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Moscow Ballroom Theme : Poetic Smokey Eyes

 I was inspired by the Russian Ballroom dances and the extravaganza that happens during these dances. They are flamboyant and very alluring. Beautiful Russian women don their eyes with the most magical colors ever and their interspersing and intermixing of colors is splendid. So as an ode to the Moscow Ballroom theme, I shall be presenting a few looks that are iconic and inspiring.

Smokey eyes are something that would never go out of trend. Every time there is something new that gets conjured and designed and every time there is something magical that happens with smokey eye trend. I have been following the famous makeup artist Val Garland who is known in the industry for her dreamy smokey eye makeups and this poetic smokey eye is inspired from her works for Proenza Schouler.

This is a soft and sober, very mystical looking smokey eye and does enhance brown eyed ladies well. Its super quick, quite long lasting in terms of textures and color and very very scintillating.

The magical thing about this poetic smokey eyes is that it looks different when you keep the eyes open and changes colors when you blink or close your eyes. Thats the magnificent part. So lets have a look on how to create the smokey eye.........

Conceal the under eyes really well. The concealer should be applied a bit extra since purple being the main color of under eye circles and pigmentation, adding an extra purple may accentuate them.

 Conceal any imperfection on the lid right from uneven skin to broken veins since we are using purple.

 Apply Oriflame Kohl pencil in Black on the entire perimeter of the eyes. Apply with a light hand since we just want it to be the base for now.

Blend it seamlessly for a smokey and hazy finish.

 Apply MAC Paint Pot in Dangerous Cuvee on the entire eye lid and blend it into the crease.

Using Girlactik eyeshadow in Satin as a highlighter on the brow bone. Also comb and tame the brows by filling in sparse areas with MAC Dark Edge, to create fuller appearing brows.

 Begin by applying MAC Blue Green Pigment in the outer corners and build in MUFE eyeshadow no.92 in the inner corners.

 With a flat eyeshadow brush apply Bourjois Light eyeshadow in no.01 on the middle of the lid. This sparkly frosted eyeshadow is duo chrome and surreal.

 Darken the inner corners with MUFE eyeshadow no.92 and take it upto the inner crease to make the eyes look bigger.

 Create the same smokey effect on the lower lids with Blue Green pigment on the outer corners, Bourjois Light Shadow no.01 in middle and purple in the inner corners. To brighten the purple you can apply UD eyeshadow in Omen (from the 15th anniversary palette).

Line the upper lash line and trace the inner rims of the lower lash line with Chambor Dazzle Liner in Purple Dazzle. Its a gorgeous dark purple-black with noticeable nuances of purple shimmer. Its much more elegant then a classic black.

Curl the lashes with MAC eye lash curler and apply 2-3 coats of Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells mascara for beautifully donned eyes.

Since its a Moscow theme, I advice to keep the blush quite pink and frosty with a soft highlights on the face along with contours. Go easy and frosty pink on the lips. Lipsticks with chrome finishes shall pull the look better. 

  • Guerlain Parure Aqua Radiant Feel Good SPF 25 foundation
  • Clinique All About Eyes concealer
  • Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating Pressed Powder in Nacre Des Mers
  • MAC Pro Longwear blush in Whole Lotta Love
  • Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats in Rose Plein Vent
  • Maybelline 14 HR Super stay lipstick in Ultimate Blush
  • Oriflame Kohl pencil in Black
  • MAC eyeshadow in Dark Edge
  • MAC Paint Pot in Dangerous Cuvee
  • MAC Pigment in Blue Green
  • MUFE eyeshadow no. 92
  • Girlactik eyeshadow in Satin and Urban  Decay eyeshadow in Omen
  • Bourjois Light Eyeshadow no.01
  • MAC eye lash curler
  • Chambor Dazzle liner in Purple Dazzle
  • Lancome Hypnose Precious cells mascara
 I hope you liked this Russian inspired theme and some looks that I shall be posting in it. Do let me know your views in the comments. Do not forget to enter my Giveaway...

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  1. some text missing****wt shades n wt brands??nice look btw

    1. Hi...just rectified the error. In fact blogger is acting a bit naughty!! Lol

    2. Btw plz email me ur query again. I've lost it completely I guess coz I deleted ur email as well as some hundred more emails.

    3. so beautiful... wow.. wsh i kud pull off ths makeup. im kinda bad at it.

  2. loved the blending doc!!!!
    the shades are to good!!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Ritika. So glad that u liked it.

  3. My gosh!! absolutely gorgeous..I'll surely try my hands at this even though i'm sure i wont manage to come even a bit close to this masterpiece!!

    1. Thanks so much Lee B....of course u will do a brilliant job at makeup...I truly feel so...

  4. Love it!! Looks gorgeous!! I don't have any of those exact shades(some similar), if I had to buy one color product that's considered a must for this look, which would it be? Wondering between the Mac DC or Mufe shadow. Looks amazing :)

    1. It would definitely be MAC....btw this look can also be created using the BH cosmetics palette so why dont u invest in one. I recommend the Jenni Rivera palette.

  5. Gorgeous Dr.Niraj:)

    1. Thanks a lot. Kindly read the disclaimer written for not writing anonymous comments. This doesn't mean I cannot track your IP address and location. Please use your name or an alternate name that is not anonymous. Thanks a lot.

  6. LOVE THIS YOU ARE TURNING PRO NEERAJ - soon I'll see in a bollywood movie - make up by Neeraj Navre ;)

    1. thank u soooooo much....I so wish and please pray that this happens soon....u will be the guest there to watch how everything happens behind the camera then...sitting near the actress and chatting with her..LOL

  7. Extremely extremely prettyy....
    Finally i am able to comment n ur posts, but it's taking a lot of time to get the comment form...


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