Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review : Urban Decay Vice Palette

Sometimes Vices are good, especially this one.

Proudly presenting and reviewing the Limited Edition Palette from the House of Urban Decay for Fall 2012 called the VICE PALETTE......

First of all, zillion thanks to Rashmi of Indyabeauty for being really kind and getting this palette for me with a lot of effort and hardship put in. I couldn't thank her more....

I would have called this palette as the 'Wise' Palette as its a product of the immense research Urban Decay has gone through, to revamp and reformulate and create new shades exclusive to this palette. I would still say that their 15th Anniversary Palette was much much better (although it was too artsy) and this ranks just second close to it with 2 worst performing eyeshadows. A complete palette as I call it, the color spectrum ranges from smokey colors, to higlighters to bright pop hues. Its one palette that has it all....

So lets have a look at this beautifully crafted piece de resistance....

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review : Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gloss in Champagne Pearl

I have been taking photos of the amazing Guerlain glosses I have and this is another gorgeous shade that I have picked up from the Guerlain counter. Recently Beauty Traveller is taking a luxury turn featuring  brands like YSL, Guerlain, Chanel and Estee Lauder being featured. Hope you like them?

This is another lovely Kiss Kiss Gloss in Champagne Pearl, to have a look at...........lets see......

Androgynous Models - bad for female morale?

Thanks to the nice lady Catherine for writing this amazing article.

Androgynous models: bad for female morale?
Kate Moss shot to fame as a slight-framed teenager, sparking further demand for lean beauties to model clothes. In recent years, the fashion industry has taken things one step further, with some companies choosing to use androgynous men to model women’s clothing. Jean Paul Gaultier was one of the first fashion houses to do so, dressing male model Andrej Pejic in a wedding dress for the 2011 Paris Couture Week.
For many women, seeing such slender - often boyish - figures modelling clothes might establish an unrealistic ideal. And the recent move into using actual male models arguably increases the pressure on women to strive for a shape which is essentially unnatural. Male models like Andrej Pejic deliver a certain look and physique that is simply impossible for many women to achieve. Then, when styles copying designers' items eventually hit the high street, there will inevitably be feelings of inadequacy amongst some; if women pick up a trendy new top but can't fit into it, it can only be bad for morale.
However, the blame for unrealistic ideals cannot solely be laid on androgynous male models. Indeed, it can be argued that having men modelling women's clothing actually highlights the fact that the typical frame needed to be a female model is perhaps more similar to that of a slim man. And this can only serve to relieve the pressure on women to look like those on the catwalk.
In fact, we can argue that the blame for such ideals should be shared around. During the post-Christmas period, pressure on women to slim down can be especially intense; we are surrounded by advertisements for weight-loss aids, resulting in New Year’s resolutions that aim to achieve the 'ideal' body type (research found that 37% of Brits cited weight loss as a top resolution).
Women’s magazines should also take some of the responsibility. They are packed full of celebrities with slender physiques, showing off their beach bodies on holiday. Whilst some famous faces may have been genetically blessed with slim figures, many will have spent a lot of time and money perfecting their body, and such resources are simply not available to the average woman.
Perhaps these magazines should devote more column inches to celebrating traditional womanly curves. There is certainly the demand for it. Indeed, stars like Kelly Brook and Rihanna have popularised the classic hour-glass figure, while a number of other celebrities have launched plus size clothing ranges. Gemma Collins from TOWIE, for example, has recently released a clothing range for fuller figures. According to research, the market for plus size ranges has grown 40% since 2007 and such an increase must reflect society’s changing attitudes towards body norms.
Till then,


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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Beauty Traveller POLLS

Which is your favorite Guerlain Eyeshadow  Palette? free polls 

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hollywood movies inspired..........

My YSL Pure Chromatics Palette no.19 is amazing. Its so versatile and can be coupled with other eyeshadows to add light and dimension to the most mundane eye makeup.

This is a look inspired by old Hollywood movies with a little modernity of adding shimmers to create amazing dimensions to a flat smokey eye that is created with matte colors (none of these are matte though).

