Sunday, December 29, 2013

Easy Smokey Eyes for the New Year's Eve

I guess this is one of the easiest and most glamorous smokey eye one could do for the NYE. In the most of my career as a makeup artist, I have always been asked how to get the 'PERFECT' Smokey eye. I have also written an article about it some days back, yet I am reiterating again. A smokey eye is never PERFECT, just like the smoke is never perfectly distributed in the air. Its all in the blending just as the name suggested. Actually every eye makeup ends up in a smokey eye only as it is always about the blending.

To create a simple smokey eye, one needs to know a few key features :
  1. Always liner the lash line with a black and smoke it out.
  2. Always contour with one charcoal color.
  3. Always highlight in the inner corners and under the brow bone.
  4. Always use a lot of mascara as that makes the eyes look smoldering.

Btw I have used my lovely and famous BH cosmetics 120 Eyeshadow palette in 4 the Edition to do this look.

Note - there were immense fall outs and I could not shoot without a foundation underneath which I normally don't do to get rid of the fall outs. I cleaned the under eye area a lot but the darkness of the charcoal eyeshadow did not go. Please pardon me for that.

Lets see how to achieve it....

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bridal Makeup

I had the honor to do my friend Afrah's makeup for her wedding. Although the wedding spans for three days, there are three different occasions, each demanding a beautiful makeup look. Today's was the COCKTAIL PARTY and Afrah wore an amazing black ruffled gown, being the beautiful bride to be.

I was lucky enough to get a good background for taking the picture with my Sony Xperia ZR phone, that I have retained to do these things. The makeup was themed for a cocktail party. I was demanded to do my signature smokey eyes and of course sprinkle some pixie dust. So this is what I ended up doing....Have a look...............

Friday, December 27, 2013

Being my own SANTA CLAUS

I have always got rewarded in the month of December. Maybe that's why GOD makes me really wait all those months so that finally December comes in and I am blessed all at once.

So I got a lot of stuff again and you can see them all in this picture. Now my drawers are over flowing again and soon some more stuff shall make it into the bridal kit...So lets see what all I got..........

The LINER Tutorial - How to apply Gel liner perfectly??

This is one of the most requested tutorials I have ever received. Everyone wants to know the perfect way to line their eyes and everyone has their tricks. I have my own too. This is what I have trained my hands to do and this is what I have practiced for the last 4 yrs to improve.

Cat eye liners or Feliners as MAC named them a while ago, are the most incredible and one of the easiest ways to adorn the eyes, make them look mesmerizing and add a sensual touch to the makeup. Indians have been using kohls since the longest time I have ever known and history raves about Cleopatra and Liz Taylor. Whoever it is, they have looked simply amazing.

Apply a set of false lashes makes it all look so dramatic and surreal and you are the talk of the town. So lets see how to apply one of the most quintessential parts of an amazing makeup - the liner..................

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My hauls - BH cosmetics and MAC

Christmas is the time of going gaga and shopping till you finish it all off. I had done a brilliant Black Friday order from the BH Cosmetics website and was enthralled to receive my parcel (with a custom duty receipt attached). Meanwhile, yesterday I got such an amazing deal from MAC so had to go ahead and grab it. I had always wanted the new mascara, the Black Track Gel liner and the PRO Longwear paint pot in Frozen Violet. So I ended up buying one of their gift sets which looked as if it was sent to me by GOD and at a price way cheaper than the sum of three. Lucky ain't I?

So lets see what all I got.....................

The Perfected Smokey EYE for HOLIDAY!!

This is not an article that will feature a tutorial. This is an article which will inspire you to get a perfect looking eye makeup and help you master over the most sought after smokey eye in a couple of steps, of course from my point of view as a makeup artist. Makeup artists have talked about smokey eyes for infinite years and each have their own way and sometime unique ways to create the most bedazzling smokey eyes. As you all know that I really trust and follow the major 10 makeup artists in the world, I know what knowledge comes from them is foolproof and vouched upon. And then adding my own stuff, I think I have started creating some decent smokey eyes in my recent works.

In this article, I want to share all the little things that could give you that perfect smokey eye.......especially for the Holidays and the festive season.......

