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Review : Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats in Nuit D'Ete

Reviewing another lovely blush I picked up from Guerlain, called Nuit D'ete which means 'summery nights'. Although I would use this blush for all seasons and all times, I am amazing at how Monsieur Olivier Echaudmaison depicts the summery glow. Imagining the transformation of sun kissed and a slightly sun burnt glow into a night time party or just a date, Nuit D'ete is a blush that would epitomize romanticism like this.

I have done my first preview of the Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats in Rose Plein Vent and one could consider it as a proto-type post to understand the packaging et al. So lets see how the blush looks like...........

Nuit D'Ete blush comprises of 4 colors that compliment each other to either create a lovely luminous glow or have paired up shades to contour, blush and highlight the facial features subtly. So over all for a 9g. worth of product, you can find a conventional blush, a darker blush, bronzer shade for contouring and a lovely shimmery highlighter with a high wattage sheen.


It comes in a golden case with a natural hair beveled edge brush provided for picking up the right colors. The brush is quite a good quality and can be handy for travelling. The case is metallic and a bit on the heavier side and looks very plush and rich.


As usual, Guerlain made a very fine milled pressed powder blush with a subtle floral fragrance to get a taste of luxury. The blush is soft and almost creamy to feel (with a bit of dry feel thanks to talc). Its super pigmented regardless the presence of talc and other mineral fillers. On a single brush stroke (I used Shiseido Blush Brush), it picks up intense color and needs a bit of dusting to take the excess color off. Also you need to exercise slight pressure while picking the blush as the pigments are quite strong in comparison to Rose Plein Vent blush


A melange of 4 colors result in a contouring, sculpting and highlighting effects which can be taken from a demure barely there flush of color to an intense application. The 4 colors provided are as follows: -
  • Warm tan - a light terracotta with nuances of peach and orange. This does add warmth to harmonize with the other cooler tones in the blush.
  • Mauve Bronze - this is a cool bronze with ever so noticeable purple in the brown color. I would call it as prune colored blush.
  • Raspberry Pink - is a bright reddened pink with a satin finish and most predominant in the application.
  • Rose Shimmer - a cool icy frosted rose colored shimmer with a hint of silver grey to add coolness. This is the only shimmery color out of the four.


  • To get a warm summery (or wintry) glow, swirl a fat blush brush over all the colors and apply like a conventional blush.
  • You could use a warm tan shade as a bronzer for the day. Mauve toned bronze to contour. Raspberry pink to add color and highlight with rose shimmer.
  • This blush could be married with one of the Terracotta Bronzers from the Guerlain's collection of amazing bronzers and can give an appearance of windswept cheeks to slight ever so sun burnt effect too.
  • I also used it over the eyes to add a soft touch of color and contour and not get the starkness of the eyeshadows. 
So this blush happens to be like a overall color for the face. 


2875 INR


Its a luxury brand blush with gorgeous packaging, highly pigmented formula and you get a whopping 9 gm of a product. Guerlain is the most generous brand when it comes to product sizes and this blush is one of their generosities. 

Hope you liked the review of Nuit D'ete. Shall be reviewing another blush called Soleil Couchant sooner.
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  1. wow doc..seems to be an amazing product and with the brand name,shades,quality,packaging,choices of colours..its totally worth the amnt!

    1. thanks a lot Ritika...this is indeed an amazing blush and photographs so well too....totally worth the steal...

  2. what a lovely shade Neeraj ... was this LE shade ?

    1. Actually its le..but check on counters coz they will have stocks...

  3. I can't believe how lovely this shade it.... AMAZING. I must go and check this out.

    1. it looks quite dark in the pan but applies amazingly well

  4. The rasberry pink and rose shimmer look gorgeous!!! <3

    1. Thank u sooo much Shivani. So glad u liked it.

  5. even I liked raspberry pink shade

    1. isnt it amazing...its my favorite too...


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