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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review : Urban Decay Vice Palette

Sometimes Vices are good, especially this one.

Proudly presenting and reviewing the Limited Edition Palette from the House of Urban Decay for Fall 2012 called the VICE PALETTE......

First of all, zillion thanks to Rashmi of Indyabeauty for being really kind and getting this palette for me with a lot of effort and hardship put in. I couldn't thank her more....

I would have called this palette as the 'Wise' Palette as its a product of the immense research Urban Decay has gone through, to revamp and reformulate and create new shades exclusive to this palette. I would still say that their 15th Anniversary Palette was much much better (although it was too artsy) and this ranks just second close to it with 2 worst performing eyeshadows. A complete palette as I call it, the color spectrum ranges from smokey colors, to higlighters to bright pop hues. Its one palette that has it all....

So lets have a look at this beautifully crafted piece de resistance....


Urban Decay really puts in an effort to write every inch and every detail of what their product is and contains and inspirations et al, leaving no stone unturned and no scope of surprises for the buyer. As usual, this card board box writes everything one has to know and is quite complete. The palette looks like its named after a purple eyeshadow named 'Vice' but there isn't anything great about it.

Inside is this deep aubergine black colored palette with a bejeweled Urban Decay logo and beholding the true treasures to witness. It looks like a small computer and is quite chic. The rubberized packaging resists fingerprints, although shimmers tend to have an uncanny affinity to stick and not come off. They do appear like tiny stars in space and make the box appear magical with pixie dust with subsequent uses.

What a lovely description the company has given about the product. Its tells us everything,


There are multi-variants in the finishes of the eyeshadows that this palette contains. So you can find silky mattes, soft satin finishes, frosty delights, metallic nuances and of course glimmery madness of what is UD known for. The glimmery eyeshadows need to be packed up on a sticky base and they do have massive fall outs while application and even after post application. All the shades have a buttery consistency and 0.8 gm of each shadow should go a long way. 

While the matte colors glide on smoothly with brush, I prefer dabbing the ultra shimmery eyeshadows with fingers so that they stay on the lids and nowhere else. The fall outs can be a nuisance but with Freebird eyeshadow, a nice highlighter can be expected.


  • Desperation: Taupe brown with satin finish. Its a nice contouring shade and a taupe is a must in a UD palette to counteract the brightness of other colors.
  • Muse: Deep sepia brown with multi-dimensoinal sparkle finish. This is quite like MAC's Mythology to look at, but really like Beauty Marked when applied. There are subtle fall outs with this shade.
  • Jagged: Metallic black gold with shimmer finish. This looked a bit olive to me and even though its the softest shade out there, it is packed and packed and packed with glitter. So saturated that it cannot be seen on eyes. I am going to try using MAC Mixing Medium to fix this up.
  • Blitz: Metallic yellow gold with shimmer finish. This is the best eyeshadow ever. The brightest lemon gold shimmer I have ever seen other than MAC Golden Lemon Pigment.
  • Penny Lane: Metallic peachy bronze pearl with golden shimmer finish. Another beautiful metallic peach to go for.
  • Junkie: Dark green/blue pearl with golden shimmer. I think it should be called Emerald (especially when mixed with a bit of Blitz).
  • Chaos: Bright blue matte. Super amazing brightest blue color ever.
  • Occupy: Metallic steel grey with multidimensional sparkle and shimmer finish. The multidimensional sparkle reflects pink, blue and green at different angles and this is one the most flattering shades for a smokey metallic eye.
  • Unhinged: Metallic electric turquoise with shimmer finish. Another favorite. Its a bit less intense and playful than UD's Deep End.
  • Black Market: Jet black satin. Its not at all jet black and when compared to UD's Blackout, it looked a but brown toned. The description is not at all apt.
  • Provocateur: Light metallic mauve with multi-dimensional sparkle and shimmer finish. This shade is surreal.
  • Rapture: Dark greyish purple with multi-dimensional shimmer finish. This is quite a coy and wearable shade as compared to how it looks in the palette. I great variant and lovely ombre effect it can impart.
  • Vice: Deep eggplant purple with shimmer finish and the inspiration of the name of the palette. They have made lots of purples before and this is just another purple that is magnificent and magical.
  • Noise: Electric punch pink with gold sparkle and shimmer finish. The gold sparkle shows very well.
  • Armor: Metallic dove grey with silver micro-glitter shimmer finish. This adds the Princess Diana like softness to the eyes.
  • Nevermind: Metallic cork with shimmer finish. Most amazing neutral ever.
  • Echo Beach: Pale wheat with shimmer finish. Reminds me of Stila's Wheat eyeshadow. This is a perfect highlighter while creating a neutral eye.
  • Anonymous: Opaque almond with matte finish. I used this shade as a base at times and I cant explain how well it glides and lets other eyeshadow adhere.
  • Free Bird: Pink champagne with silver micro-sparkle shimmer finish. Lots of fall outs but an amazing shade.
  • Laced: Opaque pinky taupe with matte finish. Beautiful color and rather unique due to its brown grey tones.
  • Double-ended Shadow and Crease Brush included. Nice and better than the NAKED 2 palette. 
One shouldn't get this palette to look for boring neutral flesh colors or nude sparkly shades. This is indeed a cocktail of colors and one needs to have at least one of such color and texture in their kit. This palette like others is quite well thought and the turquoise did spell green on my eyes (emerald green) which I am quite happy about.

I did 2 looks for this post and shall be putting the tutorials soon.

Base - UDPP + MAC Paint pot Ground work , Lid - Free Bird, Crease - Unhinged, Brow bone - Anonymous, Outer corners - Chaos + Black Markey and lower lids - Junkie

Base - UDPP, Lid - Muse, Crease - Desperation, Inner corners - Blitz, Highlight - Echo Beach and lower lids - Muse + Desperation.

This is overall a gorgeous palette to create an array of looks. UD did use a lot of amazing textures and I can imagine how difficult it is to put in all the shades. I still looked for a reddish chocolate brown and a lemon or light green as an addition to complete the palette.

Hope you liked the review. Do let me know in the comments.

Till then,


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  1. Looks a beautiful rainbow of colors arranged in square comapacts.... looking forward to see tutorial of the first look. Loving the aqua in the crease, looks multidimensional with that aqua and blue :-)

    1. Thanks a ton Eesha..doing the tutorial soon...

    2. I am looking forward to a look using that bright fuchsia shade. As in how will incorporate fuchsia in your looks??

    3. I am doing a post on that soon....for small eyes like ours its looks amazing and dramatic when done have a look.

  2. WOWWWWW neerajjjjjjjjjjjjjjj .... how deadly looks you created :) am soooooooo happyyyy for you :D and thank you so much for kind words :D :D
    and awesomeeee review as always and looks are out of the world i must say

    1. Thanks a billion Rashmi...all ur effort in getting this palette...looks coming up sooonnn

  3. wow doc..u managed to get one of the best palette..
    the eye looks created are just stunning and the way u have highlighted the inner corner in the second look is just amaaahzinG!!!!!!!!

    1. thanks a ton Ritika...although I found 15th anniversary palette better...doing more looks...keep reading.

  4. Loving the first look Doc! Cant wait for the tut....Good review :)

    1. Thanks a lot Shikha....will do looks with this ...

  5. doc this is breathtaking simply..... love it 2 d core... :D

  6. Lovely EOTD :D Excellent...
    Enter my giveaway:

    1. Thanks a lot Gayatri....hope u liked the post.

  7. Oh em geee... love the shades in that palette... they r sooo 'me'... LUCKY U...Doc! I m so J.. u can create bright beautiful luks wiyh this :D


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