Monday, December 23, 2013

Review : MAC Lip Mix - White

There was a different purpose in my mind when I bought this MAC Lip Mix in White and that never happened as its not as opaque as its brethren. Anyways, who knew this was a hidden genie in a tube. It did turn out to be one of the most used lip mixes while I started using them. My ideal funda is to invest in bright and deep colors and use them as often as I can while doing bridals. But certain brides love it simple so they do nag and opt for rosy and peachy hues on the lips. You cannot humanly own all the lipstick colors in your kit and this is where 'White' came handy.

Its been universally known that LIP MIXES can modify or change the texture and the color of the lipstick and thats what ' White ' did. Lets get to know more about this............

LOTD ft. Prerna

I am renaming my Instagram Posts as LOTDs ft. the person on whom the makeup is done with a watermark. This is a temporary thing as I am trying to come out of a routine mundane phase but this may get back to where it was soon too.

(Pic is edited using

Today's Look of the day aka LOTD was inspired by the Fall trends set by maestros like Pat McGrath and Tom Pecheux. Its inspired from an urban girl who is effortlessly chic with an edge to create a look that describes herself. She's free spirited, bold and elegant at the same time.

Since a while we had done any jewel toned looks for Prerna and that is one of the reasons, this happened. So lets see how to achieve this look, step by step.....

Friday, December 20, 2013

Photography is the connection between the past and the present.......

There are so many cool moments captured by cameras every single day. If you only think about the number of the images you have seen in your whole life you get to understand that there are too many pictures out there and it is super tough to count them all, it can be said that is impossible. Also, there are legendary photographs that are old but are capable of keeping the fire of the portrayed moments. Like the extra famous photographs of Marilyn Monroe, taken by some New York fashion photographer, in the city of the skyscrapers. These kinds of pictures keep surprising us even today. 

The fashion photography requests maximum authenticity besides beautiful curves and colors. When a photograph looks authentic and it is beautiful with its real characteristics, it makes us look at it over and over again. That is the great thing about photography. The realness of events, people and places is captured by the camera. Moreover the realness of today is transformed into an everlasting one, ready to be admired any time in the future. 

Photography emphasizes life in a way, no other art does. It shows life in the way it is, being a connection between us and our past moments. Photography is consequently used as a tool for us to share our lives today with other people or with the future us. There is no better way to show yourself, than taking a picture of you. That is the modern world. People walk around the city, the woods, parks and jungles and keep photographing everything they find beautiful or just worth to be captured. 

How many times have you caught yourself taking too many pictures of your shoes, your food or your pet? How many times have you seen girls in the clubs walk around the photographers because they want to be photographed?

The answer is, too many times, because that is what we do today. Average people and photographers all around the world are taking pictures of everything they find interesting. Generally speaking, photography is an art and if we go deeper in trying to understand it not only on the surface, we get to know that photography is one powerful connection between us and our past. It is a process of today, which gives results that can be seen tomorrow and for the rest of your life.

Photography is the best way to capture an emotion, an essence of life and of course cherish it till the photo lasts....

Till then,


Please do not copy any pictures or content of Beauty Traveller without prior permission. Thanks for reading my blog. I don't give 100% on the authenticity of the content here and it is subject to change without prior notice. Please read the disclaimer for any questions.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The little haul that went BIG - Part 2

This is the second part of the Haul...I basically got some back ups for certain products too. Btw the Cils Scintillant Mascara in Bronze Platine is for the lovely Shikha Agarwal of Sorelle Grapevine. Will be sending it to her soon....

Lets have a quick look................

A little Haul that went BIG - Part 1

This is one another cumulative haul that I made along with my friend Jigisha. I think we had the time of our lives....

This was definitely a planned one and then some things went berserk. It was fun getting these products though. I bought a lot of products from the Palladium Mall in Lower Parel and I had a blast.
So lets have a look at what all I got..............

Review : MAC Lip Mix - Orange

Today I shall be reviewing one of my new favorite products that I recently got introduced to. Its not that I didn't know about it, but I somewhere I was in the MAC denial phase and thence after coming out of it, I got some lovely MAC Lip mixes that have become an integral part of my ever growing makeup vanity kit.

