).

Although I used different products there, I am using my lovely Urban Decay Vice Palette to do this simple and beautifully radiant look. Lets see how to do it though.........

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Royale Khaki.......

Along with Bleu De Paris palette, I also got the Dior 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palette called Royale Khaki. As other Dior eyeshadows, this too is excellent in quality and have really fantastic eyeshadows. Only with the name of Khaki, I would have preferred to see some more greens in this quad but nonetheless this is a fantastic one.

When we run behind extremely pigmented eyeshadows, its these muted fairy like shimmers that actually make the eyes magical. I don't say that I hate pigmented shadows but personally I find them very difficult to control at times especially brighter colors. Which is why I stick to the textures of the eyeshadows rather than the pigmentation part. All this said, I believe that MAC and other brands that make simple loose pigments do a better job then as they can be layered. 

Dior's Royal Khaki is a delight to use and work with and all the shades are wearable. There is something unique about the textures and even though the colors are not all that extraordinary, the ensemble of this palette is beautiful.

So lets have a look at the colors followed by the tutorial....

Friday, May 24, 2013

Rapid Fire Makeup

Summer makeup is all about getting a gorgeous healthy glow, defining or highlighting one part of the face and/or sporting bright colors. This goes to different levels these days with so many brands doing such amazing collections. 

This is another small edition of Rapid Fire makeups where I will feature some of the quite iconic and fresh summer looks for courtesy by

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bleu De Paris....

I was very excited and really happy to get the Dior 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palette in Bleu de Paris and could not think of a better name than this for this eponymous eyeshadow post. Instead of reviewing it, I preferred to a tutorial since these colors were limited editions for the last year.

This is one of the very smokey wearble blues with no tones of other colors. They are simply made by adding a tint (white), tone (grey) and a shade (black) to a basic blue hue. And thats what looks amazing. Even the silvery grey has a smidgen of blue.

Talking about how good this palette is totally depends upon the intentions of the user. This may not be your day to day eyeshadow palette but not bad to try them at least. The colors are definitely wearable and not intensely bright. The smokiness does give this palette a lot of versatility and adds a mysteriousness to the colors too. Trust me, Dior makes some of the most fabulous powder eyeshadows in the market and this quint costed me Rs.3650 for 6 gm of product.....

So lets jump and have a look at this beautiful quint first....and then the eye makeup look....

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The HOW To's of Blush & Guerlain Blushers and Bronzers....

These are the Guerlain blushers and bronzers I picked up from all the hauls I have made. And since they are not just for the blog but also for good clients that I shall take up (sanitizing the surface with isopropyl alcohol spray) I just wanted to do a small post of categorizing these blushes for Fair, Medium and Dark skin tones and how I would use these.

I believe this will also give an idea to a reader (who may not own Guerlain) on what colors should or could suit their complexions and take it as a guide to purchasing the right colors.

So lets take a leap (after the jump break) to see how to coordinate blushes.....

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Aai

( This pic of my mummy was taken by me on Nov 2011)

Dear Aai ('Mummy' in my language),

How amazing it feels to be able to celebrate your 30th Mother's Day? And how lucky I am to have a supermom like you. I can shout and say that to the world all the time.......I have cherished all the good, bad and the worst memories we have all gone through our lives and when I look upon the best ones I always smile and admire the wonderful days we all spent.

I have been so grateful to you for all the love you have bestowed us and shall be indebted forever on how you have spent every second of your life for us and never cared much for yourself. You stood strong in whatever good or grief that came in your way and always smiled back. Everyday we all live is by the grace and mercy of GOD and it wouldn't have been better if you were not there. 

I am so thankful to you for being the pillar of strength when I decided to give up the much better life of a doctor to be a makeup artist. How you encouraged me to take the next step, funded me throughout the journey, gathered money to make me spend on products and develop an expensive taste for quality makeup products and everything. I look upon you for the immense support you have been to all of us and how amazingly well you have handled situations in life.

Today when my baba (father) sees us from the Heavens I am sure he is blessing us and must be swelling in pride to see how integrated we are as a family. I owe you my life for that's the life I got as a gift from you. You were sent by GOD to take care of us and thank you so much for EVERYTHING....

Wish you very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY......

Your elder son,


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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mid 2013 - Best of 5 - FACE n PRIMERS

This is a miscellaneous post dealing with some of the face products I purchased in last 4-5 months and wish to purchase. You may wonder why am I not putting real product pics? This is because there are certain products that are still in the wish list and it would not look nice in the post. 

Any which ways, its real fun to use these products and out the 5 I have chosen three from Guerlain already. This is because I love the brand so much and really falling in love with them again and again. For me, such products are an investment as they would certainly make my clients very happy and I shall get the pleasure of making them look the best for their occasions...

