Monday, January 7, 2013

Review - Clinique Chocolate Raspberry Lipstick

I had picked this lipstick before bidding adieu to my Clinique job and was completely nonchalant about its existence until I found it in the kit the other day (exhumed old cosmetics). Since I had planned a post that never happened and had swatched the lipstick before, it may look old but its truly unscathed.

So presenting a small quick review of Clinique Long last lipstick in 45 Chocolate Raspberry.

The color is insanely beautiful and very multi functional. Plus is looks different on different people and undertones and one cannot truly describe how versatile this color is.


The lipstick comes in a aluminium case which is like a complex cylinder. Its just a basic one with 4gm product in it. 


Although its allergy tested and 100% fragrance free, there is one ingredient some sensitive lipped people should worry about. Luckily the lipstick is paraben free and quite comfortable with a lot of botanicals added in.


The formula is more waxy and deeply pigmented with no hint of shimmer or sparkle. Yet the satiny finish and moisturizing properties of olive oil and aloe vera make the lipstick glide on like a dream, stay true to color, last longer thanks to the pigments and give a supple appearance to the lips. So this lipstick per se is not a dry matte color.

In the picture it depicts a plum but it isn't. Its quite a combination of red, purple and brown tones all in one. I would sum it up as plummy brown that photographs differently on different people and different lights. This matte formula is quite soft and gentle on the lips and good for all occasions.


  • This lipstick is best applied from the bullet.
  • Dabbing the lipstick with finger tips create an incredibly gorgeous rosy stain with hints of brown and beige in it. Typical for a day wear.
  • On layering the lipstick appears brown plum or prune colored and looks very very luxurious and rich.
  • Its going to be dark plum on fairer tones, rosy purple on medium and olive tones and a berry color on darker tones.
  • I also prefer using it as a cream blush thanks to the less oil content and more waxes in it, that can help mimic a natural rosy flush.

I purchased this lipstick from the Clinique Palladium Store for 1300 INR
Hope you liked this quick review.

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  1. such a pretty the reiew

    1. its a beautiful shade...and universal too

  2. absolutely beautiful shade Neeraj .... i love clinique lipstickssss :D :D

    1. Thank u soooo much Rashmi...its such a lovely shade. Very apt for its name.

  3. I loved berry colored lipsticks and this one is just soooooo gorgeous...Now am really itching to go to clinique

    1. Thanks a lot Parul. Its such a luscious lipstick shade and not at all drying. I haven't seen such a color anywhere before.

  4. Excellent shade! I love it and wanna have it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. U will love it. Do swatch it at a clinique store. So glad that u liked it.

  5. Now thats a lovely shade.... awesome ... and a perfect lipstick to rock during winters...

    1. its a very unique eyes popping show stopping one...

  6. Beautiful shade doc.. n love the new evergreen layout of ur blog <3

    1. thank u so much Erica...I am so glad u liked the new look of the blog. Its fresh, young and inviting compared to all aunties out there who like to act wise when they r not..LOL


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