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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Second Super Haul!!!

After seeing the yesterday's post on the haul I made, one of my MUA friends called it Makeup Porn. LOL, why not say so? Its addictive and its crazy and when there is a sale like this for a luxury brand that one may worship then there is no end to what all could be bought and used. I feel a sense of being really special to myself after owning almost 15 and over Guerlain products that could have cost me around 50K worth in the Indian market (1000$). Not to boast about the haul or the hard earnings that I have put in, but Guerlain has really been a dream come true. Thanks to the help of 3 of my friends who made access to Guerlain really possible.

Today again I went to get some more products as I was getting weird dreams of certain products that I wanted calling me to take them home. So there I went again to create another haul here.

I bought all these products from the Guerlain sale today and I am really excited to share with all. I consulted some of my dearest bloggers and friends and with their recommendations I am going to review these products and do looks with them. I would be glad to put some of the most amazing Guerlain products to test under microscope (of human eye LOL) and I shall be buying some new ones every month to add to the panache of luxury.

Guerlain is synonymous with french luxury and make some high end luxurious skin care, makeup and perfumes that have fans raving all over the world. It is in par with brands like Dior, Lancome and Shiseido and actually way pricier than that.

Amongst all the amazing brands that you use, I recommend adding one piece de resistance product from a luxury brand and see how it brightens up the day coz I am shining like a newly polished coin now. I was loathing my birthday as I knew I wouldn't get anything this time as well (people tend to forget my birthdays everywhere and all the time) and this time I could literally treat myself with a dash of luxury at a lovely price.

BTW there is an amazing SURPRISE at the end of the haul........Lets see the products.............

These are the gorgeous babies that I picked up. Some of the colors are so limited editions that you can't even ask about them to a Guerlain SA and others were so tempting that as I said I could hear them calling me.LOL

Little Cookie Kumar consented to model for this beautiful gloss against that lovely black-beige and cinnamon bun fur of his (unfortunately he is not well and fortunately he didn't bother about the gloss on his little tummy). This is ROUGE SULTAN, a gloss made for the pretty damsels in the king's court. What an amazing matte, full coverage gloss it is....beyond words. Truly feels like a wrapped cashmere on lips. INR 1600 

Bronze Dore is an absolutely adorable quad with no really bronzy-ness. Just an essence of bronze amidst a lovely green duochrome. This demands some really amazing posts for holidays and I shall make them soon. A review comes soon. INR 3250

Who would not resist a coat of velvet on the face with a divine fragrance that entices not only the skin but also the olfactory senses. I used this on a client in fact and she told me that the experience was amazing (literally). Skin feels soft and matte but a glowing matte and not a dry one as this powder promises. I think it would really go well and suit medium and dark complexions. INR 2800

Who could resist another Kiss Kiss Pearl gloss in an opalescent pink finish with a lovely teal shimmer inside. This is another sister of the gorgeous crystal pearl lip gloss I got yesterday. It looks brilliant, delivers high shine and helps me generate another review soon. INR 1650

Rouge Imperial is that most luscious lipstick ever and reminded me of a delicate Chinese princess who would be the best to don this lipstick. The formulas are hydrating and envelop lips in a high luxurious shine and succulent berry color that is as scrumptious to see as it is on lips. Your lips but best. Don't mind the finger prints...........

I talked about it in my previous haul post and I shall now rave more about the Terracotta Light bronzer that imparts a beautiful shimmer on a sun kissed face. This is for anyone who is scared of using shimmery bronzers as it is not overpowering. INR 2950 is quite pricey but worth every penny till it hits the pan.

An answer to the night life that could not be catered that well with the UD Naked and Naked 2 palettes, here is Urban Decay SMOKED palette and this is the cherry on the cake. I will be reviewing this palette in bits and pieces with the looks that they have shared in the palette. All for novices though, but a very good aid for makeup pros who can find the palette a bit dark and overwhelming. 

The SMOKED palette consists of 10 eyeshadows, darkest of the dark Perversion eye liner and a teeny little Urban Decay Primer potion thats worth the effort.

I love how sleek it looks and how functional it is to carry from work to party from a transition from day to night all in a small casing. Had a mascara been there, it would added a lot of ergonomics to it.

A mish mash of neutrals, this is a lovely palette with smokey colors that aren't regular smokey ones. God, the review is coming soon and I don't want to talk everything here.

Btw this is all I got and I wish I had bought more which I would transiently pick up with all the confidence that I have got in sporting Guerlain.

Hope you liked the haul and congratulations to Erica for winning the Giveaway.

Till then,


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  1. Goodness Doc! U hve THE SMOKED PALETTE ... n i love that bronzer n quads... super J yet happyyyyyyyy :D

    1. hahaha...u have no idea how long i have waited for this palette....finally got it.

  2. I'm definitely breaking the bank soon to pick up some of these products. Enjoy your haul guilt free Neeraj :)

    1. i did break mine....but nded up with some products that I always yearned for.

  3. God doc that's a lovely haul, I know when u get good products at discounted prices one tends to buy more coz rather than think how much we spent we r happy thinking how much we saved :) go easy on the splurge n wishing cookie a speedy recovery, gudnite :)

    1. yes...and especially anything and everything for brands like Guerlain....its my absolute favorite...thanks a lot for ur wishes.

  4. What can I say? I am so jealous, gorgeous stuff!

    1. hahaha...thanks a lot...I have purchased such amazing things after quite a long time. I wish my dad was alive and I would have literally bought all of it..

  5. OMG, this is an amazing haul! *_* Ahah I want to do shopping with you :)

    1. hahaha...u can any time. Do keep me posted in advance...LOL...Happy u liked it.

  6. Another haul !! Goodness..and the Smoked Palette looks oh so gorgeous !

    1. haha...there's one more to come...the final one...


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