The 'Orange' was the first one I got attracted to. Though neon it is, it translates so well and extremely beautifully on the lips and the saturation of the color is beyond explanation. Anyways, lets see more about it after the jump break.........

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Review : MAC Pro Setting Powder in Peach

I have always hunted for really finely milled translucent foundation setting powders and always loved all the purchases I have ever made. Talk Guerlain, Clinique, Chanel.....they make them all so well. But when it comes to professional results, I can only trust products made for professionals. And nothing better than MAC Pro Set Powder. I got 2 shades viz. Peach and Soft Yellow and will be reviewing them subsequently. 

What I expect from a translucent powder?
  • It should be nearly invisible on the skin. Almost traceless. This is not a powder foundation that has to be seen when applied.
  • It should be color correcting. This means Peach and Deep Peach colors for under the eyes and soft yellow to balance any whiteness on the face. This isn't enough for explaining though.
  • It should give a velvety satin finish on the face while having moderate to better oil absorbing and oil controlling properties.
  • It should give long lasting effect.
Anyways, lets see what this lovely powder is all about................

Monday, December 16, 2013

Bridal Makeup - Lovette

It was such fun to do makeup for Lovette. Her name is so amazing too. It was Lovette's wedding yesterday and I was honored to do her makeup for her special day. I believe she has the most amazing eyes and its a makeup artist's dream to do her makeup.

Lets see how to achieve this look.............(at home)......


I have been asked by a lot of people including readers, makeup artists, colleagues et al on what I carry in my professional bridal kit. I know its a huge affair but there are essentials that I carry everywhere and can't live without them (of course while doing brides). Unfortunately I won't be able to take pictures as it will be too cumbersome to do so but I shall update this article again when I take the pictures so that you know what is happening.

I generally carry a lot of stuff that I would need to have around me but here is the simplest and the basic list. It just works for me. I must warn that a lot of products that I own have been limited editions and really beautiful products. But I am sure dupes can be found, so I wont list the dupes. Lets have a look.......

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Haul - Shameless Sharing

What I bought yesterday was a mish mash of professional and personal products. This was a planned one and not done all of a sudden as one goes to MAC Juhu PRO store only with an agenda to get PRO products, especially someone like me. 

Another haul means a big line up of products that have to be reviewed and raved about throughout the coming months. There's something about the month of December. You are just compelled to buy a lot of stuff and exhaust all your fundings...Anyone can suggest how to control the urge?

Anyways lets see what these boxes contain..............

Review: Josie Maran Argan Cream Blush in Sunrise

I am a big fan of Josie Maran Cosmetics. Josie Maran is a big time supermodel who's started this eco friendly brand based on community trade with the Moroccan Argan Oil. Argan Oil derived from Argan nuts is specific to Morocco and is also called as liquid gold due to its healing properties which are way much amplified and is the secret behind the pretty looking Moroccan women. Josie is such a icon herself and I have always liked her. Her cosmetics being very difficult to procure, I got this lovely Cream blush from a friend who had crossed the seven seas.

Cream blushes are incredibly nice to impart that much coveted dewy glow. Plus if you have skin nourishing ingredients, then its a boon in a box (like genie in a bottle). Talk about the dewy glow, the little pinched up cheeks effect and of course the long lasting power, Josie Maran Cream Blush has it all.

So lets have a look at this beautiful blush..............

Saturday, December 14, 2013

HAUL!! It's OK...It's my Birthday

This is called Shameless Sharing. I think I should call my 'Haul' Posts as that. 6th Dec was my birthday and I got a lot of stuff to enjoy for myself.

Birthdays are the times to really go crazy and shop for stuff.. The only difference is you don't know how much you end up splurging till you realize..LOL...Lets have a looksie...

The December Wish List!! Part 2

This is the part of 2 of the big wish list that I have. Trust me! I am truly blessed makeup fanatic. Since makeup is my job I can get the best of the brands from the best of the world, flaunt them and of course use them on all my esteemed clients. I am just being generous these days btw.

In the second part of the list are mostly products that I need for myself and of course for bridal purposes. LUCKY BRIDES....Lol. So let's what the coming wish list is.........