On Beauty Traveller, I strive to feature looks that can be easily be done at home and I hope I am doing a good job at that. Of all the looks I have done, I think this is the most mesmerizing and ethereal look ever. Do you feel so?

Anyways, lets see how to do the look.........

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Party Doll !!

The party is always ON whatever the time of the year it is.....and party makeup ideas never end. I am favoring a lot of looks these days which are smoldering smokeys all around with a hope of shimmer on the middle of the lid and you shall see a lot of such looks being put on the blog recently.

This is a twist over the YSL's Le Smokey eyes and only YSL eyeshadow palette would have done justice to this look thence its being used. I loved the Pure Chromatics eyeshadows that they launched recently and the pay off is gorgeous. Did you know that these eyeshadows were poured directly into the palette due to its slurry like texture and then pressed? No wonder they can be used wet or dry and really you cannot tell whether its a powder or a cream eyeshadow. I call them dried cream shadows..LOL

Anyways lets see how to do this Party Doll look..............


ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS....................after thorough verification of all the parameters............

Thanks a million for participating. Shall post the prizes as soon as I get free from work and thanks a trillion again................

1st WINNER is RASHMI DEV.........Rashmi please contact me within 24 hrs to claim your price.

  • Guerlain eyeshadow quad LIMITED EDITION in Velours D'Or
  • Max Factor Elixir lipstick in Maroon Dust
  • Clarins Travel size samplers of Sunscreen SPF 40 and Beauty Flash balm
And many more goodies that are yet to be put in and shall be a surprise as usual.

2nd WINNER is ANKITA MISTRY............Ankita please contact within 24 hrs to claim your prize.

  • Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow in Fizz
  • Laura Mercier Cake eye liner
  • Clarins samples
And some more surprise goodies.

10 CONSOLATION PRIZES - Special prizes to whoever commented. You get a lovely product from either Maybelline or Bourjois or Max Factor along with your Clarins invite.
Please contact within 24 - 48  HRS to claim your Giveaway............

  • Lee Bee aka Lisha Bhatta
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Each of the 10 winners would get a Clarins Double Serum sample and an invitation for a free consultation at the nearest Clarins counter. This is an offer valid only for Indian citizens and in case you are an international winner, you can avail the samples provided in it.

I will be using the famous Rafflecopter Widget to choose the winner. Even though the widget will have all the rules and points that you would enter with, I just want to sum them up.

The GIVEAWAY is scheduled from 29th Dec 2012 to 31st Jan 2013. I shall announce the results after verification of all parameters a winner would be chosen from the contestants.

Thanks a lot for the dedicated daily comments by some of the most amazing and patient people I know.....thanks a billion. Just because I have run out of funds and some collections are taking a bit longer than anticipated, I have to postpone the Giveaway by 15 more days so that I can add another GUERLAIN blush and some more products in the Giveaway. 


"This GIVEAWAY is for the beginning of the new year but also in memory of the beautiful soul of the GIRL who faced such a brutal torture and succumbed. I pray that the alleged should be given the worst punishment ever."


Its another lovely GIVEAWAY coming up for the NEW YEAR JAN 2013. Begin the new year (end of the month though) with a bedazzling treat, small yet sweet from Beauty Traveller. This is an international GIVEAWAY and open for all. 

For international winner (outside INDIA) I can either send the parcel toa relative in India or send the parcel to the destined place. I do not take any guarantee of international parcels and the subjected customs and duty shall be borne by the recipient. If the shipping cost exceeds a certain budget more than my expectations, then another winner may be announced with an apology note to the international winner. Please abide by the rules as they are in the interest of the subscribers of Beauty Traveller.

I believe in doing last minute additions to the Giveaways and the image you see is the least you can get. There will always be more additions into it.

This GIVEAWAY is not gender biased and is open to all. So please do not feel shy and give it a try. 

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Beauty Traveller would evaluate the first FIVE entry selections and then one with the highest criteria fulfillment will win where as the second would be the second prize winner. Other 10 prizes will be chosen by the widget and shall be declared in the article.

