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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Urban Decay - Iconic Smokey eyes

Taking a reference from the booklet provided in the Urban Decay Smoked palette and modifying it to suit the skin tone and color of my medium skin tone, I have attempted to create a lovely smokey eye which is really Iconic and classy. This smokey suits almost all occasions right from work to a party and is really easy and fast to achieve.

Indeed the Urban Decay Smoked palette happens to be the biggest thing after the uber-successful launches and sales of their Naked palettes. Who doesn't want a compilation of shades that can create the most soulful smokey eyes and who would understand the need to look glamorous more than Urban Decay. Although I am a bit worried about the future of this brand after they have passed their reins to L'Oreal group but lets keep fingers crossed as the giant company needs to prove that they have risen about what they were accused for.

This is the reference picture from the lovely instruction booklet provided by Urban Decay. So lets see how to achieve this Iconic Smokey eye in a few easy steps and then how to make it really bang-on smoldering by just adding some extra lash furniture........

Iconic Smokey eye with False Lashes

Iconic Smokey eye without false lashes (more wearable version for daily makeup)

Conceal the under eyes as you need a flawless finish for the smokey eyes to stand out and not resemble dark circles. Also curl the lashes with a MAC eye lash curler and tame the brows and fill in with MAC Dark Edge eyeshadow.

Apply an eyeshadow primer for the eyeshadows to stay put and look the truest. I used the Urban Decay Primer Potion available in the Smoked Palette.

Apply MAC Paint pot in Groundwork for a better base for powder eyeshadows to stay put on.

Apply Urban Decay eyeshadow in Freestyle from the crease to the brow bone.

Highlight the brow bone with Urban Decay eyeshadow in Kinky to open up the eyes.

Apply the Urban Decay Perversion eye pencil on the upper and lower lash lines and let them meet on the outer end of the eyes. Try to draw a bit by sparing the inner corners as this makes the eyes a bit more wider in appearance. This is just drawing the stencil.

Smudge the liner to make the lines untraceable but just a haze of black smoke around the eyes.

Apply Urban Decay eyeshadow in Mushroom, from the lash line to the crease, on the entire eye lid including inner corners (shown afterwards). Reflect this on the lower lids too. Mushroom is the most beautiful taupe grey I have ever seen and it looks like dusty smoke in an afternoon sky.

Apply Urban Decay eyeshadow in Backdoor on the outer corner and in the crease and blend this all towards the brow bone to create a lovely definition.

Retrace Perversion liner on the upper lash line and smudge. Also trace the inner rims of the lower lids to create an amazing contrast to the taupe-y smokiness around.

Darken and fix the eye liner with a flat eye liner brush coated in Urban Decay eyeshadow in Blackout. This makes the smokey eye really high impact.

Curl the lashes again with MAC eye lash curler and apply 2-3 coats of Guerlain Le 2 De Guerlain Lacque mascara on the upper and lower lashes. This mascara is intense black and helps in volumizing, lengthening and separating the lashes in an uber-chic manner.

See the darkened impact that the Blackout eyeshadow has created while giving a smokey definition.

Keep Uroparis false lashes no.54 whose spine is coated with a thin layer of Kryolan eye lash latex based glue on the upper lash line. The glue dries clear and blends into the eye lash color.

Fix the lashes and hide the vein of the lashes with another coat of UD Blackout eyeshadow. Wing out the liner slightly but keep it subtle and in a hazy manner.

So this is the classic ICONIC Smokey eye using the Smoked Eyeshadow palette. For a day look, pair this beautiful smokey eye with a subtle peach blush and soft glossy champagne lips. For a bold and beautiful evening, slick on a beet root red lipstick and rouge the cheeks with a soft blush in the same tone as the lipstick.

  • Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfector
  • Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15
  • Clinique All About Eye concealer
  • Guerlain Les Voilettes Loose Powder in 04 Ambre
  • Guerlain Eclat 4 Color sculpting blush in Soleil Couchant
  • Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Nectar
  • Guerlain Kiss kiss gloss in Champagne Pearl
  • Clinique Blushing blush in Smoldering plum
  • Dior Shimmer Powder in Rose Diamond
  • Clinique Long last lipstick in Chocolate Raspberry
  • Guerlain Kiss kiss lip gloss in Opal Pearl
  • Urban Decay Primer potion
  • Urban Decay eye liner pencil in Perversion
  • Urban Decay Smoked eyeshadow palette - Kinky, Freestyle, Mushroom, Backdoor and Blackout
  • MAC eye lash curler
  • MAC eyeshadow in Dark Edge
  • Guerlain Le2 De Guerlain Lacque mascara in Noir
Hope you liked the smokey eye look.

Till then,


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  1. love love love!! im such a huge fan of ur work..ure so versatile!!

    1. Thanks a lot Lee B. I am so happy u liked my work...Thanks

  2. Awesomeeee..... lovely look. Loving those endless lashes. :-)

    1. thanks Eesha...Indeed the lashes are amazing and look so natural when eyes open..

  3. The palette luks amazing and your eye makeup is just so wow!!!

    1. thanks a lot Parul...i am happy u liked it,

  4. lovely eye makeup Neeraj .... i need to lear how ot apply lashes :D :D stunning look as always :D :D

    1. Surely will teach u...its easy but needs a lot of practice and lots of false lashes...Thanks for liking the look btw...

  5. nice. this is really great tutorial and I fully agree that mushroom is a very lovely taupe grey.

    1. its one of the most amazing colors....really amazing.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Dr. would it be better to go for UD eye pencil mushroom or eye shadow mushroom if I were to use it once in a while - which is easier to use and which would have a better shelf life ? DO UD eye pencils bled well with eye shadows?


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