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The December Wish List!! PART 1

What a sweet site called can now keep a track of your own wishes online...LOL...
As you all might know that I have done a ridiculously big haul now (with my birthday and with the bridal season happening) but that doesn't mean that I don't have a wish list. My wish list is ever growing as the brands are not getting tired and pouring new products and most of all cutting edge products that one may need to use in their lives, personally and professionally. Those who believe the lovely Paula Begoun, I must say she definitely has thrown a light and practicality in all her product reviews but that is the least she could do to stop me from buying what I want to.

So here's my wish list of what's happening in this little brain of mine............

Monday, December 9, 2013

Lancome Hypnose Eyeshadow palettes : Star Eyes, Doll Eyes and Drama

Finally Lancome has got something fabulous and very interesting and I thought of doing an introductory post before actually reviewing the eyeshadows that I got. Lancome introduces their Hypnose eyeshadow palettes that are like a wardrobe for eyes and the products can transform anyone into a smoking hot siren with a couple of strokes. I have admired the eyeshadow textures of Lancome for quite a while and getting this one is like another feather in Lancome's hat or rather another petal in the Lancome's Rose.

They got the beautiful and ever scintillating Daria Werbowy to be the model for the looks. Her eyes are simply mesmerizing and I just love what she wears. Now since I don't do any PR stuff for LANCOME INDIA (they don't like me and I don't care), I have collected these images from certain blogs that featured Lancome and also the Lancome website.

Let's have a look at what Lancome's got...............

The Winter Charm

There isn't a smokey eye without a purple in it (somewhere) and there isn't a smokey eye on Beauty Traveller that is without a purple in it (sometime). No wonder Purple is called is the color of GOD. Its such hypnotic and magical. Purple is all about making the eyes shine brighter and team it up with Brown or Hazel eyes and it impart that bedazzling effect on them. As a part of the Winter Smokey eye, this is the second tutorial.

For the Winters I am a big fan of dark egg plant purples and purples that have much more bluer undertones than red. These purples are much more cooler and very wearable at any degree of intensity that you want. From a soft and scintillating eye liner to a full blown smokey eye, Purple has always been magical.

So lets see how to achieve this beautiful and alluring Purple Smokey eye............

What did the GIVEAWAY Winner Win!!!

I had hosted a lovely Giveaway for my Instagram Subscribers and RITU RAJPUT won it!! Yipeeee....
Heartiest Congratulations..................

Along with the 4 basic products that could make anyone look like an enchantress, I also added a couple of samples and travel size products that only makeup hoarders like me have the privilege to get. So here's what Ritu shall be getting....

Rapid Fire Makeups

Whether they are the most mesmerizing smokey eyes or whimsical soft focus makeup, rapid fire makeup posts have something to share from the glamorous fashion world and adapt it to the real world....

Lets have a

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Winter Spirit - Silvery Taupe Smokey eye

The Winters may not be cold in Mumbai but the SPIRIT is felt...The Spirit of the Winters...December is such  magical month. Whatever we do, however we all feels magical

The Winter Spirit theme is a silvery-taupe smokey eye with a lot of beauty and softness that depicts the makeup for the winter months (there are no rules). This is a perfect makeup for a dinner at your best friend's house, a birthday party and/or even for Christmas to celebrate the Holiday  Spirit.

So lets see how to achieve this serene silver look....................

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Review : Guerlain Powder Brush no.11

Brushes and makeup artists have always had a strong bond that has just gotten stronger by the day. Who doesn't love brushes? And who doesn't love soft brushes from luxury brands? I know they are expensive but they are worth every penny spent when you end up buying your favorite ones. Today I shall be reviewing the most beautiful Guerlain Powder brush no.11 which I got as a birthday gift to myself.

I love large powder brushes and I own them in all shapes and sizes and from beautiful brands like Armani, Lancome and all, while I also have some very good quality ones from brands like Real Techniques and Sigma. A perfect powder brush does more than application of powder....its versatile. And thats what we are going to see today. A review on this plush Guerlain Powder brush and many ways to use it.....