  1. Do not mention your information, GFC, Twitter id or anything else in the comments. These parameters would not be entertained and would not influence the Giveaway.
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So do enter the Giveaway and have a lovely holiday season.

Till then,


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Friday, February 15, 2013

Review : Lancome Blush Highlighter in Moonlit Rose

After colors venturing from honeysuckles to peaches to tangerines to oranges to plums and all, they finally returned to roses and pinks starting from Fall 2012 and also the holiday collections. Since I am always in awe with the rosy hues, it was difficult to resist the pleasure of purchasing a product who dupe I already have in a much expensive form.........

So here's the beautiful highlighter from Lancome called Moonlit Rose and lets see in the review whether it really means what it is named..........

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Look #1 - Le Smoke

This Valentine, I thought of getting inspired  by old Hollywood movies which had the charm of smokey eyes and absolutely dewy skin and looked so mesmerizing. This is also a look inspired by Charlotte Tilbury's look for one of the Chloe fashion shows where she won an award for the Best Makeup Category.

The Le Smoke eye is a beautiful amalgamation of grey and taupe colors with a hint of purple and soft silvery shimmer to add magic. Paired with wispy spidery lashes, this look is very hypnotic and look really intense and very different in soft evening lights. Imagine an evening in Paris and meeting your date near the Eiffel Tower. You can create this feel around yourself by being in any part of the world. Its just about the MAGIC QUOTIENT...could call it MQ like IQ....

So lets see, how to get the look...........

Monday, February 11, 2013

Beauty Traveller POLLS

What did you buy for Valentine's Day makeup? (Mention the brands in the comments please) free polls 

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Look Young Going 40...........

This is one of my lovely clients and she has a fabulous well taken care of skin and loves makeup but never got it done for an occasion since 20 yrs of her wedding. I shall not be revealing names to protect privacy and I also declare that the client is aware about it.............Also you must remember that the photo is taken with a flash and it can exaggerate certain makeup key areas while blur others. At the end of the day its she who looked good and got a lot of compliments and that's what counts more to me.

I always wanted to do a small tutorial to talk about makeups done at the age of 40. Its something that one would never try to do when they were young and yet its not all the time one has to make rules that are rigid. I know I wrote a contradictory statement but thats true.

So this makeup tutorial is about makeup for the women in their 40s and I shall talk about the look as well as give my pointers about the makeup...Hope you find it interesting....

Monday, February 4, 2013

Russian Ballroom Inspired - Glam Purple

I have used the fabulous Guerlain Ombre 4 Eclats in Velours D'Or for this Russian Ballroom inspired theme and since the Giveaway comes to an end soon, I thought this is a good time to post this lovely tutorial for the winner to get a bit more inspired.

I loved the darkness of this quad as purples and plums appeal to me the most. Plus it has two colors that cannot be easily duped and the black eyeshadow is gorgeous. Guerlain also has a range called Abelle Royale in their skin care line and this could be inspired from that range too. So lets see how to achieve this simple yet amazing look.....

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Review : Maybelline Super Stay 14 HR lipsticks

I must proclaim that I was one of the first ones to know and to have bought the lipstick the day they launched it in the stores. In fact I did share a small haul with YSL quads a few days back. Since I was so busy with work and makeup jobs I could not make a post of this, so sincere apologies for making it now. In fact I have used the lipsticks in my bridal posts as well.

I was very intrigued by the 14 Hr claim Maybelline makes and with likes from mavericks like Lisa Eldridge thought of getting some dramatic colors to adorn my kit. I find them really nice and pretty and all the six colors I got are my favorites. Shall be buying all the 14-16 shades they have launched over time as I would need them that often.

I got some lovely shades that really caught my eye. In this picture you see;
  1. Keep Me Coral
  2. Lasting Chestnut
  3. Ultimate Blush

In this picture are;
  1. Eternal Rose
  2. Stay with me coral
  3. Non stop Red
These lipsticks have been incessantly and profoundly reviewed on many many many blogs so let me keep the post short and sweet (hopefully). I will be giving a small explanation of each shade that I keep reading........

Friday, February 1, 2013

Beauty Traveller Polls

What Valentine Makeup Gift do you aspire?


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