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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Review : Guerlain Les Ombres De Turandot Eyeshadow Quad

Sometime one has to take a bold step into buying a palette like this. And then its the biggest surprise when the eyeshadows in the palette become so wearable and also flatter our complexions (whichever it is)......
This is my story of the Ecrin 4 Couleurs palette in Les Ombres De Turandot......

Inspired by the Opera and the stories inspired by Love, Guerlain paid an ode to this emotion by creating a palette so beautiful, wearable and articulate that one becomes mesmerized just at a glimpse of lets see what this is all about....


The eyeshadow quad, just like others comes in a lovely velvet sleeve and its own packaging. I have not pictured that just to make the post size a bit smaller. I love the heavy gold case of the eyeshadow. It is so luxurious and plush.It has got 4 colors totally weighing 7.2 gms which is 1.8 gm per eyeshadow. Its a lot of product for the price I had to pay to get this quad in India and way cheaper than a set of MAC singles put in a quad. The eyeshadows do not have any perfume but a distinct smell of luxury that cannot go unnoticed. There is an applicator provided but it is so inconspicuous that I wouldn't even notice it.


Doesn't the picture above look like some artifact or a slab from the British Museum? LOL...its not..Anyways the eyeshadows are beautifully textured. Really soft, buttery and nicely pigmented. All worth each penny I paid. 2 mattes are soft and have a good slip. They do not look or feel chalky and go quite satiny on the lids instead of creating a dead shrivelled lid. 2 shimmers may be polar opposites color wise but texture wise almost feel like a creamy eyeshadow transformed to a powder. I am on my way to try them 'wet' with MAC Fix + and then see how they work.


The colors are  (my description) :-
  1. Shimmery orange gold with a heavenly sparkle
  2. Maroon - others have called it a 'plum' but somehow I am convinced that its a matte maroon.
  3. Redwood orange with a satin touch. These 2 colors look like sisters on the eye lid.
  4. Dusky brown shimmer. This color has a touch of taupe, purple, grey, rose and yet its a brown.
These colors are beautiful and fun to use. One can create quite a dramatic eye or use this colors for bridals especially Indian weddings as the colors spells glamour.


I did 2 looks using the Turandot quad and you shall often see it erupting in a lot of forthcoming posts as well as I would do a detailed tutorial on both the looks that shall happen soon (after strenuous editing and all).

The 'maroon' makes a lovely crease color and flatters olive skins a lot. It can be a versatile smokey eye color or even could be used as a liner. The Redwood color is purely a mid tone but I am planning to do a look which is beige and redwood (oops I spilled a post). The brown is nothing rare and one can find dupes if hunted and so its the orange-y gold. But the shadows pull out very well.

This look has a hidden black liner (under the eyeshadow) and in the inner corners I have applied the redwood shadow. See how satiny and beautiful it looks.

So this is the beautiful Turandot palette. I have been really late in reviewing this but all thanks to Indian Customs and Launches I should be pardoned globally.

Priced at just 2125 INR, there is still a scope to own a Guerlain product and feel proud about.

Some beautiful reviews : -
  1. Temptalia
  2. Charleston Girl
  3. Blushing Noir
This is a lovely quad and I am sure a lot of Indian ladies would be benefited from the array of colors in the palette. Hope you liked this lightning fast review. Do let me know in the comments..

Pssst.....I may give one for a Giveaway to a lucky reader if I am able to grab one soon.

Till then,


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  1. ahmazzingggg...
    what a glam look doc..............<3 <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks a lot Ritika. That's one palette I really love.

  2. Lovely palette... loved the look too <3

    1. Thanks a lot Eesha...its indeed a phenomenal palette

  3. Oh my gosh! This palette is absolutely gorgeous, and yes, totally worth every cent! I am so sad now that Guerlain is not available in my city... :(

    1. Oh ...I wish they start courier services. Lemme ask if u r interested. Btw u can also try Strawberrynet.

  4. Ghosh! This e/s is made 4 indian beauty... the shades r so earthy n gorgeous... n doc I ♡ the eotd.. wish I had this 2 create the look u created

    1. Thanks a ton Erica...its a perfect match na...

  5. Amazing...n as usual ur looks just too good

    1. Thanks a glad u liked the looks. Will be doing the tutorials soon...

  6. Are these palletes still available at Guerlain?
    I live in Canada btw


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