Instagram Tuts!! Fresh Coral for Fall/Winter

Finally Prerna is back after almost half a month long of her work trip. She looks even more prettier now!! We planned to do a coppery-corally-orangey look to go with her beautiful Ritu Kumar exclusive number. Lets have a look at the lovely products that we used to get this look made up!!

GIVEAWAY : Instagram !!!! - CLOSED

And the winner is..............


Congratulations Ritu....Contact me within 48 hrs and send me your details on
and I shall send your products soon!!!

In a moment's time, I shall announce my first Instagram Giveaway...............for one of my nicest and amazing Instagram Followers.

What do you WIN -
  • A fabulous YSL Highlighter
  • Bourjois Ultra Black Pencil
  • Elizabeth Arden Mono eyeshadow in Ember
  • Lancome Rouge in Love in Midnight Rose
  • Some more surprise products.


On my Intagram (handle @neerajnavare) where I shall share the same image. Then 'FOLLOW', 'LIKE' and COMMENT that you have followed. You can also tag your friends on the image for them to follow. Then on 6th Dec which is also my birthday I shall declare the winner.


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This is not a sponsored Giveaway and the products were bought by Neeraj from selected authorized outlets in the country for BEAUTY TRAVELLER.

This blog GIVEAWAY is a personalized gift initiated by Neeraj at Beauty Traveller and is an INDIA valid giveaway since the number of products are more. The winner of the giveaway will be announced by Rafflecopter using and the decision of the widget will be the final decision. The winner will mainly be chosen on the basis of the information and genuinity of the participant in being able to fulfill all the criteria mentioned above. You may disqualify if you haven't read the instructions carefully.

However Beauty Traveller has the rights to change the schedule of the Giveaway or make the required changes by adding some extra products without prior notice to the subscribers and contestants.

I honor honest comments and request readers to honestly enter the right options wherever needed to so that you do not get DISQUALIFIED from the GIVEAWAY. I would be personally verifying the entries so that the invalid entries get eliminated and only 1 TRUE winner will be announced. 

Please enter only what is asked in the COMMENTS section to keep the GIveaway clean and easy.

The winners of the contest will be notified to which they should reply within 48 hrs or a new winner would be chosen.

I hope to have a wonderful participation and a healthy competition and there are soon more to come. I loathe fake accounts and multiple accounts and do not encourage the existence of any of these so kindly note that too.

Kindly refer to the rules of Giveaway mentioned in the post and for any queries please feel free to contact the author.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

SO YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.............Do let me know how did you find the Giveaway in the comments...don't forget...

Till then,


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Friday, December 6, 2013

Turning 31 and 31 products that I loved!!

I am turning 31 today and its such fun. Life has shown me the best of times and these are to be cherished and revisited while walking on the memory lane.

Today I am going to talk about 31 best products that I ever found in my life as a makeup artist.....Lets have a look!!

My birthday HAUL!!!

Yippppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......its my birthday today!! 6th December 1982......

This is my little haul. I am known to gift myself btw....LOL

Lets unfold the mystery after the jump break..........

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Max we do not know him - Renewed article

This article is just a resurrection of the old article that I'd written in 2007. A lot has changed since then with blogging, beauty industry and so on. But the soul of makeup is the same.

Max Factor....the name synonymous with beauty and the glamourous world we have today.The man behind one of the pioneers in the world of cosmetics propelling his eponymous brands to greater heights of history......Lets know something about him.....He is truly inspirational....

Born Max Faktor in Lodz, Poland during the 1870s, Max Factor became the father of modern makeup. With 10 children, the Factor parents could not afford formal education for their children, so at the age of eight Max was placed in apprenticeship to a dentist-pharmacist.