So lets have a look at some of the interesting product I have collected and looking forward to collect a few.....

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mid 2013 - Best of 5 - EYE LINERS - BLACKS

Eye liners are my weaknesses...not in terms of buying but in terms of applying. I can say that eye liner is the most difficult thing on this planet to apply. You need a symmetry and a free hand to draw that perfect line. And trust me, the Youtubers make it so easy to look at but its not...It takes immense practice and until and unless you have the right product or the right brush its always going to be an average liner and not a great one.

Now the eye liners that I am mentioning are the ones that I may have or they are in my wish list. This top 5 comprises on the all the genres from pencils, eye liner pens, gels and the toughest of all liquid liners....Btw you may have noticed in some of the last posts that I haven't mentioned much of MAC!! Its because I didn't buy anything from them except this one product that I shall talk about in a while....Before anyone calls me a hyprocrite, let me say that I do love my Bourjois 16 HR Khol and Contour eye pencil in 'Ultra Black' but I already have a lot to finish and did not purchase any this year which is why I am not mentioning them.

So lets see the Top 5 favorite eye liners of mine....

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mid 2013 - Best of 5 - EYESHADOWS

Eyeshadows are my weaknesses as a pro makeup artist or as a blogger as thats the only part I can show on the blog (and not the lipstick wearing psychopathic g*y killer of a B grade movie...LOL)..Eyeshadows maketh most of my kit because there aren't enough eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes that can suit all your needs at once.

And let me admit that I use a lot of drugstore and department brands and I love Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows just the way I love my Urban Decay eyeshadows....but these are the top 5s of the purchases made this year so pardon me if you miss anything you liked....

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mid 2013 - Best of 5 - HIGHLIGHTERS

This post was always the next to come. Btw for all who are a bit put off with the fact that I am doing a lot of department brands, I shall have a post entirely on the best deals and best buys of drugstore brands so stay tuned.

Makeup is all about shades and lights. And this post shall talk about 'lights'..........that iridescent glow, that luminosity and everything ever. Who doesn't like a soft highlight? It gives an illusion of a healthy lustrous skin as the light bounces back and creates that ethereal dewiness....thats highlighting. So here are some of my favorite highlighters..........btw for me the words 'illuminator', 'highlighter', 'glow', 'iridescence', 'sparkle' sound synonymous...its just the branding and marketing strategies..Its so difficult to put the best five...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Beauty Traveller POLLS

What do you use for FACE makeup?
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Mid 2013 - Best of 5 - BLUSHERS

I am going to write this article on my favorite BEST Blushers from a professional makeup artist point of view (which means more of performing products than anything else). As a makeup artist I always choose formulas that work for me irrespective of whether they are the best or the worst in the market. My idea of an ideal blusher does not necessarily mean the product has to be intensely pigmented....its just needs to have a star value.

I am a fan of a lot of blushers but this post shall have the 5 best ones that I like and use it on the blog and also over clients. Let me make a small confession (its the season of making confessions) - I have an addiction for blushers just the way I have addiction for mascaras and I don't display them coz I am too hideous and a ghastly sight LOL.....

So presenting my top favorite blushers for the Mid 2013....and they are "MY" favorites, so do let me know yours in the comments section..

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mid 2013 - Best of 5 - MASCARAS

Its 'May' and its almost the mid of the year. I can't imagine how fast the days pass by and how things change fast. Although right now I am in the aura of some petty cheap Beauty Confessions calling me 'uncle-ji....thread your brows' while not knowing the actual purpose of writing a beauty blog. But its fun.....its like blaming a doctor without even being able to study medicine yourself...perfect stand up comedy according to me. What hater(s) are these who called me a 'faker' and all the stuff...dont I have the right to retaliate against these vulgar people. Anyways its better to give a cold shoulder after some time.

So its the right time to open up some posts on Best 5's lets see what are the best mascaras till the Mid-May 2013 (drug store and department brands)....

Friday, May 3, 2013

Review : YSL Pure Chromatics Palette in 04

I got some of these amazing amazing YSL Pure Chromatics eyeshadow palettes some days back and after a long time itch I am revealing them one by one. This quad no.04 is a special one as its inspired from the video of Mary Greenwell for Lisa Eldridge and she is one of the most respectable makeup artists I have ever known.

YSL Pure Chromatics eyeshadows are specially formulated formulas that can be used wet and dry. They are made directly into their pans (actually poured in them) and kept for drying literally so that the water evaporates and a strong pigment is left in the pan. You can see a glimpse of how these are manufactured in this French video which is really inspirational. The only unfortunate thing is that they dont make matte formulations. Maybe this has to do something with the manufacturing process though.

Anyways lets have a look.........


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