Years of mixing potions instilled in him a fascination with the human form. Factor opened his own shop in a suburb of Moscow, selling hand-made rouges, creams, fragrances, and wigs. A traveling theatrical troupe wore Max Factor’s makeup while performing for Russian nobility, and the door to fame and fortune opened wide. The Russian nobility appointed Max Factor as the official cosmetic expert for the royal family and the Imperial Russian Grand Opera.
In 1904, Max Factor and his family came to America after resigning from his position as the Ballet Makeup Artist and wigmaker of the Royal Czarist Russia.He had a fresh start in St. Louis at the 1904 World’s Fair, selling his rouges and creams, and operating under the name given to him at Ellis Island, Max Factor. But he had stars in his eyes. Factor envisioned movie actors and actresses needing make-up and wigs. His success made him move his family to Los Angeles in 1908 to pursue greater opportunities. Four years later, the family moved to Los Angeles, California, where Max Factor opened his first store in the center of the city's theatrical district. Here he not only sold his own creations, but also served as the west coast distributor for both Leichner and Miner, manufacturers of two famous brands of stick greasepaint and other theatrical items.

In 1914, Max Factor created a makeup specifically for movie-actors that, unlike theatrical makeup, would not crack or cake. As motion picture companies arrived and settled in California, film players naturally turned to the specialized Factor shop with their makeup problems. The company was instrumental in assisting the motion picture industry, and in later years, the television community.

Soon movie stars were filing through Max Factor’s makeup studio, eager to sample the "flexible greasepaint" while producers sought Factor’s human hair wigs.It was worn for the first time by actor Henry B. Walthall, who served as the model for screen tests. With this major achievement to his credit, Max Factor became the authority on makeup. Factor enjoyed regular visits from devoted customers such as Jean Harlow, Claudette Colbert and Bette Davis, at his beauty salon located near Hollywood Boulevard. With his list of growing clients, Max Factor's name appeared in movie credits.

He allowed the wigs to be rented to the producers of old westerns on the condition that his sons were given parts as extras. The boys would keep an eye on the expensive wigs.

Max Factor introduced cosmetics to the public in the 1920s, insisting that every girl could look like a movie star by using Max Factor Makeup.

Secondly, he invented perhaps the most important single development ever to be conceived for the new art of makeup. Called "Color Harmony," this principle established for the first time that certain combinations of a woman's complexion, hair and eye coloring were most effectively complemented by specific makeup shades prescribed in "Color Harmony." In later years, Max Factor's invention of a self-measure-and-chart procedure enabled bald men to order a custom-made hairpiece by mail with an unconditional guarantee of perfect fit and complete satisfaction. And, the creation of "Flatter Wigs" enabled all women to enjoy the fashion image and flair of the MAX Factor wig stylists and their realistic hairpieces.

No history would be complete without the achievements of Mr.Max Factor,his sons and the people who loved him.....the achievements of the company Max Factor cosmetics.

1914First ever make-up created for film.'flexible greasepaint'.First, he improved upon his original greasepaint in a jar and introduced the world's first "sanitary" makeup — greasepaint packaged in a collapsible tube — which quickly became the most popular motion picture makeup of its time.

Max Factor makes eyebrow pencil and eye shadow available to the public for the first time.

1917Paramount Studios opens the first Studio Make-up Department in Hollywood fully stocked with Max Factor products.

1920'Society' Make-up - the first cosmetic range available for the general public to purchase is launched.

1928Max Factor's 'Panchromatic Make-up' solves the entire movie industry's make-up problems. The make-up, which did not bleed, meant the public could create the new lip look - 'Cupid's Bow' - immortalised by actress Clara Bow.

1930Max Factor again stuns Hollywood by inventing Lipgloss.

Technicolor had achieved excellence from the standpoint of film and photography, but it was quite apparent that make-up for black and white film was completely unsatisfactory. Actors' faces tended to appear green or fiery red-or any other color-on the screen. Invariably, it was a reflection from costume colors or even fabrics used on the set.These problems terrified the Hollywood and Max Factor again came to the rescue and created a Pancake to solve them. After six months of laboratory research and experimentation, an entirely new type of make-up material was created by Max Factor-a makeup in solid cake form to be applied with a slightly moistened silk sponge. For want of a better name, it was called Pan-Cake Makeup, "pan" because of its small, flat, pan-like container, and "cake" because of the form in which it was made. Used for the first time on all members of the cast in Walter Wanger's "Vogues of 1938," starring Warner Baxter and Joan Bennett, it worked miracles. Critics singled out the makeup and raved about it in their reviews. One wrote: "Never before in a color motion picture have the players looked so natural and realistic. They were so lifelike, in fact, that it seemed like they would step down from the screen into the audience at any minute."Next, Pan-Cake Makeup was almost immediately used with equal success in Samuel Goldwyn's "Goldwyn's Follies" and after that it became the standard makeup for all color motion pictures. Naturally pleased with the overwhelming acceptance of Pan-Cake Makeup, Max Factor registered the name with the United States Patent Office in 1937 — content with the professional category it occupied. But then something strange happened! Fashion models used in the two films began wearing the makeup night and day because they loved its transparent effect and its "non-theatrical" appearance on their faces. Soon, motion picture stars were buying Pan-Cake Makeup for their off-screen appearances as well, and the clamor for it reached deafening proportions from women in all walks of life. Launched to the "Women of America" via distinctive full-page, two-color ads featuring a screen star portrait and illustrations of the product, Pan-Cake Makeup became, almost overnight, one of the fastest-growing, largest-selling, single makeup items in the history of cosmetics. Today, it is still one of the most popular cake makeup products available. .
He died on the 30th August 1938. But his sons continued the heritage and their father's dreams of seeing the future.

1940Tru Colour Lipstick is invented, the first truly indelible lip colour that didn't irritate or change colour after application.

With the fast moving pace of technology, television arrives and Pan Stick Make-up is developed to meet the demands of the medium.

'Roman Pink' lip shade is introduced - the first pale lip colour.

The stars' beauty secret Erace Coverup is available to all women.

Based on his research for colour TV, Hi Fi Lipstick is made available to the public for the first time.

New dimensions of colour arrive with 'colour stories', Sun Colours and Café Glace.

Introduces Ultralucent Make-up and Jaclyn Smith is signed to promote the brand.

1971The first waterproof make-up is developed by Max Factor.

1989The major launch of No Colour Mascara, which earns the Beauty industry's prestigious Rex Award for outstanding product of the year.

Continue the innovative spirit - products combined with make up artistry tradition. Madonna introduces the Beautiful Skin range featuring Gold Lip Silks and Beautiful Skin Make-up. Max Factor employs award winning make-up artists to help develop and promote 'colour stories' and new products.

Introduces Max Factor's most innovative and exciting development since the creation of lipstick - Lipfinity, just 'paint, polish and forget about it' - the ultimate in long lasting lipcolour.

The trend continues for long lasting products with line extensions of Lashfinity and Facefinity.

Before Max Factor, few women used cosmetics. Factor popularized both the word "makeup" and the use (and abuse) of the cosmetic repertoire.

And the credits go on. There is no cosmetic company anywhere that has been so unmistakably associated with the most beautiful women in the world as MAX Factor. The company's leadership in educating women to the subtleties of fashion makeup is legendary. When the company was founded the average woman used little, if any, makeup, as society actually frowned upon it. Today, the average woman wouldn't appear in public or even in her own home without it.The artist behind the brand being none other that the Makeup Maverick Ms.Pat McGrath,the brand has achieved newer success and a new horizon.

I'd conclude saying this sentence which everyone knows...."Beauty starts with Max Factor and has no ends......"

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Winter Party

(Edited Pic using

December is the month of jamborees. There are small and big parties happening everywhere. The month itself is very magical and festive (although a lot of festivals get over in India by the month of November). 

In this look I wanted to create a metallic neon pink eyeshadow with a lot of colors in the background that would make it all look mesmerizing. I must admit that this was an experimental look which I thankfully shot and it really came out fine. So lets see how to achieve this look....

Review : MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Layin' Low

MAC Paint pots are one of the most consistent products in my bridal as well as blog kit. I prefer to lay it over a nice eyeshadow primer so that eyeshadow holds on very well to the skin. When I heard about Pro Longwear paint pots, I was very happy as this is one product that I looked at.

Lets have a look at what is the Paint Pot about..........

The Chanel Joues Contraste Week Sum UP!!!

I think this was the most amazing week I ever had. Reviewing a Chanel Joues Contraste blush was like reviewing a gem....literally. I would never know how addictive these blushes were. The week went fabulous but that doesn't mean this is the end of the JC saga...There are many many more, almost all the blushes seeping in my kit slowly and steadily. If I were to miss a heart beat after seeing a JC, then I would land up into bradycardia...LOL

To those who may be curious, I bought all the blushes from the Chanel store in Palladium Mall, Mumbai with my own money. As per I know, Chanel hardly entertains bloggers but I am sure they don't mind and care if I purchase and write on my own. Whatever it is, they are amazing people, extremely friendly and creative and they know how to charm their customer.

Lets have a look at the gems in all (with links) and a surprising beginning in the end of the post....

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Review : MAC Lipsticks in Taupe and Mehr

Its better late than never to review some cult products. I have not reviewed MAC because its one of the most common reviews ever, but then I felt the need to express my opinions as I was always asked about what and how MAC is.

I have always had MAC Lipsticks in the most wrong formulations ever. But for my brides I have started using really nice matte formulas which are very very pigmented and stay true to the color. I have also learnt that 'Amplified' formulas are very creamy and good for brides and those will soon be getting added in my collection. Meanwhile lets have a look at these 2 amazing lipsticks..

The Winter Sunset

I shall be doing quite a lot of 'Winter' Smokey eyes, sticking to the various conventional colors that are worn during winters and then add some quirky Beauty Traveller touches to it. This is the first look 'Winter Sunset'.....

Warm eyeshadows in winter look absolutely stunning and enhanced when paired with dusky winter greys. Today look is inspired by the winter sunset in a picture I saw on the net.

Its a stunning look that can be dolled up using a vampish burgundy lipstick or dolled down using a soft silky peach lip. Isn't the idea stunning....Lets see how to do this look......

Monday, December 2, 2013

MAC Lipsticks that I own!!

Being a male blogger, the possible usage of lipsticks and blushes is questionable as its not shown in the pictorials that have only eye makeup but these are sometimes an accompaniment to keep the whole look from happening. I use a lot of lipsticks and lipglosses and lip liners on clients - for brides, editorials, fashion etc. and thats eventually where all these go.

These are the 6 MAC lipsticks that I always use for bridals and other makeup jobs. They are all matte and actually legendary colors when it comes to being famous. Lets see what colors these are...............

Simply Sophisticated!!

I love a look like this once a while. Its simply beautiful and you can't be 'SIMPLE' so easily. This look has to be painstakingly accurate with no room for mistakes as there is a lot less to hide and a lot to show. The eyes are supposed to be very mesmerizing and that too only with three eyeshadows and what can do it better than the YSL Classy Eyeshadow palette. 

The false lashes just add a lot of sophistication to this look and thats just so alluring. This is supposedly one of my most precisely executed looks. So lets see how to do this look......................

A small HAUL!!

Apart from the Chanel Joues Contraste Blushes which I took by half a dozen, here are some products that I took. The Guerlain sale was splendid and it was for all so it made sense. Then there's a small MAC Haul which I took for brides and blogging.

So lets see what it is all about.....................

Male Model Makeup

Even guys need makeup (for the once who feel they dont)...and especially for photoshoot, a male model has to look as flawless and perfect but still look REAL. I got a chance to work with photographer Kavish Sinha and model Rohan Rai and it was a fun shoot. Who doesn't dream of an effervescent photographer, a cooperative model and very less crew....ITS A DREAM COME TRUE

Note - These are not professional pictures. I have shot them with my Sony Xperia ZR phone.

Modelling is not only about posing...its about attitude and confidence too..Model Rohan had it the shoot was effortless and lots of fun. Btw this is a look for all the guys who read my beauty blog and who aspire to face the camera at some point in their life.So lets see how to achieve this PERFECT guy look....

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Chanel Week : Joues Contraste in Malice

This is the last post in the Chanel week...but ironically not the last blush in the series.I got MALICE, one of the most appreciated and most sought after blushes of Chanel. If you are looking for the next PERFECT blush, then this is it!!

Do not forget to click on the blush reviews;

Chanel's Joues Contraste Blushes are really amazing and its such an enjoyable journey with Chanel. I was told by someone that I love all the brands, and I corrected her by saying that I love some stuff from all the brands and I am very choosy in getting the best stuff. With MALICE (as a JC blush) I really felt emancipated (a bit disoriented lol) and you would know why................


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